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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Kresnik Cyborg


The Kresnik is the result of Kittani engineers working with bio-wizards An amalgamation of advanced technology and organic bio-wizardry enhancements, that are unfathomably to the common gene scientist or bionics engineer.


The Splugorth Lords are always looking for ingenious and exotic methods to destroy their brethren Intelligences and their insidiously baneful parasitic progeny – the vampire. On hearing rumors of the presence of this foul scourge on the shores of his pristine new jewel Atlantis, Lord Splynncryth immediately commissioned his artificers of war to create and purchase armaments from across the Megaverse, and make ready to take the fight to the heart of the infestation on Rifts Earth – the Vampire Kingdoms, if the need arose.


The Kittani, Splynncryth's ever fateful and most resourceful slaves had devised many contraptions to fool their Mechanoid enemy. Not only have they come up with ways to effectively use non-humanoid shaped robots and unusually designed vehicles, but they found ways to change their shape through the use of genetic and cybernetic manipulation.


Recently his Kittani were intrigued by the humans across the western seas of Atlantis creating sentient humanoids from animal gene pools. The Kittani immediately mastered this art but for them the real challenge lay in reversing the technique. The Kittani were interested in altering and combining their own genes with animal genes, so that they could revert to a sentient bestial form.


These new techniques allow the Kittani to assume a non bipedal form while maintaining their intelligence. Thereby adding a new weapon in their arsenal for the day they take revenge on the Mechanoids. This genetic technology would allow them to exploit the Mechanoids' obsession to destroy bipedal lifeforms.


Splynncryth however was interested in their cyborg technology. The Kittani had not only perfected the use of non kittani shaped cyborgs, but are masters at creating cyborgs that are able to shapeshift. It was this Kittani technology that Splynncryth would use as the starting point for one of the weapons he would use against the vampire's encroachment of Rifts Earth.


He ordered his armories to ensure the shape shifting Kittani cyborgs were enhanced by bio-wizardry for the rigors of warfare against vampires in their own territory.



For the Kittani weaponsmiths the process to create the Kresniks is similar to how they manufacture their transformable Robot-Fighters, albeit made more difficult for them by their lord's very demanding design specifications.


The choice of cyborgs as one of the weapons to combat the vampire threat is obvious but Lord Splynncryth was looking for something more than a hulking war machine to lay waste to everything within range. He wanted it to be as subtle, cunning and relentless as the nemesis it would face in the heart of vampire territory.


The Kittani had to to build a cyborg that would be able to blend in with its environment, but still pack a punch against a merciless foe. It had to be innocuous, appearing harmless when under severe scrutiny by the target, yet be able to thrive under the most demanding of hostile conditions. To create such a weapon was easier said than done but the Kittani were up for the challenge.


The cyborg being able to shapeshift gave the Splugortian generals a powerful weapon with subtlety. A hidden and unsuspecting operative within striking range of an unsuspecting enemy.


The kittani engineers realized that it would be too costly and time consuming for them to overcome the technical obstacles to manufacture what their lord was demanding of them, but as always they saw that their god was wise.


The problems that would take them many months and a great deal of resources to overcome were nothing to Lord Splynncryth's bio-wizard minions working in tandem with them.


The Kresnik starts as a mortal being, could be Kittani, Kydian, Staphra, Human or any other mortal D-bee. The Humanoid specimen is in effect made into a Cyber-Humanoid as the kittani technicians add a shapeshifting modular endoskeleton shell. Though they don't attach it to the cyborg at this point of the process, they also develop a separate attachable shapeshifting modular exoskeleton shell.


During this stage of the process the kittani as what appears as an after thought, also install an innocuous looking small crystalline matrix into the subject..


The Kittani designed this adroit chamber from reverse engineering Mechanoid technology that they have come across and salvaged. This crystalline matrix is an ideal housing chamber to store living tissue and organisms, far superior to anything the Splugorth Lords employ. Lord Splynncryth is so pleased with this single development that he is considering making it the standard bio-wizard housing device he uses.


The bio-wizards then start their work in earnest and introduce the Vila Fairy into the crystalline matrix housing chamber. Unlike in other Faerie Folk bio-wizard devices, the Vila fairy's physical body is forfeit. It is slowly destroyed in the housing chamber, yet by some diabolically dark art the Splugorth Bio-wizards convert the Vila Fairy into a transferred intelligence that retains its huge natural reserve of magically energies to power the Kresniks.


At this critical juncture, bio-wizards and technologists work together to create the Kresniks. The Bio-wizards use the great magical energies released on the destruction of the Vila's physical body to create multiple dimensional pockets inside and attached to the nascent Kresnik body as it is being created by the Kittani operators and doctors. Multiple bionic and cybernetic systems, anti-vampire hardware and the cyborg exoskeleton is attached. All these systems are housed in the appropriate dimensional pocket which has been permanently welded to the Kresnik's frame.


The bio-wizards force the disparate and near death transferred essence of the Vila fairy to exist simultaneously within all the Kresnik cyborg systems. The Bio-Wizards also add numerous microbes and the Four Thieves Elixir into the subject's blood stream, and ensure that the Kresnik's immune system is able to constantly reproduce these vital microbes and elixir.


Finally cosmetic enhancements are applied to the Kresnik to ensure that it appears as a normal humanoid species, and as an animal when it shapeshifts.



Kresnik O.C.C.


Alignment: Any


Attribute Requirement: None – Though the Splugorth desire Kresnik subjects to have an M.E, P.E and P.P of 12 or higher. They seek intelligent, quick thinking and highly resourceful individuals for the Kresnik cyborg conversion.


O.C.C: As per the Partial Borg/ Headhunter O.C.C.


O.C.C Related: As per the Partial Borg/ Headhunter O.C.C.


Secondary Skills: As per the Partial Borg/ Headhunter O.C.C.


Standard Equipment: As per the Partial Borg/ Headhunter O.C.C.


Money: As per the Partial Borg/ Headhunter O.C.C.


Bionics & Cybernetics: Special! See Special Abilities, Partial Shapeshift, Combat Animal Shapeshift, Wheel Magic, Alantis Monterrey



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