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Rifts Middle East

Rifts Middle East, is a place of unimaginable wonders and stupefying horrors. Where a beautiful and delicate woman turns out to be the greatest of tyrants, where the most handsome of men is the most foul of demons. It is a place where the most dreadful of monster is the noblest of heroes. In Rifts Middle East nothing is as it seems, and nothing should be taken for granted because beauty is not the only thing that is skin deep here.

New Oasis

New Oasis sits on the Gulf coast, where the old UAE nation used to be, it is a place to do business in, as well as rest and recreation. Here there are people who burn money for kicks living alongside people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. From afar you see the fabulously resplendent bejewelled golden domes of the skyline of this magnificent place. Getting into and behind the walls, you may start to see the truth of this place.

New Oasis is where merchants unload and pick up their goods from the numerous caravans and the trade ships that constantly use this safe harbour. Here your most secret dreams and nightmares are realised, as vices that even the Splugorth Lords won’t touch are catered for. Many things can be bought from here, including slaves. Valuable information from around the world can be gleaned here. In New Oasis your wealth does the talking for you, if you haven’t got that, then you better be powerful to stay in one piece, and even then you may leave in a box.

New Oasis welcomes and caters for all comers, from trade to recreation, from the sciences to the arts, the technological to the mystic. Unlike the city of Splynn and its offshoots, it caters for humanoids, as well as the supernatural. In fact it discourages the more unsavoury sentient beings either by dealing with them or letting natural justice take its course. You are welcome here as long as you do not jeopardise its security, or the overall ambience of its trade. It may not rival the interdimensionsal trading Domes of Bukhara on the Silk Road, but you can buy pretty much anything here if you have the time and the money.

New Oasis has merchant ships docking from all over the Rifts world, and from other dimensions. The merchant caravaneers of the Silk Road also use New Oasis. It has regular merchant ship links with Trade (Karachi of prerifts) and Cochin (Cochin of Prerifts). Splugorth ships are seen docked here, alongside Horune and Nautyll crafts using the city for re-supplies and selling goods. The City also provides docks for repairs to ships and other vehicles. The New Navy also utilises New Oasis for these purposes. New Oasis appears is a Trucial state, under  whose protection is unclear, but the city is peaceful and safe from any hostile forces, who seek to build empires.

The Paradise Foundation has set up here and it is the one that caters for the regular visitors who use this place for R&R.


This is a nation made up of New Israel, Cedar and Damascus. Damascus has traders from the Silk Road coming into it. Jerusalem is in the hands of Demonic forces. Rumours say that the people of Middle East said they had visions of the Lions of Jerusalem been slain, and the walls to East Jerusalem should be rebuilt. No one listened to them, and when the rifts came, demonic forces rushed out and captured the city. They rebuild the walls, which act as an impenetrable wall, that so far the countless Jihads and crusades waged to retake the city have been unable to breach these walls. 

South of Jerusalem and East of Levante, is the land of the sentient nanites, avoided by all those who are able to avoid it.

Most cities in Rifts Middle East, are made up of a huge Tower, surrounded by slums, or nothing at all. It is because of this most habitable places are referred to as Towers, instead of cities. 

Tower of Giant

In the last few years a space craft crashed into the endless empty Arabian desert. This is a crashed dominator ship.

Tower of Gift

This tower was created by a powerful shapeshifter mage of the Holylands, who changed himself into living city, so that the people would be protected from the elements, bandits and monsters who live in the Endless desert.

Many merchants sail to and from New Oasis. These Arab merchants trade with all, and are the main targets of Pirates of all kinds. They trade far and wide.  They use the ley lines and rifts to travel to various parts of the world and even other worlds.

Many sailors claim to once again having seen the Tree of Wonders in their travels. Could this be a Millennium Tree corrupted by Lord Krygoth during his reign.


Desert Nomad, Indignant








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