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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Elven Hearts Desire Symbiote warrior.

As worn by Taron Elial. also known as Taron the Dark and the Whispering Death 

Has gone through large amount of biowizardry enhancements and also received an unknown amount of Musrantevashq symbiotes. only a sample are given below, Taron may have more which are dormant.

BioWizard Armour. All Terrain Full Environment X-O Skeleton.

700mdc + 520mdc forcefield. The forcefield can be recast Three times a day. The exoskeleton suit and forcefields regenerate damage at a rate of 2D6mdc per melee or 2d4  x10mdc per melee when meditating/sleeping)

The host/symbiote can restore full damage and full recasts of forcefields

When the exoskeleton mdc is down to 250mdc or less. This ability can be used once every 24 hours of activity, or after 24 hours of sleeping/meditation. Host can activate this ability even if the exoskeleton has taken negative damage.

Running and Swimming speed: 190mph

Flight speed: 850mph

+3 attacks per melee, attributes considered supernatural, +4 to all saving throws/rolls, Limited invulnerability - ½ damage and 1/2 effects from any type of attack, whatever its nature. Example slammer missiles damage/effects are halved even if successful, agony spell damage/effects, even if successful and so on.

Offensive attacks effective against all enemies immaterial of the nature of their powers/abilities or the nature of their technology. It is as if the enemy has been hit by their weakness, a werewolf will feel if it has been hit by silver. Someone only harmed by psionics attacks will take damage as if hit by a psionic attack and so on.

It provides sensor abilities equal to any mechanical, magical, psionic or by any other means. In effect, can see in all spectrum's, can see invisible, see aura, presence sense, see in shadows, motion detectors, sixths sense, radar, all natural senses are equal to extraordinary senses super powers and so on

It provide stealth capabilities that hide host from most means of sensing, including mechanical, magical, psionic or by any other means. Is undetectable in stealth mode to most sensors whatever their nature and origin. In fact in full stealth mode, he does not trigger sixth sense and can even surprise attack 4D beings and juicers

It provides hidden compartments for storage. Using it the host can understand/speak/read all languages and even imitate accents and voices. It can be used in the vacuum of space, to the abyss of the deepest ocean. In fact Taron has used it to travel to each of the elemental planes to converse with the elementals in their own element. A feat only possible for Warlocks and other Intelligences.


Hearts Desire symbiote weapon.

Taron has a symbiote, which morphs into an elven bow, it creates energy blasts (noiseless)

GM’s NOTE: Player Character’s can choose the look/design of their symbiote weapon) most times though the symbiote becomes a weapon that reflects the most innermost, private desires of the host. The PC may think this is my favourite, but the symbiote reveals what his heart truly desires and sees the world as)

Weapon damage:

2D8x10 MDC – per melee or arrow strike.  Soul drinker (even at range! The weapon must consume THREE life per month in order to live and power itself – it will wither away after 2 months without consuming a soul – or it will have to consume its host and find another!). NB: soul drinking is a refined ability for this to be done as far as Splugorth lords are concerned, otherwise the host would have to cannibalise his/her enemies and eat them alive. ( for each symbiote you need to roll 1d4 for life required and 2d4 weeks for every week) Full eba or pa does not stop this attack, nor does any personal forcefields (I.E invulnerability tattoo or psionic shield etc . most gods are vulnerable to this attack. Does not work against SI, who take 1d6X100MDC from a successful attack)

NB: can spray multiple targets (3d4 opponents) for D6x10 MDC damage each!

NB: some HD warriors have two (two is MAX amount of weapon symbiotes a host can have) hearts desire symbiote weapons, either 2 firearms or 2 melee weapons, or one melee, and one firearm.  Taron’s Hearts desire symbiotes are merged together as one permanently. So the wooden bow serves as melee weapon or can be used as a bow weapon.

The bow has 60 shots but can be recharged once fully for another 60 shots before 24 hr sleep/meditation is needed.

Hearts desire Symbiotes

Another symbiote provides all psionics, including mindbleeder psionics at current level.

NB: Other than sixth sense and summon inner strength, which can be used any time and as much as host wants. The symbiote will provide 30 uses of the psionics before twenty-four hours rest/meditation is required.

Another symbiote provides all temporal magic at current level.

NB: provides thirty temporal spells before twenty-four hours rest/meditation is required. Includes spells unique to 4D beings.

Another Symbiote provides ALL spell knowledge (including spell magic in FOM/Underseas books) at current level.

NB: provides fifty spells before twenty-four hours rest/meditation is required


Hearts desire Steed

Taron also has a hearts desire symbiote which morphs into his transport, either as a beast of burden or tech vehicle. Takes up to D6x10 minutes to change from symbiote to vehicle/beast and 1D10 minutes to change from beast/vehicle, back into symbiote. This symbiote will have a 70% of the damage and speed. of whatever it morphs into and any attacks will only do 70% of damage normally done by vehicle being copied.  The symbiote can replicate any vehicle, riding animal, that it merges with and studies for D6x10 minutes. 

Generally it is the favourite riding animal or vehicle the host wishes to have and this it can do at 160% efficiency of the vehicle/beasts stats in books. For this the change from symbiote to vehicle and verse versa takes around a melee.

Three vehicles/beasts can be stored in symbiote, which it can replicate at 100% efficiency and morph from symbiote to vehicle in a matter of melees (2d6melees). Taron’s favourite is an Alien ship that he encountered on one his Megaversal forays.  The three pre-programmed vehicles/beasts that Taron currently has are a FBN caravan, an FBN Flip Buggy and a monstrous Tiger Warbeast.

NB: The symbiotes only reacts for the host so it will always be a single seater; immaterial of its size! The host has to will it to accommodate others, and then it will only hold a handful of people, immaterial of its size (3d4 people per level for 1d6 hours per level).  

Taron was young when he left the NGR. He followed his desires and struck out on adventures across the world. A self obsessed arrogant strategist he was captured by splugorth slavers and taken to Splynn, where he suffered nightmarish biowizardry torture and was kept as a slave in Splynncrythh's pyramid. Even though he suffered unmentionable & unthinkable tortures against his person by the monsters in Splynn. Unlike other slaves he did not resent his situation, but rather made the most of the opportunities that presented themselves. Being concerned mainly about enjoying himself, he realized quite quickly that the higher up the slave/minion ranks he went, the more power and perks he had. Despite his predicament as a lowly elven slave, he survived, and rose amongst the rank of slaves in Splynn’s personal retinue. His desire to be free, and even to strike back at the evil that enslaved him, grew stronger. He got closer to Splyncryth. He struck out for freedom many times, but as he had been noticed and chosen by Splyncryth, all his actions were monitored and he was always captured, each time getting away a little further.  His tenacity and sprit had him start training as a warrior under the tutelage of an ancient conservator known as Warmaster Kaldera (16th level) and a Kittani known as Warlord Mestron (17th level special forces). The Conservator had in fact been boosted by a very powerful essence of Splyncryth, much more than he normally invests in his conservators. This way Splyncryth kept an eye on him personally.

Taron fought in the various arenas of splynn, Taron began to accompany visitors on hunts in the preserves led by the Conservators. Then he and the Conservator, and the Kittani and a special forces team made up of slaves like him were sent to aid the freedom council ( Phaseworld rebel group, fighting TE), and release some of their leaders and splugorthian prisoners in the TE prison worlds. This is when his decade of hell in Slynn paid of. His training to survive in Splynn and escape from it, added to his training there, proved priceless. For a few years they helped the freedom council, and rescuing splugortain minions from TE.  A Splugorth lord in the 3 galaxies who was an ally of Splyncrryth had asked for his help and this was what Splyncrrythh sent.  Splyncryth gain from this is unknown.

When he got back to Atlantis, Splyncryth having been impressed by Taron, gave him minion status, as well as started giving him Biowizardry enhancements. He had been told that these were new symbiotes found on an alien ship in a dimension explored by Splyncryths minion, and he was only suitable candidate in his empire for these symbiotes. He would be gifted with these symbiotes and would be honoured with minion status, while he searched for more of these symbiotes across the Megaverse and worked for Lord Splyncryythh. It is correct that he is highly suited for these symbiotes. but what Splyncryth did not tell him, is that these symbiotes is just the tip of the iceberg of what the splugorth lords can do with biowizardry. These symbiotes they  reserve for their most loyal and trusted minions, and only used widely when the splugorths go to war.  This bio wizardry could be unleashed soon if the Splugorths go on wars of conquest again.

NB: Only the Splugorth Lords of influence know of these symbiotes. Even their High Lords do not know this biowizardry, and only ancient high lords are even aware that these symbiotes exist. The splugorth lords only share this biowizardry with another splugorth lord, when that splugorth reaches a certain status or does something for the Splugorths.

Lord Splyncryyth was only given this knowledge when he made the Kittani a minion species of the Splugorth Lords. This knowledge would also have been shared with him when he brought Atlantis under his dominion.

When he got back after a few years, Splyncryth offered him his freedom.  All he had to do was win a 10 man no-respite gauntlet fight in his arena. About 8 years ago the fight of the millennium as it was billed took place, broadcast around the megaverse, and the mysterious elf won. Leaving his 9 of his 10 opponents dead. The fight was a challenge by Klyncryytth and his allies to Splyncryyth and his allies, what was at stake between the Splugorth lords is unknown. But whereas Klyncryyth sent in his most powerful and enhanced Conservator as the 10th combatant in the duel, a Conservator more powerful than many gods, Splyncryythh had chosen Taron.  Disguised, he won, and Splyncrytth gave him his freedom. It is believed the fight had billions of credits gambled on it across the Megaverse, and the honour of the Splugorth Lords, who provided their best Warriors for the Gauntlet. Splyncryyth had chosen him, because he saw a desire for survival in him that he has not seen for many years. Taron defeated Klyncryytth’s conservator, both were near death's door. Taron did not give up and his courage hit a chord amongst the watching monsters, who called for his victory. Kylnncrythh hearing seeing and hearing this rose and declared the disguised slave a winner and he would purchase his freedom from Lord Splyncryythh and set him free as the mortal had clearly earned it. he accepted defeat on his conservators behalf. What a splugorth lord declares becomes, and so it was that Taron left with all his treasures and weapons and walked out of Splynn. This was a great gesture on Klynncryythh behalf, but there was little he could do, the crowd had turned and backed the disguised mortal and if his conservator died, he would have lost one of his most powerful essence fragments. Taron won when he should have been in a coma. But only when his victory was acknowledge did he finally collapse into a coma. He was healed and set free, with his symbiotes and the wealth, knowledge and artefacts he had acquired in the service of Splyncryyth.

By this time he had changed though, an encounter with an undead slayer in the preserves who went by the name of Dorlan changed all that. Dorlan was totally the opposite of Taron, would could have killed him when they hunted him, but how Dorlan fought and more what he fought for made Taron, let him go, rather than continue the fight, he stopped fighting and Dorlan escaped before the remaining Splugorth hunting party reached him. Nothing was made of it, as a mortal slave was seen as no match for a veteran Undead Slayer.

When Taron returned to NGR, he lived in the Black Forest, and he saw the storm coming, as he realised that both the NGR and their enemies were soon to be in an all or nothing fight. And the d-bees surrounding the borders were caught in the middle.  With the few people who came to know him, he saw their desire to resist and be able to fight.  He realised that his fighting for the Freedom Council and hunting in the Preserves was the ideal experience and way to fight and survive in the Border areas, when you stuck between a rock and hard place.

That is how the semi-nomadic Freebeing Nation was founded, and grew stronger day by day, to a point where NGR and the Monster empires contemplating recognising it as a independent state.

Notable Allies: This elves best friend is a woman, a powerful herbalist, druid, who he met on his travels.  He absolutely adores her, and she absolutely adores him.  They are best friends.

GM’s Note: This woman is non other than Hecate (see Pantheons of the Megaverse book for details of her).  She has not risked study of the biowizard symbiotes in case they harm him or more likely the defences set in place by the Splugorth Lords hurt him. She is not wrong, any tampering or interference regarding studying these symbiotes, and they will die and melt into nothing, the link breaking will just kill Taron if he is lucky. Hecate is very keen to learn more about these symbiotes and the other secrets of biowizardry and other magics at the disposal of the Splugorth Lords.

The Conservator and Kittani warrior are his friends and he sees them as his mentors, short of Splyncryth personally ordering them to fight him, they will not fight him, even then they may not kill him, and they will aid him if that help does not hinder or harm  Splyncryth.

Taron will be welcomed as an honoured guest to Splynn, NB: Taron  has no desire to ever set foot in Splynn again.  Splynn  will help him especially when it helps Splyncryyth . Splyncrythh also allows the selling of Atlantean hardware and goods to the Freebeing Nation through the Black Market, and he will try to influence the Monster nations not to involve Taron and thereby the Freebeing nation as long as his hand is not revealed. Splyncrryth sees the Freebeing Nation as another player in the European arena, adding spice to the gambling been done. The failure of the NGR surprise attack on the Monster nations meant large windfalls for Splyncrryyth. The real reason for Lord Splyncrythhs support for  the Freebing nation and Taron maybe due to the fact that the Tree of Darkness has a portal to a dimension that was controlled by the Indian Pantheon, but is now in the hands of a rival Splugorth Lord. Having Taron  with a nation at his back, who does not like the Splugorth much, is a good assurance against the rival Splugorth Lord who may get ideas about taking a slice of Rifts Earth.

Through Hecate, Taron has met her friend Herakles, and he has hunted with Artemis many times in the Black Forest, Atlantis Preserves, The Jungles of the Indian Subcontinent, the Pume homeworld, and even on the Lanotaur Hunter homeworld, and many others.  He is one of the few peoples who has been to Artemis’ Game Reserve world.

He has friends amongst the Warlock Marines who he worked with to help the Freedom Council,  he admires them greatly. He also knows some Wolfen Qautoria and others from CCW who helped the Freedom Council.  

Taron is accompanied by a Shermerrian, which has transferred intelligence into, someone Taron believes must be kept alive at all costs, he also has mutant animals created by Kittani and also biowizardry created mutant animals of Yll Tree climber, Kreeghor bloodhound. Some of these live on Artemis Game Preserve world, but one of each accompanies him.  He is also accompanied by a disguised Kittani TW and  a Kittani Cleric/Priest of Lord Splynncrytth. Both have been given approval of their leave by the Lord Splynncryyth, though the TW has been told to keep his occupation quite or Lord Splynncrytth will have him killed. Kusen has also assigned a half dozen Kankoran scouts to keep Taron safe. These include amongst them, Broken Toe and Sidekill.








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