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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Blood Reiver OCC



The blood druids sometimes known as blood shamans by parapsychologists of the 21st century created an army from their followers, whose core was composed of a cadre of formidable warriors.


The Artanus (blades of the blood druids) would blend into the local community, and would rise to strike the enemy when their Blood Druid masters commanded them to do so. These warriors enforced the Blood Druids’ rule with an iron fist. They would sweep down upon an unwary town and sack it, before melting back into the night with their loot. The local populace were afraid of them, yet others greatly admired them, for their bravery and audacity to thwart their enemies. They acted as the protectors of their local communities and rally against any outside threats.


These fighters were greatly feared by the enemy and the Blood Druids amassed entire legions on the battlefield to smash wave upon wave of these warriors into the strongest formations of the enemy’s battle lines. They would strike at the heart of the enemy in a rolling mass of relentless fury. This would be enough to carry the day, and if by someone miracle their opponents survived the charge; the Artanus would regroup and hit them again, and again, until all resistance was crushed.


Their opponents respected them for the courage they displayed against the might arranged against them. Their spirit was indomitable in battle, yet they were annihilated by their foes. For all their valour the Artanus were ordinary people, taken from their families by the Blood Druids, given incredible powers and used as cannon fodder by the callous Blood Druids. The Blood Druids saw them as their chattel and as a never ending resource, to do with as they wished. The arrogant Blood Druids underestimated their enemies and were too confident in the powers they had bestowed their property.


In the end the greater numbers of the enemy and its greater military knowledge carried the day. Their enemies learnt ways to better counter the Artanus threat, while the Blood Druids only solution to their enemy’s advance was to throw ever greater number of the Artanus on the swords and spears of their foes.


If the Blood Druids had been less egotistical in their powers and shown a little more wisdom they may have won the war, but fortunately for man they didn’t and were forced to flee the Earth.


The Blood Druids went off world with some of their followers, and decreased the creation of their Blood Tattooed Warriors, due to their failure to bring success for the Blood Druids on the battlefield. Like many tyrants the Blood Druids blamed their soldiers for their defeat, rather than seeing if the defeat was down to their own failings. The Blood druids have spent their time off world trying to strengthen their forces and with their return to Rifts Earth they are confident that their new found powers and tactics will bring them victory.


When the Blood Druids returned to Rifts Earth and saw the vast amounts of mystical energy available, they decided to once again initiate the training and creation of the Blood Tattooed Warrior, investing even more power and warfare knowledge into their creation than they had done so previously.


In ages past the Blood Reivers were famed for fighting their battles naked or ‘sky clad’. The only thing they wore was their blood tattoos and these would be set ablaze as their bodies were drenched in the spilled blood of the slain enemy. They would run amok in an orgy of violence through the enemy lines. The lack of armour worn by these fighters is seen by the Blood Druids as one of the reasons why their forces were defeated by their enemies. It is because of this that since their return to Rifts Earth, the blood druids insist that these warriors wear body armour in battle.


The chosen candidates are put through rigorous physical training and schooling. They are also gifted with Blood Tattoos, giving them awesome powers to smite their enemies. Blood tattoos is a misnomer of sorts, a more appropriate name for them would be blood scars.


The military knowledge the Blood Druids have recently acquired from rogue Seige of Tolkeen veterans (CS Special Ops and Tolkeen Liberation soldiers) means the Blood Druids will be a lot more selective about the warriors they choose for empowering. They will be able  to give them a more formal elite military training and have them be a more uniform and cohesive fighting force than the individuals they currently are.


More about the history of Blood Tattoos HERE


Details of the mechanics for Blood Tattoos HERE


O.C.C Name: Blood Reiver and/or Artanus (the Blood Druids Blade)


Attribute Requirements: None


Alignment: Any, but mainly selfish and evil. A good person will not knowingly become a Blood Reiver and once they understand the source of their powers and the consequences of using them, then will use them sparingly or try a totally different occupation.


Horror Factor/Awe: None


O.C.C Abilities: Can select four starting Blood Tattoos; two Demon masks, one sigil (including elemental/ totem sigils) and one weapon – an additional tattoo is provided to loyal Reivers at levels 3,7 10, 12 & 15.


O.C.C Bonuses: + 2D4 to P.S, + 1D4 to P.P, + 1D6 to P.E, + 2D8 to Spd, + 1D6 to M.E and 1D4 to M.A attribute.


S.D.C & HP: as per species + 1D4 X 10 SDC and + 4D4 HP


P.P.E: as per species + 3D6x10 which cannot be accessed by the Blood Reiver.


I.S.P: as per species + 3D4x10 +10 per level (considered a master psionic, but does not select any other psionic powers)



O.C.C Skills: For game purposes use the Cyberknight O.C.C Skills


Hand to Hand: Will either have Assassin or Martial Arts. But will have HTH: Commando if trained by the members of the Black Hills Empire


O.C.C Related Skills: For game purposes use the Cyberknight O.C.C Related Skills


Secondary Skills: For game purposes use the Cyberknight O.C.C Secondary Skills


Appearance/Size/Weight: A Blood Reiver is usually larger than the average member of his species


Equipment: For game purposes assume starts out with similar amount and type of Equipment as the Cyberknight O.C.C


Money: For game purposes assume starts out with the same amount of money as the Cyberknight O.C.C


Enhancements: See Blood Tattoos. Rarely starts out with any other Enhancements.


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