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Alim Fouad.

Alim is none other the Egyptian god Thoth, he loves visiting Lazlo and seeing its development and progress, especially technowizardry. He sees this as the future, especially for the gods to maintain their status in an ever technological world. He thinks this will lead to the Technogods. he discusses things while playing chess and drinking tea with the ancient dragon ruler of Lazlo, Plato,

He can also sometimes be seen having audiences talking to the various other powerful beings who reside and/or are visiting Lazlo. He is a great storyteller and many of these beings love listening to his wild stories and theories he has picked up on his travels. Many don’t believe him, saying they are exaggerated, others see it as just another source of intelligence about the places he has seen or people he has talked to, but none suspect let alone even know that he is actually Thoth. He is invited to many parties thrown by the rich and famous of a Lazlo, every now and again he gives lectures at the technowizard university, or lectures held by the council of learning.

One other reason he visits Lazlo is to see and encounter the many heroes and would be adventurers who visit and live in Lazlo. He likes to here their tales of heroism and bravery and what they have seen or done. If a tale interest him, the would-be adventurers may well find themselves having an audience with him, all innocently arranged. He may ask if he can write their tales up for future prosperity. If Alim finds an adventurer’s mission interesting he may well use his deific powers to get the full un-abridged story from the adventurers whether the person told him the truth or not, and then he may well indirectly help them for this invasion of their privacy.

Lazlo has many exploration, confirmation, find, retrieve and other dangerous missions that it sends would be heroes on or hires mercenaries and the like for. Therefore there is always plenty of juicy tales for him to get his teeth into.

Alim Fouad tries his best to be in Lazlo for their annual Gauntlet festival, which happens in midwinter in Lazlo

Alim Fouad is an avatar that Thoth has sent. Thoth believes this to be an avatar. He does not realize that he has simply accessed the Old One known as Xy’s ability to send essence fragments to a world. In fact avatars are a lesser form of this SI ability. It is a protodeific power that the head of a pantheon can bestow on another god. Who can send avatars to help mortals, when the gods do not wish to risk direct intervention on a mortal world.

Alim Fouad has a book on him, in which his stories are written, to an untrained eye, these just contain stories, from children's stories to the works of Shakespeare, from the 1001 Arabian Knights to Erin Tarn’s books. The only thing that makes this book stand out from the ordinary, is the sheer amount of stories in it.

However if you read this with Eyes Of Thoth, Tongues and Decipher spell, you will see that this book contains spells and more spells, as well as inventions and customisation by Thoth, of inventions from around the Megaverse, such as how to modify and improve the  M’kri Avenger in 10 easy steps.  The spells can be cast by reading them. Their strength level will be as if a ritual has been performed. They can be cast by simply burning the paper, or by putting, wearing them as a charm or amulet. Functions as a charm amulet. Which paper can also function as a Talisman, with 500PPE, and the spells in it can be cast 11 times before the paper will just vanish, cease to exist.




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