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Deathweaver RCC

On Rifts Earth many mutations and strange new adaptations for survival have started appearing. None have been hit to such an extent as the elven species. Even those born on other worlds and who have lived for a century or so on Rifts Earth (7 to 10 levels of experience), have started showing signs of mutations. This is only surpassed by how elves born on Rifts Earth have developed and grown on this strange and bizarre world. Many scientists and scholars have put this down to the magical nature of elves, and them living on an increasingly magical world, whose saturation in magical energy is increasing day by day. Many elves go through minimal mutations though relative to other species it is a lot. Some of these changes are beneficial others hinder rather than help. Some cause premature death. 

The most common mutation appears to be an increase in the elven life span, from a few centuries to maybe thousands of years, this however has yet to be confirmed. Another more noticeable mutation is called Beguile aura. This gives the elves a glowing and ethereal beauty. This is common among elves, nymphs and also in the occasional fairy folk.

These mutations have gone so far as to create new species of elves, such as the Ravenous, who are continually mutating. Their unstable mutations mean that as they age (each experience level) they go through changes, some are beneficial, others that hinder, many older Ravenous don't even look like elves, some have hooves, tentacles, huge maws of death. There are a few other of these subspecies of elves which we may touch upon this website.

The Deathweaver elves are just one of these new subspecies that has emerged in this magical environment. They are usually a head shorter than the normal elves, yet their skin appears to be designed for a normal elf, a vestigial trait. They don't have the presence or air that normal elves exude. These elves also have disproportionately muscled limbs, especially their legs. These limbs appear to have a few extra muscles loose from other muscles but attached to the joints. Due to this strange appearance, most of these elves are ignored by their brethren, who see them as inferior to them. 

These elves have not faired much better by the treatment they have received by other species, especially in and around the New German Republic (NGR), as D-bees they are persecuted by the authorities anyway, their appearance makes them an easier target for propaganda and human supremacist gangs. Those that live in the borders don't fair to well either, those who live in the Black Forest, are a special target for the fairy folk. The fairy species can't get their head around the idea that they are in fact elves, and not ordinary big folk with a funny shape.  However as elves and maybe because of their looks, the fairy folk work with the deathweavers and help them, at least once they stopped laughing at them. This has become more of a case since the arrival of Taron the Dark, who the Deathweavers of the Black Forest see as the Father of their Nation. The fairy folk love Taron, and if he cares for the deathweavers and says their elves, then they are elves and not big folk.

The Deathweavers in the NGR cities grow up on the streets, wander lust of elves means most Deathweavers were left as orphans by their parents. Most Deathweavers had to fend for themselves and live on the streets as street urchins, becoming runners for the black market and eventually learn the skills of the City Rat profession. Many of these elves eventually gathered together as a group and formed their own gang. Due to their contortionist and supple elastic bodies, they make excellent thieves and assassins, able to get through any space that they can fit their head through. A gap the size of a soccer ball, is enough for them to squeeze through. They make constant forays into NGR bases and stock depots, this is the other reason why they are especially targeted by the NGR security forces. The Deathweavers live in the sewer network or underneath the NGR cities, where bits of the Prerifts cities survive, underneath the modern buildings.

Those Deathweavers living in the borders have a similar life, though they train as Wilderness Scouts, hunting and trapping prey, prey which includes NGR patrols, civilians and Monster patrols. Those things they get from these hits, they sell through the Black Market. These elves build their own society in the trees of the Black Forest. Where they live in tree houses. these houses are built high enough for someone walking underneath not to notice, and low enough that they can not be seen by aerial enemies. This also provides thick cover, which not only hides their tree houses but provides some protection from attacks as well. The Deathweavers in the Black Forest, keep Y'll Tree Climbers as pets, and at least one of these animals maybe with a deathweaver. It appears that capturing a Y'll Tree Climber is a right of passage in this particular Deathweaver society. The captured Y'll Tree Climber is then trained by the Deathweaver who captured him.

The largest amount of Deathweavers are found in the Towers of Arabia, where they live on the streets and are constantly fighting for the best "turf" in the area. These duels are not fatal, but can lead to life long injuries, as the best "turf" ensures survival for a little longer. Deathweavers are also found in the jungles of the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, South East Asia, and all over the world. Many say that the vacant Duluth Hive has been taken over by Deathweavers after the Xiticix there fell to the Eleven Hammers Dwarven Warlock Marines in the Xiticix war. It attracts deathweavers from all over North America, but the great majority emerged from the Magic Zone. Where a Deathweaver community had come together and started to flourish in relative obscurity protectet from the outside world by the dangers that lurk in the Magic Zone, that is until Lord Dunscon appeared on the scene and wanted loyalty sent his way. This may have led to the leaders of this community to look elsewhere for a safer home, and a Xiticix hive is ideal for them.




As elf + following bonuses

P.P: +2D6.
P.E: +D6
P.S: +D6
M.E: +1D4
P.B: -2D4

Spd: 3d4X10 + 4D6 per lvl. For game purposes can hit max speed in ONE attk.

(100 metres sprinters take around 5-6 seconds to hit full spd in real life)



Weight: reduced to 1D6 X10 + 10lbs (20-70Ibs)

Height: 5ft+3D4inches (around 5/6ft)


SDC: D6x10 + 4D6 every other level

HP: PE+2d6 per level


EXCESS SKIN: 30 SDC + 6 SDC per lvl to Main body, 10 SDC + 2 SDC per lvl to limbs.


PPE: 3D6


ISP: 3D6


Alignment: any


Horror Factor/Awe: 9 due to reputation +1 at levels 3,5,7,10, 12, and 15


R.C.C/O.C.C Abilities:


They are able to leap 300ft+30ft per lvl. Half from sitting or crouching position

They are able to run along horizontal walls, run up walls, run across ceilings, or jump from one wall to another moving forward.

They are able to climb at NORMAL speed (full Spd attribute). They appear to shoot up sheer walls or trees, or they use their bounce attack from one wall onto next.


They can perform Automatic moves, including as auto kick/parry, auto body flip throw, auto cartwheel attack, flips and so on


Able to make two attacks per melee action once every melee round and again at level 3, 5, 7, 10 and 14.


They excel using long range weapons, love using pistols or sniper rifles (bow and thrown weapons are also favoured. melee weapons are scimitars or assassin daggers)


Automatic sharpshooting in ALL ranged weapons.  Pistols and sniper weapons gain an additional +2 to strike. Daggers/knives are also used at additional +2 to combat moves.


The speed of movement makes it very difficult for opponents to strike the Deathweaver: Opponents are -1 attack and at -4 to strike/parry/dodge the character (applies against all opponents offensive/defensive moves against Deathweaver)

Deathweavers can run and fight at full strength, don't suffer any minuses to combat. They also can do combination attacks without suffering combat minuses. they do combination moves by adding only 1/2 of their combat bonuses.

The limiting factor for death weavers is the need to wear specialist (non-EBA) body armour for protection, they can't wear normal heavy armour, as it interferes with their adhesion ability and dexterity etc.  The Deathweavers hands and feet must be exposed to use adhesion powers.


Due to their incredible sense of balance, it is hard to knock them down, so it takes 3 times as much force to KD them. They also get to roll impact sponge/break fall to take no damage from blunt/falling/hand strikes. Due to their excess skin, if they make successful impact sponge roll, they also take half damage from bladed/bullet/energy weapons, as the attack will only do flesh damage, hitting only their excess skin and passing mostly harmlessly through.


R.C.C/O.C.C Bonuses:


Natural autododge +4, +1 at levels 3,5,7,10,12,15


+2 attacks due to their high dexterity and speed, +1 attacks at levels 3, 7, 11 and 15.


R.C.C/O.C.C Skills:

As per wilderness scout or city rat (players choice)

R.C.C/O.C.C Related skills:

As per wilderness scout or city rat (players choice)  

Equipment:  As per wilderness scout or city rat (players choice).


Money: As per wilderness scout or city rat (players choice)


Enhancements: None per say, cybernetics will be limited to INTERNAL implants, so as to keep adhesion abilities working at full potency. they do go for Disguises, that again DO NOT HINDER their adhesion abilities.



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