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Rasheen Legionnaires


The Rasheen Legionnaires are a new mercenary force that has set up shop in Rifts North America, trying to take advantage of the new opportunities that are available to the mercenary after the recent round of conflicts in that part of the world. The new order that has been established in the aftermath of these wars in Rifts North America has brought uncertainty to the minds of its citizens and its power brokers.


When this uncertainty is added to the new threats that are raising their heads, it inevitably means the need for fighting men has never been greater.  Even the assuredness the mighty Coalition States brought has evaporated as the power struggles that are being waged within that Empire in the aftermaths of their wars will inexorably plunge that great bastion of humanity into civil war.


The Rasheens are not a totally new force in Rifts North America. They have had a small presence in this part of the world for the last few decades. They are believed to be a d-bee mercenary group who have operated in the European theatre for a while. This assumption is based on the fact that since Triax arrival on Rifts North America they have been using the Rasheen as bodyguards and security providers for their personnel and facilities in this part of the world. The legionnaires have been providing the security alongside the NGR soldiers for the hardware shipments that Triax has been sending to the North American market. The Rasheen appear to provide that extra assurance for Triax, in case things go wrong. It is understandable that Triax uses the Rasheen Legionnaires rather than a North American Mercenary group for their purposes, as it appears that they have cemented a tried and trusted partnership over a long and mutually beneficial association in Europe.


These Legionnaires are both respected and feared by the people of Rifts North America. They have shown loyalty to Triax and a never say die attitude to getting the job done by whatever means necessary. Triax has used them as their last resort to sort out any problems they face in the North American market, and so far the Rasheens have not failed them. They have built themselves a fearsome reputation in North America, as a force not to trifle with. They have shown extreme ruthlessness in completing their missions, irrespective of who gets in their way. The Rasheens appear emotionless when they execute their duties. Many times the xenophobic CS Special Forces have come off worse in their encounters with the Legionnaires.


In one infamous encounter, a group of CS Special Forces butchered a Rasheen Legionnaire because they thought he was a mutant human or a d-bee after the CS Special Forces had committed countless atrocities in clearing out a D-bee village during the Siege of Tolkeen.  This legionnaire had been doing his duty, acting as a bodyguard to a NGR official. The Rasheens responded one night by removing that CS unit’s commander from the outpost the unit was based in, taking him to the nearby woods and flaying him alive and then slowly spit roasting him until he died. The next night they attacked the CS outpost, and put everyone to the sword, not just the CS Special Forces unit, but also the civilians who worked at the outpost, including the d-bees and mutants who were held as prisoners by the CS. No one was spared as the outpost was razed to the ground.


It is this ruthless and zeal to complete their missions successfully, as well as the loyalty they have shown to Triax that has attracted the people of North America to hire them. For a long time the Rasheen Legionnaires refused to take up any new commissions and just completed their Triax contracts, but the offers they are getting for their services in North America have gotten more and more lucrative, until finally it seems they will be making more money in the North American Market than the European theatre, where only Triax/NGR is the only decent paymaster. With the various rival powerhouses in North America willing and able to pay more than their rivals for their services, mercenary pickings are sure to be good for those that are discerning and can keep the conflict going.


The Rasheens have started to shift their operations to North America from Europe, they still provide security for Triax as it appears they have a long-term contract with that corporation and the Rasheen are unwilling to break it. However this association at the moment seems to be winding down. The Rasheens are best to be hired as advisors and bodyguards, they are fairly expensive, and hiring the full gambit of their force will be beyond most, other than the major powers of North America.


Powers & Abilities


Cybernetic energy converter cell is implanted into the Rasheen, this allows the Rasheen to convert energy into bio energy. Far more energy than can be provided through a food source.  This excess energy is used to power the body.  Far more adrenaline, pain killers and hormones are released into the body, boosting the body far beyond the races natural limitations.


Physical attribute bonuses - +D6 to PS, PP, PE and 2D4x10 to speed, +D6x100 SDC, +2D6x10 HP.


The Rasheen are bathed in a solid nano gel, which provides permanent regenerating armour.  The nanites can be empowered via the energy cell to create personal energy field or to merge with specially designed weapons to allow the Rasheen to fire these energy blasts out towards targets.


Nanite armour – 2D6 x10 +30 MDC and regenerates at D6 MDC every 10 minutes (6D6 MDC per hour).  Regeneration is twice as fast in full sunlight.


The nanite gel uses the sun’s energy to empower the Rasheen, through an advanced solar power collection system, providing energy boosts and regenerative powers.


Energy abilities –

  • Energy resistance field provides 30 MDC per level of experience from all attacks against the character, in addition suffering half damage from energy attacks.

  • Energy blades - can fire energy blast which can be regulated from minimum of 6D6 SDC or D6 MDC per level with a 400ft range +100ft per level.

  • Energy blasts – can fire energy blast which can be regulated from minimum of 6D6 SDC or D6 MDC per level, each blast deplete the characters energy field half the amount of damage done by the blast (i.e. a 5th level character blasts an enemy with a 5D6 MDC, causing 20 MDC and therefore costing 10 MDC from the energy field.

  • Energy weapons: able to reload an e-clip using force field energy – 10 shots can be reloaded with each single MDC point sacrificed from the force field can be charged from 10ft away +10ft per level.  If energy is sent into electrical appliances, it will cause 6D6 damage to the object (SDC or MDC dependant on the material of the object).

  • Energy kick – the character can utilise their stored physical energy once per day, per level of experience into a state lasting 2D6 minutes conveying the following attribute bonuses: +D6 to PS, PE and 2D4x10 to speed, +4 on initiative, +2 to all combat rolls and +3 melee attack.  Robotic physical attribute. After the boost the character is -4 on all physical attributes and combat rolls for D6x10 minutes.

  • Regeneration – the character is able to regenerate SDC at a rate of 2D6 per minute whilst resting, D4 per minute whilst active.  A 2 minute period of intense concentration (unable to move/engage in combat) will enable the character to regenerate 2D6x10 SDC three times per day.

  • Chameleon and invisibility are natural abilities with the energy field distorting vision and perception as per the spells with a cost of 2 MDC from the force field for chameleon and 10 MDC for invisibility.

  • Still fight at even at –100% negative hit points/mdc (if a character has 50 HP they can fight to -50 HP), while body regenerates. Don’t fall into a coma because transfer lifeforce to the microbes in their body, and fight on until body is repaired or  body is destroyed.

Attributes/Attribute Requirements: as per species

Alignment: Most are Selfish with Honour

Horror Factor/Awe: 11

R.C.C/O.C.C Abilities: As per species

R.C.C/O.C.C Bonuses: As per species

S.D.C/M.D.C: As per species 

P.P.E: As per species

I.S.P: As per species

R.C.C/O.C.C Skills: For Game Purposes same as CS commando

Hand to Hand: Commando

R.C.C/O.C.C Related Skills: For Game Purposes same as CS commando


Background on Rasheens

Energy Cell technology


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