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Kresnik Cyborg Weapons - Combat Animal Shapeshift


Combat” Shapeshift: The Kresnik is able to change its shape into a giant animal, approximately 10-12 feet tall or long (Wolf, Jaguar, Yll Tree Climber. Can be any animal shape but the above three appear to be the normal Kresnik selection).


Due to the living shell, it will be seen as a normal but giant version of the chosen animal. However the Kresnik is also able to fully engage its weapons and hardware arsenal, as such it could be viewed as a giant cyborg or robot of some sort when such systems have been engaged.


M.D.C.: Main Body – 1000 M.D.C. (additional Exo-skeleton cyborg armor is deployed outside the living shell)


Attributes: P.S. 50, P.P. 32, Spd of 200 miles per hour (Robotic level attributes). Leaping: 200 feet high and across. Running Leap: 1000 feet high and across. Pneumatic Kicking Jackhammer Legs.

Bionic Conversion: Has all the cyborg systems available that it had in harmless and partial humanoid/animal guise, as well as being able to deploy heavy weapons and other more obvious bionic and cybernetic systems.


Retractable Silver Vibro-Claws: (Animal form) - in fingers and toes

Damage: 1D4 X 10 MDC (Vibro Mode switched on)

Damage: 1D4 X 10 Hit Points to Vampires (Vibro Mode switched off)



Plasma Chainsaw Silver - Teeth: (Animal form) – Mouth (Silver chain saw teeth surrounded by a Plasma field. Top and bottom Jaw work like a chain saw rotating in opposite directions)


Damage: 2D6 X 10 MDC (Plasma Field chainsaw Switched on, silver teeth retracted)

Damage: 2D6 X 10 Hit Points to Vampires (silver teeth chainsaw, Plasma Field switched off)


Multiple Tail Appendage Mount – Tail: Up to 3 (THREE) long whip like tentacle appendages can be deployed at once in any combination mentioned below. Most of these can stretched up to 50 feet long.


These variable tail weapon appendages allow the Kresnik to utilize the Weaponry available to it during the Partial Shapeshift mode. Thereby saving the heavier mass combat weapon systems that are available to it in combat mode for dealing with swarms of adversaries or larger and more powerful enemy combatants.


Variable Tail Appendage 1: as per the “wrist” Multiple weapon appendage in the “Partial” shapeshift mode but this has a giant Neural Mace tip, larger Water Spray Dispenser and bigger Wooden Spear Tip.


Damage: 2D4 X 10 MDC plus save against standard giant neural mace effects (Neural Mace Mode on)


Damage: 2D4 X 10 Hit Points per water spray, for 1D4 Attacks in a melee. to all exposed vampires in a 50 feet diameter circle centered around the Kresnik's tail tip. (Water Spray dispenser - 50 sprays of water). The water spray from each attack could take several attacks to dissipate.


Kresnik's cyber tail can stretch to 50 feet long to the tip.(Stinger switched off and wooden spear tip retracted)


Damage: 2D4 X 10 Hit Points to Vampires using wooden spear tip. (Stinger switched off and striking with retractable fire hardened wooden spear tip). The wooden tip can also be used to stake vampires through the heart.


Variable Tail Appendage 2: At the end of this tentacle like cable is the “Variable High Powered Pneumatic Machine-Gun” used in Partial Shapeshift mode.


Variable Tail Appendage 3: At the end of this tentacle like cable is the “Interchangeable Fire/Water Cannon Weapon” used in Partial Shapeshift mode.


Variable Tail Appendage 4: At the end of this tentacle like cable is the “Chest Weapon Array” used in Partial Shapeshift mode.


Variable Tail Appendage 5: At the end of this tentacle like cable is the “Variable Rail Gun” used in Partial Shapeshift mode.


Variable Tail Appendage 6: At the end of this tentacle like cable is the “Bionic Hand” used in Partial Shapeshift mode but with Robotic Level P.S attribute. There is just the one fully functional bionic hand!


Note: Not the full pair of arms and hands found in the Partial Shape-shift.



Multiple Weapon Pod 1: Shoulder/Back


Variable “Stubby” Multiple Boom Gun: Effectively a sawn-off boom gun. The boom gun's range has been sacrificed for extra damage, and versatility.


In the Kresnik cyborg this Boom Gun is designed to be able to fire interchangeable ammunition, either standard boom gun, or an air-burst flechette containing several hundred pieces of wooden shrapnel. Usually the wooden fletchette are fired above the heads of a swarm of vampires, and the wooden shrapnel rain downs on the vampires.


This weapon can be deployed in Standard Boom Gun mode or Anti-Vampire mode. It takes 1 (ONE) Attack/Action to interchange between the two modes.


Range: 1 (ONE) Mile

Damage: 5D6 X 10 MDC. Standard Boom Gun Flechette.

Damage: 5D6 X 10 Hit Points to Vampires in a 50 feet area effect of the air burst of the Exploding Wooden Flechette.


The affected vampires will almost certainly be staked through the heart by at least one wooden shrapnel. Affected vampire rolls D20, if it rolls a natural 20, then by some miracle all the hundreds of pieces of shrapnel missed the heart.


Payload: 100 standard Boom Gun Rounds

Payload: 100 Wooden Shrapnel Rounds


Note: The Kresnik's cyber ears protects hims from the Boom Gun's “ Sonic Boom” effects.


Variable Automatic Grenade Launcher: Designed to fire normal grenades and wooden fragmentary grenades. It uses interchangeable belt fed rounds. It takes 1 (ONE) Attack/Action to interchange between the different belts


Damage is dependent on Grenade type.


Damage: Fragmentary Grenades


1D4 X 10 MDC per Fragmentary grenades - 1 (ONE) Grenade

2D6 X 10 MDC per short burst fragmentary grenades - 4 (FOUR) Grenades

6D6 X 10 MDC per full burst fragmentary grenades – 10 (TWELVE) Grenades


Damage: Wooden Fragmentary grenades against vampires


1D4 X 10 Hit Points per wooden fragmentary grenades

2D6 X 10 Hit Points per short burst wooden fragmentary grenades.

6D6 X 10 Hit Points per full burst wooden fragmentary grenades


Area Effect: 10 feet – single grenade. 25 feet – short burst. 60 feet – full burst


Payload: 100 round belt for standard fragmentary grenades

Payload: 100 round belt for wooden fragmentary grenades


Range: 1 (ONE) Mile


Multiple Weapon Pod 2: Shoulder/Back


Particle Collider EM Cannon: This discharges oppositely charged particles at

extremely high velocities to crash into each other at the target point. Massive kinetic explosive energy is released with devastating effects when these opposing accelerated particles crash into each other.


Range: 1 (ONE) Mile

Damage: 1D6 X 100 MDC to a 100 feet area, and roll for knock out/stun effects within this area.


Rate of Fire: single discharge per each melee attack/action


Payload: 5 (five) Discharges, and takes 24 (TWENTY-FOUR) hours to recharge 1 (ONE) discharge.


Missile Battery: This missile launcher is capable of adapting itself to launch different missile types, from mini missiles to long range missiles. It takes 1 (ONE) attack/action to reconfigure itself to be able to launch the different missile types. The Kresnik starts out with powerful “smart” multiple war head medium range missiles. The range of these missiles has been sacrificed for greater devastation.


On the back of the Kresnik a large oil barrel pops out held in a sort of catapult mechanism. This is the “Rainmaker or Candle” missiles. These are simply large oil barrels containing highly compressed ice with a thin seam of cold plasma running down the center of the ice. At the bottom of these missiles is a rotating sprinkler spray system. As the Sprinkler system spins in the air, it rotates the barrel in the air, slowing down the barrels descent, making it appear as if the barrel is hovering in the air.


The catapult contraptions simply hurls the rainmaker missile into the air, this ignites the plasma wick of the candle missile, slowly melting the ice into liquid water. This is then continually sprayed out over a large area by the rotating sprinkler system. That is until the plasma has burnt itself and the barrel out.



Standard Missiles:


Damage: 1D4 X 100 MDC per missile. Area Effect: 100 feet

Volley: one at a time, or two, three, four at a time.

Range: 1 (ONE) Mile

Payload: 12


Rainmaker Candle missiles:


Damage: 2D6 X 10 SDC/Hit points per melee to all exposed vampires within the area effect for 2D4 minutes.


The difference in duration for the water spray exists because the plasma seam heats up the ice and consumes the missile at varying rates in each Rainmaker Candle Missile


Area Effect: 500 feet. For full effectiveness these missiles need to reach an altitude between 250-1000 feet.


Range: 1 (ONE) Mile

Volley: One at a time

Payload: 4




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