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Radiance OCC

The Radiance are also known as the Brilliance. They are elves who use gems for their powers and abilities. These elves mostly live in the sacred groves of Manipur- the Land of Jewels. In North East India of Rifts Earth. It is a Rifts Earth Kingdom said to be ruled by the Dragonking. On Rifts Earth you can see it as a wilder form of Switzerland. It is home to the Fairie Folk and the elves. Most of the Elves and some of the Fairie Folk appear to have come from the same homeworld.

Legends say that the gem known as Moni is found here. This is a gem that resurrects the dead. Other powerful gemstones may be found here.

The elves put minute fragments of gemstones underneath their skin in certain places of the bodies. People in the orient now these as energy meridans of the body, vital/marma/chakra points, call them what you want.

This gives great power and ability to the elves and they can access the mystical powers of these gems much like the Stonemasters from Atlantis book, or the Gem Powers Super Ability in Villians Unlimited and other Heros Unlimited books.

Apart from above some gems actually meld and become permanent part of the elves who go through this treatment. This method gives even greater power, as well as the charcteristics shine of these elven warriors.

Attributes/Attribute Requirements: High PPE/ISP is a help and inclination towards mystic knowledge help alot. However being of the Elven species is the most crucial thing as well as being a warrior, rather than a psyhic or mage. NB: a mage or psyhic Radiance will not be able to use their psionics/spells using their own PPE/ISP. This is because all the natural PPE/ISP of the Radiance is already being used for other purposes.

Alignment: Any

Horror Factor/Awe: None

R.C.C/O.C.C Abilities:

Each tiny fragment of gem allows the elf to use its power like the Stonemaster or the Gem Super Power allows you to do. The only difference is, the Elf is able to use the gem much more efficiently and the gem does not require any PPE/ISP expenditure to use its powers. The gem does not crumble away after its use but becomes fully reuseable after stanard amount of rest or sleep ( 6-8 hours of sleep).

At level one an elf can access each embedded gems powers three times per day. Takes one attack to activate it, at no PPE/ISP. The accessed powers duration and strength (effects) are twice the standard strength.

At level 3, the elf can use each gem FIVE times, ADD +1 use of gem powers at levels 5, 7, 9.

At level 1: an elf can have one full MAJOR gem Stone melded to their body. Note:the first major gem always goes onto the forehead and the Radiance starts out with one, and is known as the Master gem or Controller gem.

This gem can be hidden, but usually some of it is left outside, to show that this is a Radiance.

Power and abilities that this Forehead gem gives is one it opens the Third Mystic Eye of the Elf. (see Psyscape Book). It gives mystical insights, such as Clairvoyance, and seeing into other worlds, meditative type powers.

The Forehead gem also gives a unique ability: where it reveals itself, and the other eyes close, and the elf holds a Praying Mudra position. This fires a force blast capable of hurting vampires, and other invulnerable things. it does

2D4 X10 damage at 600ft range at lvl 1, add 1D4X10 damage at lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13 and 15.add 100ft to range at level 2 and each subsequent lvls. 
It does sdc/hit point damage to sdc/hit point targets, mdc damage to mdc targets, and hurts those normally invulnerable.

this lasts two melees per lvl at lvl 1, add two melees duration at lvl 3,5,7,9,11,13, and 15.

it can be recast 3 times at lvl 1, and five times at lvl 3, add +1 to recast at lvl 5,7 and 9

These major gems also allow you to add 1D6 to any ONE attribute of the elves choice (with the exception of IQ which gets +2 and Spd which gets 6D6). 
Limitation is that the same attribute can not be chosen for the next two levels. example: at level one the elf may decide to add 1D6 to his MA attribute, at second level he can add a second major gem, and again can increase one of his attributes, he can't increase MA attribute because he did that at First level, so he picks PE attribute to increase. This means he can increase his MA attribute again if he wishes to at Level 4, when he adds his fourth major Gem. and he can increase his PE attribute at Level 5, when he gets his Fifth major gem.

Each of these major gems also gives particular powers, depending on where they are melded to the body, it is upto the choice of the elf.

One placed in the body, may well give a gemstone FULL EBA shield aura. which is 100mdc at lvl 1 and +100mdc at lvl 3, add 100mdc at lvl 5,7,9,11,13, and 15, lasts two minutes per cast, add two minutes to duration at lvl 3,5,7,9,11,13 and 15, 
and can be recast THREE times at lvl one, five at lvl 3, ADD +1 for recasts per lvl at levels 5, 7,9 of these major gem power abilities use.

a major gem melded to the hands will allows the elf to create melee weapons or fire force blasts, that do 6d6 damage at lvl one, add 2d6 at lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13 and 15, lasts two minutes per cast, add two minutes to duration at lvl 3,5,7,9,11,13 and 15, 
and can be recast THREE times at lvl one, five at lvl 3, ADD +1 for recasts per lvl at levels 5, 7, and 9 of these major gem power abilities use.

a major gem used for the eye will give advanced sensors equal to any mechanical or mystical means. one on the back will give stealth abilities. the possibilities are many.

The elf starts with SIX fragments of gems of his choice at lvl one, and can add 1D4 more fragment at lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13 and 15. NB: you can introduce alien gems with their own unique abilities that they destow to this OCC ( of your creation- the possibilities are many. Fr example Since Atlantis book and Villians Unlimited books came out, many other Palladiumbooks have been released, with newer spells, psionics and special abilities, which maybe accessed with other gems, especially gemstones unique to certain dimensions or alien worlds.

It is important to realise that the placements of these gems on the elven energy meridans do give alot of PPE/ISP. however these extra energies are all being used to power this mystical engine that the placement of these gems have created, and as such these elves have little to no PPE/ISP, that creatures like Psistalkers can sense or feed on. Nor do they have enough to use TW devices or scrolls and things like that. that require an injection of PPE/ISP to activate. If the elf wants to do that, they need to store PPE/ISP in one of their major gemstones melded to their body, and utilised that PPE/ISP for such purposes. of course this acts as a magnet for psistalkers and others like them. the elf can of course dissipate this PPE/ISP if they want to as well, and then they can't be sensed as they do not have any PPE/ISP.

Each of thee gems can hold 10 PPE or 5 ISP (Pick one) per lvl of the Radiance.

R.C.C/O.C.C Bonuses:

+3 to save vs magic/psionics, add +1 at lvl 4, 8, 12, and 15. add +3 to all savings throws and add +1 at lvl 4, 8, 12, and 15 at , +10% coma save + 5% at lvl 4, 8, 12 and 15, +2 to all combat skills and add +1 at lvl 4, 8, 12 and 15, add +1 attks and +1 attks at lvls 4, 8, 12.


as elf


as elf


as elf

R.C.C/O.C.C Skills:

as Burster/Zapper (palyers choice)

Hand to Hand: martial arts/ assassin, commando ( Players choice)

R.C.C/O.C.C Related Skills:

as Burster/Zapper ( player's choice, picks whether to use burster skills/equipment or Zapper and then selects skills/equipment, weapons from under those RCC's. also uses that RCC's experience table for level advancement)

Pilot Related:
W.P Any

Secondary Skills:

as Burster/Zapper (player choice)


normal elf, with certain body parts looking like gems. Some Radiance will appear to take on colour/hue and even texture of a gem. Many will glistening blue or red. Any colour. Some may take on  crystalline appearance. It depends on their preferred gem, usually decided by the major gem they place on their forehead.


as Burtser/Zapper (palyers choice)


as Burtser/Zapper (palyers choice)


as Burtser/Zapper (palyers choice)

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