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All the latest on Lazlo events and places can be found in the Information Central

Lazlo is a wondrous city, as close to utopia as you will get on Rifts 
Earth, yet it is no less dangerous than any other inch of Rifts Earth. It is 
known as a place of tolerance, & what Rifts Earth could be, if people gave 
each other a chance. 
It is one of the few places on the planet that has some semblance of law and 
order for all and not just the chosen few. It welcomes all whom don't intend 
ill to another. It stands for justice and right. Lazlo is the home to many 
facets of the life that now calls Earth home. Due to its relative peace, it 
has become a beacon of hope to many people, who hear about it. These people 
risk their life to make it to Lazlo & start afresh. 
Many powerful individuals reside amongst those who call it home. In the 
last few years, the leaders of Lazlo have seen their nation start to 
change, for better or worse, they know upheaval awaits the nation they 
strove so hard to build to such a major empire in the world. 
The winds of war and change have spread through Lazlo. The CS wars have 
sent countless refugees into the nation that is Lazlo, as well as many independent and small nations becoming part of this nation state, to avoid being crushed by the warring CS/FQ.
Tolkeen war and the spread of Xiticixs have sent more refugees to Lazlo, the appearance of the soul Harvesters and the brutal treatment by True FOM to its rivals have sent others from Magic Zone to Lazlo's door. Even D-bees from as far as Europe, try to make their way to Lazlo. The Legendary General Rasheen (12th lvl CK) is the Triax representative in Lazlo. He is a noted member of the Lazlo militia, and acts as the unofficial ambassador of NGR to Lazlo. He has sent much help to the d-bee population of Europe, with Lazlo's consent, and has brought many d-bees to a new start that Lazlo provides. He has many contacts with the Munich Underground network in NGR.
Lazlo is constantly growing with influx of migrants who travel from all 
North America & Earth, as well as other dimensions. Many refuges from 
Atlantis & other tyrannical nations also find a home in Lazlo. Refugees from Tolkeen are making their way to Lazlo.
These changes have added people to Lazlo who want their homeland back, want 
revenge or to help others like them get to Lazlo. This is totally against 
what Lazlo stands for, & the once pacifist nation has seen that in the 
last few years, it has started to become militarised. It has even taken the 
fight to the Xiticixs, & where once the elder leaders were respected. The 
new younger leadership is starting to disagree and asking for a more 
proactive role in the world. 
Though Rifts Earth humans are the largest single "ethnic" group, it is one of the few mixed nations on Rifts Earth, whose non-human population is in overall majority. This population is also increasing
Until recently Lazlo did not have an official military. With the Xiticix war they now have one of the most experienced and largest armed forces in Rifts North America, second only to Chi-town state of the CS. An army with no real function in a peace-loving nation, after its years of fighting a threat that seems to be contained for now. 
Lazlo also has another branch of the military, a powerful force composed of veteran citizens, who used to and still provid the only organised defence force for Lazlo. This is the legendary Lazlo militia, a cadre of experienced adventurers, mercenaries, thrill seekers and others who now call Lazlo home. They banded together to protect Lazlo state and provide additional security if the normal security services weren't enough. You have to be at least lvl 7 to be even considered for the Lazlo Militia.
There is a new religion taking hold throughout Lazlo and New Lazlo states in the last 25 years or so. The Gauntlet and Outdo festivals are national holidays in both the Lazlo states. Greatly celebrated and marked by the people. These are events that are attracting attention from near and far. It is on these days that the people let their hair down and forget the type of world they are living on. This religion is spreading throughout Rifts Earth and the Megaverse, especially worlds where conflict, death and lawlessness rule. The Tessellation is what the temple of this religion is known as. It is a landmark building of Lazlo and sits in the heart of the Secured Zone of Lazlo. It is build like a beehive, three-dimensional hexagonal shapes all joined together rising into the sky. Each Hexagonal section is a building on its own, and it is a total maze. It clearly is a magical construct, for the internal area is larger than the outer area, each hexagonal section is a pocket dimension of various size. The people worship/follow Lord Myriad, hero to many, a god to others, others see him as a con man or their enemy. Some see him as their friend and saviour while others see him as their worst nightmare. In the last few war years, the worship of Lord Myriad has grown in leap and bounds. It was source of strength and certainty in a world awash with conflict over the last few years. The only stable thing in North America over the last few years is why so many refugees and victims of war have become converts of this religion. It has become much more than what it was originally intended for. It has become the hope of many ordinary people. A source of help and strength in a world that has lost the little certainties it did have due to the wars that erupted in the three years.

New slums have appeared. These new areas of habitats are growing rapidly and are even larger, more sprawling than the CS burbs. It is these areas that the criminal elements are making their own, where mercenaries and assassins have found a niche. This is where the freedom fighters of Tolkeen, FOM, Atlantis and many others have found some safety and plan and launch their attacks on their enemies 

Lazlo government is unable to cope with the sheer numbers that have moved and are still moving to Lazlo. New housings is being built but there is more demand for housing than even magic wielding builders can provide. Lazlo government is struggling to provide work, education, health care and above all maintain security that it is so known for. If it's population grows at the rate it has done in last five years, even Lazlo's resources will be stretched beyond breaking point. If things continue at the current rate of change in Lazlo, in another 10 years, Lazlo will have to make a stark decision, stick to its pacifist principles or do whatever it takes to survive and protect its citizens.

There are now two Lazlo's appearing. One affluent and peace loving in the opulent surrounds of Lazlo city. Another Lazlo has emerged on a much larger scale than ever before, although it was always there. It is still growing and growing very rapidly. This is the more militarised, selfish Lazlo. A Lazlo composed of more militant citizens of Lazlo who want a greater role in the world for Lazlo.
Citizens who don't understand Lazlo stance on events that are shaping their lives every day. It is here that the refugees and new citizens of Lazlo who have set up home on the outskirts of Lazlo city, have realized that Lazlo isn't quite the Eden they imagined it to be. 

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