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Kresnik Cyborg Weapons - Humanoid and Partial Shapeshift



Harmless” Guise: For Game purposes treat as a Cyber-Humanoid. For all intents and purposes the Kresnik looks like a normal humanoid (dependent on the character's species)


In this guise the Kresnik's cyborg's arsenal is limited to concealed and passive cybernetics and bionic systems.


Size and Shape: Living Shell - Like the Wolfen Quatoria (See Phaseworld Book) the Kresnik has a living endo-skeleton built into it. This mimics and projects the Kresnik as a somewhat large but normal member of his Humanoid species. The Kresnik Living Shell is more advanced than the Wolfen Quatoria, because the Kittani have been using this technology for centuries. They first utilized it to fool the Mechanoid's advanced technology and powerful psychic abilities during their galaxy spanning conflict, and have been developing it ever since. In the case of the Kresnik it has also been enhanced by the Splugortian Bio-Wizards.


M.D.C.: The living shell won't be an M.D.C structure unless the Humanoid species is naturally M.D.C.


NOTE: The living shell is applicable in all guises of the Kresnik.


Attributes: P.S. 20, P.P. 20, Spd of 30 (Cyborg Level Attributes)


Bionic Conversion: In normal Humanoid – The Kresnik has only concealed cyborg systems available to it – such as eye, ear, cyber-armor. sensor systems. These have to be unobtrusive and their utilization has to passive. Their deployment and usage shouldn't affect or destroy the illusion that the Kresnik is a normal member of his species.




Partial ShapeShift Humanoid: This occurs when the Kresnik in its “harmless” guise deploys obvious and intrusive bionic, cybernetic and hardware systems. Tends to grow noticeably larger. Shapeshifts into a much larger, massive and bestial version of the Humanoid shape and revealing some of their cyborg arsenal. Usually the deployment of hidden weapons and armaments is considered as a partial shapeshift


M.D.C.: Main Body – 450 M.D.C. Endo-skeleton cyborg armor deployed within the living shell.


NOTE: The living shell is applicable in all guises of the Kresnik.


Attributes: P.S. 30, P.P. 26, Spd of 70 miles per hour (Cyborg Level Attributes)

Leaping: 50 feet high and across. Pneumatic Punching and Kicking Jackhammer Arms and Legs.


Bionic Conversion: Has all the cyborg systems available that it had in normal humanoid guise, as well as being able to deploy weapons and other more obvious bionic and cybernetic systems.



Retractable Silver Vibro-Claws - in Fingers and Toes:

Damage: 4D6 MDC (Vibro Mode switched on)

Damage: 4D6 Hit Points to Vampires (Vibro Mode switched off).


Note: Optionally the GM may only allow the Player character to pick 3 (THREE) of the weapon systems listed below.


Multiple Weapon Appendage – Wrist: A long whip like tentacle with an extremely sharp retractable fire hardened wooden stinger spear tip. It also has a water spray dispenser built in.


Damage: 4D6 MDC (Stinger Mode on)


Damage: 4D6 Hit Points per water spray to all exposed vampires in a 20 feet diameter circle centered around the Kresnik's tail tip. (Water Spray dispenser - 30 sprays of water).

Kresnik's cyber tail can stretch to 30 feet long to the tip.(Stinger switched off and wooden spear tip retracted)


Damage: 4D6 Hit Points to Vampires using wooden spear tip. (Stinger switched off and striking with retractable fire hardened wooden spear tip). The wooden tip can also be used to stake vampires through the heart.


Variable High Powered Pneumatic Machine-Gun – Forearm: This can be detached and fired as a hand held weapon. It will take Kresnik 1 (ONE) attack/action to detach the weapon once it has been deployed.


Designed to use interchangeable belt fed ammunition, either Wooden stakes, Explosive Bullets, Kresnik's Bio-Wizard blood bullets. It takes 1 (ONE) Attack/Action to change between the different types of ammunition. (Not possible for such a change to occur if weapon has been detached and is being used as a hand held weapon)


Damage: 1D6 X 10 Hit Points to vampires per stake. Range: 150 feet, Rate of Fire: Standard. Payload: 300 stakes belt fed


Damage: 1D6 X 10 MDC single shot explosive bullet, Range: 1000 feet, Rate of Fire: Standard. Payload: 300 Explosive Bullets belt fed


Damage: 4D6 MDC single shot Kresnik Bio-Wizard Blood bullet, Vampires must save versus psionics. A failure of this saving throw results in instant death of the vampire. (See Kresnik's Bio-Wizard Blood for more details above). The affected vampire gets -1 to his saving throw for each bullet fired into him.


Range: 1000 feet, Rate of Fire: Standard. Payload: 300 Bio-Wizard Blood Bullets belt fed


Interchangeable Fire/Water Cannon Weapon - Wrist:


A small cannon bore pops out of the wrist area. It can function like a fire hose or a flame thrower.


Water Cannon:


When fired a concentrated blast of water erupts towards the target. Drenching the targeted with water. This jet of water impacts with enough force to knock most humanoid sized targets down. The water for this weapon system is stored in its own dimensional pocket, and this can be topped up by either the Kresnik drinking large quantities of water, or use the small cannon bore to drain it from a water source such as a river or lake, straight into a compartment in its abdomen. The water will then be purified to as close to pure water as possible by the Kresnik's cyborg filtration systems, and then housed in its own dimensional pocket.


Damage: 3D6 X 10 Hit points to all exposed vampires in a 30 feet area. There is an 80% chance that a humanoid sized targets hit by this intense water blast are knocked down.


Range: 300 feet

Rate of Fire: Single shot

Payload: 12 shots


Flame Thrower:


When fired a large stream of plasma fire is ejected towards the target.

Damage: 2D4 X 10 MDC to a 10 feet area, everyone hit by this blast will continue to take 6D6 MDC for 2D4 minutes, as the liquid plasma continues to burn itself out. Affected target may put the additional flames out by cooling the plasma with water 2D4 attacks/actions, or rolling about on the ground for 2D4 attacks/actions may also do it


Range: 1000 feet

Rate of Fire: Highly concentrated Single blast of ignited plasma

Payload: 200


It takes 1 (ONE) attack/action to interchange between the two modes.


Variable Rail Gun – Forearm: This can be detached and fired as a hand held weapon. It will take Kresnik 1 (ONE) attack/action to detach the weapon once it has been deployed.


In the Kresnik this Cyborg Rail Gun is designed to be able to fire interchangeable ammunition, either standard rail gun rounds or wooden rounds. Therefore this weapon can be deployed in Standard Rail Gun mode or Anti-Vampire mode. It takes 1 (ONE) Attack/Action to interchange between the two modes. (Not possible for such a change to occur if weapon has been detached and is being used as a hand held weapon).


Damage: 2D4 X 10 MDC, Standard “Rail Gun” burst.

Damage: 4D6 X 10 Hit Points to Vampires, Standard “Wooden Rounds” burst.


Range: 3000 feet


Weapon Array – Chest:


There is a central aperture weapons port with a crucifix attached to it made by two removable silver stiletto type dagger with thick handles. This weapon is able to quickly interchange between between different energy projectors, such as Holographic projector, Particle Pulse weapon, Ion Blaster and variable variable laser.


It takes 1 (ONE) Attack/Action to interchange between the different energy projector modes.


Holographic Projector: is able to function as a searchlight, that projects a large shadow of the crucifix in front of the Kresnik. The range, width and angle of the beam can be regulated. The holographic projectors are able to increase the size of the shadow produced by the crossed daggers.


Damage: 1D6 X 10 Hit Points to vampires from largest sized shadow of the cross, and they must roll save versus horror factor of 18.


Range: 1000 feet.


The Kresnik is also capable of projecting holograms such as running water, water spurting out of the grounds etc. For Game purposes onlookers have to make a save versus illusion to see whether they are taken in.


Damage: 3D6 Hit points to vampires from the silver dagger if removed and used as a melee weapon.


Damage: 3D6 X 10 MDC from heavy dual particle burst from the dagger Handle Energy Generator.


Range: 1000 feet

Payload: 10


The daggers can be reattached to Chest weapons Array and will recharge in 6 (SIX) hours.


The crossed daggers are electromagnetically attached and thus when joined they can be used like a crucifix (See Vampire Kingdoms book)



Particle Pulse Mini Gun: The chest aperture is closed but surrounded by tiny circular barrels. When fired numerous particle beams are fired out of these weapon bores as the weapons array rotates.


Damage: 1D6 X 10 MDC particle pulse. Rate of Fire: Standard, Range: 1000 feet. Payload: Unlimited.


Ion Blaster:

Damage: 2D4 X 10 MDC to a 30 feet area ion blast. Rate of fire: Single blast, Range: 500 feet. Payload: Unlimited


Variable Laser:


Damage: 6D6 MDC single shot variable laser. Laser frequency readjusts to optimum frequency automatically in 1D4 melees. Rate of Fire: Standard. Range 2000 feet. Payload: Unlimited


Additional Pair of Bionic Arms and Hands:


In partial shapeshift the Kresnik can deploy these if he wants from their hidden compartment just below his original upper limbs. They appear to grow out of the Kresnik as they come out of their Pocket dimension compartments.


Multi-Sectional Particle Weapons Rod - Leg: This is a multi-sectional staff type weapons rod. At the center of the staff is a heavy duty particle weapon rod, and on each side of this a spear like weapon protrudes made up of fire-hardened wooden stakes. Each stake spear point fits into the back of another and each stake is full of tiny wooden shrapnel and a few drops of explosive plasma gel.


Each wooden stake section can be detached and used like a stake, driven into vampires by the Kresnik cyborg, or used as a thrown weapon. The detached stake may also be used as an a fragmentary grenade.


The central Particle rod is able to channel a particle forcefield around the multi-sectional staff, allowing the Kresnik to use it to parry M.D.C attacks, as well as use the staff like an MDC staff weapon. The Particle rod blasts are focused along the staff length and erupt from the end stake spear tip.


Damage: 4D6 Hit points to vampires as staff weapon,

Damage: 4D6 MDC as staff weapon with the particle forcefield surrounding the Multi-sectional staff.


Damage: 1D6 X 10 Hit Points to Vampires per each wooden stake driven into a vampire. Vampire could possibly be staked through the heart if that was the Kresnik's aim. Can be used like a melee or thrown weapon. Payload: 20 Wooden stakes (10 on either side of the particle rod at the center of the multi-sectional staff)


Damage: 1D6 X 10 Hit points to vampires in a 25 feet area if placed/thrown as a grenade


Damage: 6D6 X 10 hit points to vampires. If the vampire has first been staked by one of these explosive stakes, and then the stake is detonated, sending a focused blast of wooden shrapnel through the staked vampire's body. Very high probability that this will result in the affected vampire being staked through the heart by at least 1 (ONE) wooden shrapnel)


Damage: 2D6 X 10 MDC focused Particle Blast along staff length and through spear tip.


Damage: 1D6 X 10 MDC as just particle rod. Payload: 30 single blasts. Rate of Fire: Standard. A full burst takes up 10 Single Blasts. These fully recharge after being stored in secret leg compartment for 6 (SIX) hours.



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