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Plain of Mists/Silk Road.

The Plain of Mists is a dimensional trade route, running between numerous dimension and worlds. The people of Earth have used it in the past. Since the coming of the Rifts it has again been used by traders and travellers on Rifts Earth. For the Plain of Mists was and is what the people of Old Earth romantically used to refer to as the Silk Road. It runs mostly along the historical routes of the Silk Road on Rifts Earth, maybe with a few minor changes, due to locale or the flow of trade.

With the coming of the Rifts, the Silk Road again has become a major dimensional trading route & the Plain of Mists dimensions has revealed itself again to the people of Rifts Earth.  At many points it emerges on Rifts Earth, and you are unable to tell where Rifts Earth ends or the Plains of Mists begins. This is mainly in the Arabian Peninsula, other times traders open portals and use other means to get to the Plain of Mists.

It runs from Maze to the west to the Forbidden City in the East. Divergent routes also go to what used to be Old Lahore and the city of the Dead, as well as to Arabian Peninsula & New Oasis.  An important part of the Plains of Mist on Rifts Earth runs through an area known as the Land of the Thousand and One worlds. This is an area where there are tens if not hundreds, maybe even thousands of portals leading to thousands of worlds and dimensions.

Some say it is due to this latent magical energy and the magical energy of the Plains of Mists that has opened the Gates of the nine hells in China, allowing the millions of infernals to walk the Earth again.

Another spot where the Plains of Mists link on Rifts Earth is near the Black Sea. This spot is used by the Genesplicers to travel to areas in the Megaverse without anyone knowing. Using Centre and Splynn is just too public for their tastes, and too many unwanted eyes follow them discreetly to learn and steal their creations from those points. The Genesplicers have a semipermanent base in the depts of the Black sea away from prying eyes. The Genesplicers on other parts of Rifts Earth visit here regularly to share their new discoveries and new specimens with others of their kind.

The Plains of Mists are just discreet enough and have enough portals that their cloaked ships go unnoticed. The Genesplicers may well have used this portal of the Plains of Mists to get to Rifts Earth in the first place. They find the Plains of Mist a good source to find varied and new material for their work, as well as releasing and field testing their handy work. The Genesplicers also offer their service to some of the Fortress cities in the Plains of Mists and to the Desert Raiders who supply captured stock and other things the Genesplicers neeed.

  The Plains of Mists is one of the six hotspots of magic in the Megaverse. It is a permanent hotspot and it has always been this way as long as any scholars can remember. It was this way when the Promethans were young. It is the oldest linked dimension to Centre and used to be the only portal linked to Centre. It was only when the Promenthans learnt to control its opening and closing by using the gate system that the other portals from centre randomly started to open and close. Others were found and still being found by the second stage promtheans.

One of the duties of the second stagers seems to be to monitor the Plains of Mist and look for random opening rifts in the Megaverse. They are some how able to link these portals to Centre.

Many scholars, notably the arab scribe astronomer Alim Fouad  regularly visits Laszlo, states the Plains of Mists that he has heard so much about is the original dimensional gateway created by the Old Ones, linking their worlds and dimensions. He even says that the random opening of portals and rifts around the Megaverse is the unnameable beings trying to open a gateway from their prison and the release of their massive latent PPE reserves. Them being asleep and unaware of what they are doing does tend to knock their efforts out by a few dimensions or so. He theorises the Plains of Mists is the weakest point in their prison, as it may well link to their prison and that is where they may free themselves.

The heavily and richly laden caravans are a prime target for the Desert Raiders and other brigands and are constantly on the lookout for these raiders.

There are rich pickings for those who are powerful enough to take on these huge caravans. The Merchants who run these caravans have enough resources that puts most nations to shame, when it comes to protecting their rare and valuable commodities. They hire only the best protectors and guards to look after their interests.

Supernatural Intelligences, Splugorth Lords and others of such ilk do not like getting their hands dirty and fighting wars directly. It is beneath them and bad for business and put simply a needless expense of energy for a moment’s entertainment. Much more profit and centuries of enjoyment can be gained by putting your wits against a worthy opponent. For this purpose the Plains of Mists is an ideal playing field for these creatures to play their games. Their manoeuvres and manipulations puts the fortress cities at war with each other. Their mortal pawns ripping each other to shreds while they safely watch safely at their handiworks, sending advise, advisor and help as they make their pawns do their work. This great game has been going on for millennia after millennia, with one SI gaining the upper hand, then another.  Different fortress cities are controlled by SI’s, Splugorth Lords, interdimensional corporations, gods. Anyone really who has the power to get his feet in the gaming table.

Rival Splugorth may be trying to get the soul of one fortress city. Steel Precipice  a large city is favoured by both Klynncryyth and Tarygoth. Their advisors both advising it ruling elite, Klyncrrytth wants the city back after his leader of Steel Precipice met an unfortunate but nevertheless expected accident, at the end of a sunaj garrotte. Meanwhile Splyncryytth gained a city that NE’s wanted, when the rebels he backed not only defeated the old rulers of the city but also the rebels backed by NE’s.

A formidable army has captured three cities that rumours had Splyncrrytth eying, though he did not make a move, someone easily beat him to it. This is an annoyance to him, particularly as he does not know who is backing this army if at all. Is it the Mysterious benefactor who seems to know security systems in Splynn and is helping the Liberated Underground. Someone who seems to know what his thoughts better than he does.

Splynncrryth has managed to manipulate the owners of a small nondescript city in the Mists of Planes, where he is expending a lot of resources to beef its defences up. Some say its gateways lead to resource rich worlds or to Wormwood

However the real masters of the cities in the Mists of Plains are the Supernatural Intelligences, they constantly belittle the Splugorth Lords, gods, NE’s and other dimensional corporations and players. The Splugorth Lords are no match for their cunning, certainly not working as individuals.

The Silk Road runs close to an area on Rifts Earth known as the Land of the Eternal Flame. Legends of this say that this is healing and restorative flame, if your belief is true, than you will be totally healed, insanities cured and some myths suggest immortality beckons. If you lack faith, then death awaits. What is know temples from the second age of magic were built here. No one knows which temple holds the real eternal flame. Other myths say there are different eternal flames, which confer different powers. There were also tales of temples to the different elements, four or five elements, no one knows for sure. What is known is that Prerifts scientists had found temples dedicated to the flame in and around the prerifts city of Baku. IT could be some of these temples exist in the Plains of Mist and others on Rifts Earth, though many be in ruins.

As the Silk Road passes though the land known as Turkey, it goes by an area dominated by dwarves, who have built huge underground settlements, which they use to protect themselves and others from attacks from the giants, who have started their own empire here. These dwarves myths speak of how they built the city of Maze in the past (probably second age of magic on Earth) and how they build stone circles to travel worlds in the past, when they were commanded to do so by their gods. The dwarves have managed to build new stone circles, very similar to Stonehenge, except theirs are T-shaped and on average the stone weighs 50tons. They use these circles for teleportation from one underground city to another and to forage against the giants.

The giants also appear to be waging war on the wolfen in the prerifts nation of Greece. These Wolfen may well be assisted by those who have started an empire in the country that was once known as Italy. This empire has attracted Wolfen from far and wide, including Wolfen disheartened by the CCW and the TE in the Three Galaxies. Many there who wish to start a new Wolfen Empire are headed here, when they hear about it.








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