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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Atlantis, Monterrey and the Vampire Kingdoms


Over the last few years while the rest of Rifts North America was busy fighting wars the Shadow Warriors Mercenary Team (See Mercenaries book) has grown several folds as they have quietly and determinedly gone about assimilating many Pecos Raiders into their fold.


At full strength the Shadow Warriors are arguably the largest mercenary force operating in the former states of Pre-Rifts USA. However they have managed to keep their true numbers a mystery by simply diversifying their operations. They utilized their new Pecos recruits as smugglers and raiders of the Vampire Kingdoms, skirmishing deep within vampire territory as they travelled as guides for vampire hunter teams. While the old guard of the Shadow Warriors carry out the day to day mercenary work and keeping a tight reign on the activities of the Pecos Raiders loyal to them.


Pecos Raiders that joined the Shadow Warriors mercenary team have taken control of Monterrey, but as part of the Shadow Warriors strategy they haven’t allowed them to overtly claim it for themselves or on behalf of the Shadow Warriors. Instead they have turned it into a safe haven for the Pecos bandits, a place where they can relax and recuperate without looking over their shoulder for the law.


The great majority of Pecos Raiders recognize Monterrey as a neutral place where old feuds are left at the city limits, and Shadow Warriors have ensured that Monterrey provides a safe haven from vampire attacks and rival skirmishers for the various Pecos Gangs. Over the last year they have built the infrastructure and facilities required by the Pecos Raiders.


Catering for the need of the Pecos Gangs in Monterrey has given the Shadow Warriors a steady income stream but more importantly they couldn’t wish for a better rallying call to their banner than what Monterrey is rapidly becoming. In a recent Lazlo news-feed Monterrey was said to be rapidly becoming the new Merctown of the South by a Lazlo scientist who found safety in Monterrey after a vampire assault wiped out the rest of his Lazlo backed vampire research team.


This is music to the ear of Lord Splynncryth who sponsors the Shadow Warriors. This venture has so far worked out better than he could have imagined. Without even trying another holding more or less has been added to his portfolio, but far more strategically Monterrey has given him a beachhead in the Vampire Kingdoms.


Splynncryth has encouraged merchants to set up market in Monterrey, and even Pecos raiders and other entrepreneurs have started selling their wares. It has a long way to go but Monterrey now also caters for vampire hunters. They are able to purchase essential supplies and gather the latest intelligence on vampire movements here.


Pecos Raiders have been advised by the Shadow Warriors to leave vampire hunters alone. Monterrey is far from a safe place for the weak and the unwary, but it offers sanctuary to those strong enough to survive its challenges inside, and the depredation of the vampires outside its barricades.


Splynncryth has sent few anti-vampire specialists to join the Shadow Warriors as they have gathered intelligence on the true strength and danger posed by the Vampires Kingdoms, including a few loyal Kresnik Cyborgs.


Those humanoids that come to Monterrey in search of a means of revenge against the vampires are encouraged to talk to the local operator or fixer etc who maybe able to help them. These just happen to work for one of the incognito agents of Atlantis residing there, who has asked them to keep an eye out for such people.


If the Atlantean agent deems them as suitable candidates for the Kresnik cyborg conversion process then he will approach them and inform them that he may know of a way that they can gain revenge on the vampires. Many humanoids even after a violent vampire attack, that left all their loved ones dead refuse to turn into a cyborg and insist on another way to get their revenge on the vampires. They are reluctant to lose their humanity, but this doesn’t stop the Atlantean agent ensuring the viable candidate accepts.


One method employed is that the grieving humanoid suffers a serious accident at the hands of Pecos raiders that leaves him needing major cybernetic and bionic systems to survive. Thus the Atlantean agent informs him that he will get this treatment for free as long as he accepts in exchange to destroy vampires.


The recruited candidates and many of the Pecos Raiders in Monterrey are yet unaware that it’s Atlantis who is looking for volunteers to fight the vampires.


Those humanoids who are picked by the Atlantean agents are then secretly taken to a waiting Splugortian ship in the Gulf of Mexico. They will receive the Kresnik cyborg conversion either on that ship or most likely they will be taken to Atlantis for such treatment.


Therefore Monterrey is one of the few places outside of Splugortian holdings where a Kresnik maybe able to have some of his systems repaired or at least make contact with someone who could help him.


Splugorth minions have noticed that certain humanoid species prefer certain animal shapes, for example the Kydians choice bear, Staphra a tiger shape, Dwarves go for Badgers and Wolverines, Elves like Yll Tree Climbers, Altara bizarrely like rabbits, gazelles and domestic cats, and Humans settle for a Wolf or Jaguar shape.


Splynncryth has been using several Kresniks in the Vampire Kingdoms for the last few years. Some have successfully infiltrated major vampire holdings. They have even provided vital knowledge on some of the vampire expansion plans. Atlantis has already used indirect means to pass this military intelligence onto the Reid’s Rangers, so that no connection could be made back to Atlantis.


There are several small communities of Kresnik in the Vampire Kingdoms and Yucatan. The Kresniks in the Vampire Kingdoms shape-shift mainly into Jaguars and Wolves. While those in the Yucatan shape-shift into Yll Tree Climbers and Tigers.


Atlantis has also tried to get anti-vampire weapon shipments to the Vampire Kingdoms without it being traced back to Lord Splynncryth. The problem is that so little is known of any resistance movements against the vampires. However through the diligence of their Intelligence units, Atlantis has learned of the Old Acapulco and Belize City settlements, and Atlantis has indirectly encouraged food, weapons, medicines and other necessary supplies to be traded with these communities.


Lord Splynncryth’s agents within Lazlo are funding and encouraging expeditions to the Vampire Kingdoms, and have tried to get regular Voyager teams sent to Old Acapulco, Belize City, as well as the Cyberknight base in western Mexico. All this in an effort to encourage a local and united movement to thwart the Vampire Kingdoms, rather than Atlantis needing to take overt measures to stop the vampire pestilence getting out of control.


There are many expeditions leaving by ship from Lazlo to the Vampire Kingdoms, again encouraged and sometimes even sponsored from behind the scenes by Atlantis.

Horune and other pirates loyal to Atlantis leave these ships alone, and even come to their aid. Atlantis also provides discreet aid to these ships sometimes if they get into distress. Any pirates who harass such shipping are dealt by pirates loyal to Atlantis, or by the privateers working for Lord Splynncryth.


Archie-3 who monitors shipping from Atlantis via his satellite network, has noticed the increased activity of such ships in Mexico, and is wondering what is going on. He has unearthed information in his vast databases of NEMA bases in Mexico, and as such has sent his agents to reconnoitre these possible sites, as well as to see what the forces of Atlantis are doing in Central America. He is totally unaware that Monterrey has all but in name become an Atlantean outpost.



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