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 Righteous Indignant

 Those known as the Indignant first appeared in the Middle East, the Land of Magics. They are people who are dedicated to right, and protecting the innocent. Laws are immaterial to them, they will move Heaven and Earth to Right a Wrong, if that can not be, then at the very least there will be justice, even if it is natural justice. Any species can be an Indignant, but no one is sure what their origin or source of power is. Indignant do not wish to speak of their past, as if they are ashamed of it, and appear to be trying to right some great injustice. Many whisper behind their backs that it is an injustice they did, that was so great and abhorrent, they will spend the rest of eternity trying to undo.

Sources suggested for their origin, range from them being the creations of the PPE rich nanites running rampant in what was once Palestine. The mystical energies in the Holy lands have made the Nanites sentient. These nanites were used by the Prerifts nations of Israel and Palestine in the Golden Age of Man. Many escaped during the arrival of the Rifts, and the mystical energies of the Middle East have given them sentience, akin to Archie-3 These Nanites have started to randomly alter all sorts of life, buildings and structures in Palestine. Maybe it is they who created the first Indignant, as one of their strange and unfathomable experiments. Others see them as the final result of the transformation caused by the portal in Aslum, Atlantis. Some have speculated that if the evil in the Megaverse is due to the emanations of the Unnameable Beings, and as many of them were lulled to slumber by a Transformation Circle, and made into their opposites. Then why wouldn't the same mystical energies change mortals into more than what they are, when they start contemplating their life and come into contact with the power of the Unnameable Beings and the Transformation magics which hold them in place. Others say the Indignant stood by and watched when power was abused in front of them, and innocents suffered and wrongs were done, some say they even joined in to save their own scrawny necks. Then regretting their actions they went into the wilderness and meditated on their deeds, coming out of seclusion when they had made peace with themselves and made deals with powerful beings to forget their past and serve them in quests and deeds. Many others point out that in the Golden Age of Man, the Muslim Nations embraced Genetic Engineering. Calling these people "Modified Men", rather than genetically engineered humans (GEH's), this term had taken too much negative connotations by the time of the Golden Age of Man, and was seen as derogatory and wrong. Modified Men was more acceptable, the Muslims saw the use of Cybernetics, drugs, and to cause inanities intentionally as forbidden. Many argued that "RANDOM" genetic reconstruction was acceptable, as one you could have more boys being born, and even out the gender population of the world, and you are still leaving the new born's abilities to the Will of God. The use of genetic engineering to allow parents to have boys was acceptable to the masses in many Muslim and other countries, and seemed to break the taboo that had surrounded genetic enhancement, since the late 20C. This use of gene alteration became to be seen as a proper, responsible and righteous use of this God given knowledge. Once this had been accepted by society other genetic enhancements were soon accepted and done openly. Previously it was done underground or as "black ops" by many governments, so there was plausible deniability if things were revealed to the masses.

Many Rifts Earth scientists point out that when the Indignant mediate with a guilty conscious and seek answers to their deeds, they activate the full potential, because they have inherited genes which have already been altered to release the full latent potential of the human. They say their genes are waiting for the trigger and this trigger is the Indignant own self contemplation. In the saturated PPE world of Rifts Earth and the Middle east is the most soaked in Mystical energies on Rifts Earth, because of this the transformation is also mystical in nature, as every fibre of living things is soaked in mystical energy. It is due to the excess magical energies and the powerful magics wielded in the Middle East, that this land is also known as The Land of Magics,

The Indignant is a wise and clever warrior, many underestimate them, because they just see them as walking tanks. They are far, far more than that. An Indignant uses every tool at his disposal to his full advantage. They are quite and resourceful people. They only resort to violence as a last resort, if that is the only answer. Sadly on Rifts Earth many only understand the sword and gun. An Indignant is direct, going from A to D, rather than going to D via B and C.

While many others plan and debate, an Indignant will analyse, plan and get on with it, without any regrets, recrimination or fear. An Indignant will walk into the middle of an enemy town, and be the only one to walk out. This is why many see them as nothing more than death machines. This is far from it, an Indignant realised sooner what needed to be done, and how it was to be done, and DID IT. They did not think about the risks or consequences or think of safer ways to do it.

If the answer involved an action needed to be taken, why debate for the rest of the day on how to do it, an Indignant just goes and performs the task. Indignant loath to kill an opponent, maybe because they feel there is a chance that the opponent will repent, just as they did.

Indignant have their own view of the world, which tends to be askew from other "good" people. For Instance an Indignant may well be looking for parents of an orphan, while next to him other heroes are fighting monstrous demons. An Indignant word is his bond and will do all they can to fulfil it. They will protect innocents with their lives. They get on with children, children upto the age of 14, bring out the innocent fun loving Indignant, while most of the times they are seen as stern no nonsense warriors. An Indignant takes her time when she speaks, analysing stuff and only speaking when there appears to be a need to. Speaking more than is necessary usually means you lie and an Indignant does not lie.

An Indignant does not charge in, as many think they do, because an Indignant can't afford to do so. In the world of Rifts Earth, an Indignant is feared by all, for they know your deepest darkest secrets and desires. In a world where there is no justice, an Indignant is the judge, jury and executioner. There are many examples in the world, where just hearing that an Indignant was in an area, people have committed suicide and killed their families. For they feared the Indignant had come for them. In a wilderness village, an abusive husband may kill his wife or children for fear they may tell the Indignant headed his way.

We all have our secrets, we all do wrong, and it is these that drive many ordinary folk to do unspeakable things, when they hear or know an Indignant is on the way. It is better to act before the Indignant gets hold of you. An Indignant can not afford innocents to be hurt because of him, nor will an Indignant let the wrong take anger or punishment meant for them. They must act quickly and decisively, leaving nothing to chance. The Indignant must stop the father executing his children, and stop the monsters from destroying the village (the reason why he may have been heading to the village in the first place). If the Indignant stops the monsters, saves the village, but fails to stop the frightened father doing something he will regret for the rest of his life. Then the Indignant has failed, as far as the Indignant is concerned, he must pay penance, for it was because of him, that a greater wrong was done and innocents suffered when they need not have. This is where other heroes and Knights Errant differ from an Indignant. For where they will fight the monsters, the Indignant will be trying to stop the father without using violence, before there is a need to engage the monsters. After all he will be at the village when the monsters get there, and then everyone will know why he is there.




1. x2 damage to all selfish/evil opponents, immaterial of mortal or supernatural. Turns SDC damage to MDC. Turns ordinary damage to damage that hurts opponent. Indignant Unarmed, Melee, or Firearm ( any attack done by Indidnant) attacks will cause damage to a vampire or werewolf, or other otherwise invulnerable creatures or structures.

 This ability affects anything that the Indignant uses as a weapon. Melee weapons, Firearms Example: an SDC rock thrown as a weapon by an Indignant is affected by the above power

 2. 1/2 damage taken from all selfish/evil opponents, immaterial of mortal or supernatural. Turns MDC damage into SDC damage.

This effects anything that the Indignant uses for defensive purpose, any armour, forcefield, shields, are affected by this ability. Example: Even an SDC door used as a shield by Indignant is affected by above ability

3. Indomitable Presence: The Indignant appears as an indomitable force, head and shoulders above opponents in stature and power terms. The opponent feels that they can not stop or stand in the Indignant's way and the Indignant will not be stopped. ALL opponents must roll save vs MA/horror/awe, if failed then ONLY STRAIGHT DICE ROLLS for the first melee and can not take offensive actions against the character for the 1st melee. If passed roll at start of the subsequent melee, combat bonuses are -1 attack and all actions are at -2. Save must be done every combat melee, and if failed THREE times, the opponent must surrender or flee away in terror and hide, for a melee per Indignant's level. During this time the opponent has no offensive tendencies against Indignant and can only take defensive actions at 1/2 strength ( 1/2 bonuses, 1/2 damage, will do 1/2 damage, 1/2 effects of wepaons, powers/abilities, spells, psionics)

The above is unconscious on the Indignant's part. That just happens against all her opponents. The Indignant can try to get opponent to surrender and/or flee in terror, by using the "Tiger's Gaze", this takes an attack and can be done once every other melee. If the opponent fails save versus psionics, they must surrender or flee in terror and hide for a Minute per Indignant's level. The opponent can not take offensive actions against anyone, and has only one action to take defensive measures. The Indignant also use the Tiger's Gaze to get valuable information out of opponents, opponents affected by this, tell everything that they know and are questioned about when this is ability is used to extract information. It is the latent effect of this power, that makes people around an Indignant open up and tell the Indignant their life stories, irrespective of the Indignant wanting to know or not. Even more amazing it is usually an HONEST account, with the teller analysing their life, and finding answers themselves to their problems. Ending up thanking profusely the Indignant for listening and putting them on the right path. When all the Indignant did may have been grunt in agreement or nod wisely.

4. Once per 6 hours the character can unleash a ‘finishing’ attack which will do triple damage to hit points against mortal opponents or X10 damage against the supernatural (MDC)!


5. Relentless. becomes an unstoppable death machine!  Triple SDC/HP and can not be knocked back, stunned, will not stop, until the target is defeated. or duration runs out, lasts 1D4 melees for subsequent levels, can call it up once every 6 hours. Indignant can stay on his feet and fight/take actions even when in negative damage (treble max limit of coma roll in negative damage before coma save rolls starts to apply as per books). All damage taken is fully restored, any minuses caused by enemy are also totally gone at the start of each melee. If hit by neural mace, the stun effects are gone at start of new melee, if stopped by carpet of adhesion, can move forwards at start of next melee, carpet of adhesion is gone, if affected by bio-manipulation psionic, the Indignant is unaffected at start of new melee.


6. Fearless: Immune to horror factor and fear inducing magics/psionics and all such thing because when you ready to give more than you can afford to, what is there left to fear.


7.Execution– same as major curse spell (similar to taboo in Africa world book, use that as guide. This is even more powerful than that), spell strength of 16 with a duration that lasts o1D6 months per level.  One ME point makes the curse permanent and will eventually create another Righteous Indignant. This means the opponent must do good or suffer from this curse. When they doing an act of evil or generally doing wrong, they must make saving throw, to carry act out. if they fail, they will get hit by curse, from screaming in agony to being paralysed and so on. A thief when breaking in, will if fails this, will create large amounts noise and attract people to him, during the theft, he must make saving throw every melee while she is thieving. Someone about to ambush someone failing the roll will find themselves lit up like Christmas tree. A pickpocket failing a roll will be spotted with their hand in the victim's pocket as if it was glued there. Generally it will at minimum force opponent to go towards good alignment: anarchist will become unprincipled, Miscreant will become aberrant, Scrupulous will become Principled. The Permanent Curse will create an Indignant or the affected will either die or go insane, becomes an empty shell, who needs others to look after the body, is incapable of living life and keeps on telling others to do right or they will be punished.


Yes this ability does affect Atlanteans, it affects everything, including Vampires, Demons. This is how many Demons become Reformed Demons. It DOES NOT affect Supernatural Intelligences and most gods or Demon Lords whose power is equal to gods.


8. Recovery:: after a good night's sleep say 6-8hrs, an Indignant if fully restored to full combat effectiveness, any negatives are gone, if been effected by constraints, those constraints are removed, so if Indignant was drugged upto the eyeballs with knock out drugs before he fell rested, he is fully recovered, if he is chained, he can just snap them open. If he had parasites in him, they are gone. The Indignant is fully restored and ready to go.


9: Sense: An Indignant can Mediate and gets insights into events and terrain around him, Uses this to locate targets and the lay of the land. It is a sort of Retro/Remote viewing of surrounding area to where he is, with Clairvoyance/Sixth Sense thrown in. If a target is known an Indignant may well concentrate on it, to learn about it, its past, present, future. It is this ability that an Indignant uses to track enemies and learn about them before engaging them. This is how an Indignant just always happens to be in the right place at just the right time. This is done at dusk or dawn. This ability relies on the skills of the Indignant for interpreting what they see and learn.


10. Paying Penance - The Indignant outlook on life is different from others, they see it simply, right and wrong. They set high standards for themselves, which if they fall beneath, they feel they must pay penance. To normal people a particular deed/action of an Indignant appears to be totally normal and good by the standard of knights/paladins, but an Indignant may see it as abhorrent, and something they ought not to have done. Penance may involve doing some heroic or righteous deed, but in game terms, an Indignant loses 1000XP, this may mean dropping down a level due to the loss of Experience. A Player may have to say they spend the next 1000XP they earn as Penance. Upto to player and GM on how they want to role play this. Remember there are many things that an Indignant will find normal, but other righteous and law-abiding people will find abhorrent. The Indignant sees life differently, they have no need for material values and laws. To them the very basic things of life are the most important. Doing the right thing is just as important as stopping a great evil. Respecting a worthy opponent is just as important as slaying the beast. Many Indignant befriend and are honoured to call friend, whom others deem as monsters.


Attributes/Attribute Requirements: NONE


Alignment: principled only


Horror Factor/Awe:12 + 1 per level


R.C.C/O.C.C Abilities:


Same as a Mystic. Their spells are not limited to just normal spells though, they can pick from Underseas, Temporal, Warlock, ANY category, and they can pick psionics from Mindbleeder section as well. NB: An Indignant may pick necromancy spells, or even biowizard devices as equipment BUT THEY WILL NEVER USE THEM. for an Indignant, having these "evil" spells and devices is a test of will, by not using them they are proving that they are doing right.


An Indignant can cast EIGHT spells every Six hours, takes one attack to do so and does not cost PPE. Can cast EIGHT psionics every Six hours and costs no ISP and takes one attk.


R.C.C/O.C.C Bonuses:


Add +2 to IQ, 1D6 to ME, MA, PS, PP, PE, 1D4 to PB, 3D6 to Spd, and at 7th level add +2 to MA and PB and add +1 to MA and PB attributes at every subsequent level,


Add +1 to all Combat rolls, and add +1 to all combat rolls at levels 3,5,7.11 and 15.

Add +3 to all saving throws, and +1 to all saving throws at levels 3, 5, 7, 11 and 15.

Add +1 to spell/psionic strength at levels 3, 5, 7,11 and 15.

Add +1 attack at level 1 and at levels 3, 5, 11.

+20% to coma save, +5% at levels 3,5,7,9,13,15.






double normal first level sdc/hit points or mdc of species after adding in all bonuses from skills. Then add 1D4 X10 SDC at level 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12. Also add 2D6 X 2 Hit points per level. MDC Indignant get  1D6X10 MDC at level 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12.





Standard species PPE




Standard Species ISP


R.C.C/O.C.C Skills:


Gets 25 (TWENTYFIVE) skills from any category skills, including skills unique to certain occ's/rcc's. these start at +20%. This means character can pick sharpshooting, paired guns, Monster Trapping, E.O.D specialist and so on.


Gets to add +3 skills at +20% at lvl 3, 5, 7, 11, 15.


Hand to Hand: They can start off with any HTH available in any of the books.


Will not use any evil martial arts, even though he may know the Martial art.


R.C.C/O.C.C Related Skills:


Just the 25 skills above











Pilot Related:




W.P Any


Secondary Skills:


Just the 25 skills above




Normal as his/her species




Can start of with any equipment, though this is minimal, this can be enchanted weapons to customised armour and weapons. Will generally have couple of guns/pistols, large firearm, couple of melee weapons and couple of daggers, enchanted armour or tech armour. This can include P.A, robots, Vehicles. NB: these must reflect character's past before he became an Indignant. Survival Pack, 4/5 clips for guns




Minimal money




Other than what reflects characters past.


NB: an Indignant has no use for material wealth, they do not hoard treasure and money, though in their line of work, they get it thrown at them in bucket loads or they retrieve it from enemies they defeat. These are given to worthy champions or to the needy. An Indignant uses whatever they can to do a job, a tool is a tool, so an Indignant with a normal dagger is just as happy if he had the most powerful enchanted item ever.


So for starting equipment, money, enhancements, vehicles, it should be what goes well with the

backstory of your character. An Indignant will carry stuff that is simple, as well as allows them to do their job, they help innocents and the weak, they usually travel alone, so they must be able to take care of their stuff or get hold of new ones.


An Indignant uses what is at hand and what needs to be used, an Indignant plans well, and has back ups. Indignant help those those in need. They live of the land or the kindness of strangers, they do not expect this for their assistance, though will honour those that offer it by accepting ONLY what they can afford to give to the Indignant, an Indignant will never accept more than what someone can afford to give. An Indignant will do simple chores for people. Such as fixing a house, ploughing the field for wilderness folk who live from day to day in the middle of nowhere. An Indignant helps others and expects nothing in return not even gratitude.


An Indignant is meticulous in their training and practice. At dawn or dusk, an Indignant can be seen doing their martial training, practices moves repeatedly or meditating. Circuit training or keeping weapons clean and polished is also done. An Indignant uses what is at hand and turns day to day chores into training. Chopping wood or chopping trees is a good example of this Physical Training.


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