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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Kresnik Special Abilities


The Kresnik is a shapeshifting cyborg that uses modular and multi-system cyborg technologies. These can be easily interchangeable, with the cyborg using the required attachment as and when required.


Onlookers to a Kresnik cyborg in full flow will witness a warrior deploying unbelievable sized weapons that can’t possibly be secreted within its relatively tiny frame.


The problem for Kittani designers was that the Kresnik cyborg would operate deep within hostile enemy territory, with little to no back up infrastructure.


It was out of the question for the Kresnik to carry all the additional cyborg systems and hardware, even if that were feasible it couldn't do so without attracting the unwelcome attention of its foe.


This was a problem that the Kittani designers had difficulties in overcoming but it was easily solved by the Bio-wizards. The Bio-wizards envisioned the Kresnik cyborg carrying with it all that it needed and more, and still remain anonymous. They resolved that the many cyborg and hardware systems would be attached to the subject but stored within multiple dimensional pockets within the numerous hidden compartments scattered throughout the body of the subject.


The Kresnik cyborg can simply cycle through to the required system and select the one it would like to deploy. This would be an almost instantaneous (1{ONE} attack/action) feat, far quicker than manually interchanging modular bionic and cybernetic systems.




Interchangeable & Multi-functional Cyborg Systems:


The Kresnik Cyborg has all the Cyborg Hardware systems available to it all at once.


Optionally for Game Purposes: The player where appropriate could start with 4 (FOUR) Bionic and Cybernetic systems options for all major interchangeable body areas (Eyes, Ears, Mouth/Throat/Jaw, Neck/Throat, Chest, Cosmetic (all body), Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet, Chest. The Player may choose to add 1 (ONE) new Bionic and Cybernetic option to each cyborg system at Lvls 3,5,7,10,12,15.


Cosmetic Systems: Assume the Kresnik Cyborg starts out with all the most advanced cosmetic bionic and cybernetics available on Rifts earth. In harmless humanoid and giant animal form their bodies not only look but sound like what they are mimicking, but they feel unerringly natural to touch, smell and taste like normal members of the species and animal they are trying to emulate.


Their Cosmetic Design has proven good enough to fool the most advanced technological and psionic scrutiny under the most testing of conditions (Kittani have used earlier versions of this technology to hide from the Mechanoids)


As long as the Kresnik doesn't deploy any obvious cyborg systems when in their normal harmless humanoid/giant animal shapeshift form, they should be able to convince observers that they are nothing more than what they appear as.


Fake Death: The Kresnik’s Cosmetic and Battle Computer Systems are designed to make it seem as if the Kresnik has been killed in normal humanoid form, if it sustains more than 200 S.D.C of damage (For Game Purposes roll 1D4 X 100 SDC) in human guise, just as if a normal humanoid would be if it suffered such a devastating attack. Fake sensor readings and holographic fields are projected to try and fool onlookers.


Fake Vampire Enslavement: The Kresnik’s Cosmetic and Battle Computer Systems are designed to make it seem as if the Kresnik has been put under a vampire's hypnotic spell and slow kill bite. The Battle computer puts the Kresnik into a semi-sleep like state (Kresnik will be sleep walking and sleep talking) but to onlookers he will move and act like an enslaved puppet.


In both of these “fake” states the Kresnik can be battle ready in 1 (ONE) attack/action if that is what he wishes to do.


Sensory Systems: The Kresnik has the most advanced sensor systems installed on Rifts Earth. It records everything that the Kresnik experiences, profiling all their experiences into an information database that the Kresnik can access. The Kresnik can't be surprised attacked or approached without them knowing about it. For Game Purposes use the Wolfen Quatoria sensory suite as a guideline (see Rifts Phaseworld Book). The Kresnik systems are modular so they can cycle through their inventory and obtain additional sensory systems as and when needed.


Psychic and Magical Electromagnetic Barrier: +4 to save versus magic, psionics, illusions, mind control and possession.


Battle Computer: All the information constantly gathered by the sensory suite is sorted by the battle computer, all encounters are identified and risked assessed, and matched with any existing knowledge that is already stored in the Kresnik systems. Complete profiles are made available to the Kresnik, with noteworthy information highlighted for detailed study, such as known powers and abilities, weapon and armament capabilities, counter measures to counter threat are also suggested.


Apart from the Kresnik's own experiences being recorded, the Battle Computer has libraries of stored data in it, as well as the knowledge made available to the Kresnik by the Vila Fairy.


All encounters are automatically displayed in relation to the Kresnik as a battle map on the HUD of the optic-nerve implant. The Kresnik is informed of their range from his location, and which identified weapons and powers of the opponent he is in range of, as well as which of the Kresnik’s weapons and powers are able to strike the enemy. These are listed in order of most efficient to utilize by the Kresnik, and the opponents are given in the order that are most harmful to the Kresnik.


Lore Skill: 40% + 5% per level. In addition to any learned lore skills.


The Battle Computer also has detailed instructions showing how the Kresnik is able to improvise and craft weapons from his environment. Most of the Kresnik’s anti-vampire weapons use ammunition (his own Bio-Wizard Blood, wooden shrapnel, stakes, fire and water) that can be obtained from his surroundings.


The Battle computer is able to guide the Kresnik through the processes of crafting somewhat crude but effective ammunition from these raw materials as replacement for spent ammunition for his weapon systems.


Improvise and Craft Homemade Weapons: 40% + 5% per level.


Battle Computer bonuses: +3 to initiative, strike, parry, dodge, pull punch and roll with punch, impact and fall, +1 attack in Partial Shapeshift Mode, and +2 attacks in Combat Animal Shapeshift.


Nano Healing: Nano-robots are able to repair 30 MDC per Hour.


This nano-repair kit is a cyborg system that doesn't need replacing, as the Kresnik has several complete kits of these stored in dimensional pockets attached to him. The nano-repair bots are on constant duty, they work in constantly rotating shifts.


When 1 (ONE) nano-repair set needs recharging there are several nano-repair kits waiting to take over. The nano-repair kits are programmed to self replicate before their expiration (can’t recharge anymore and are unable to repair the Kresnik), as such the Kresnik constantly repairs itself, unless the Kresnik wishes to do so otherwise.


After serious repairs the Kresnik may need to add more raw materials such as MDC plating or spare parts, but the actual Nano-Repair cyborg system doesn't need to be replaced.


Kresnik Psuedo Resurrection: Short of having his brain or a large chunk of his main body totally obliterated (atomized) the Kresnik cyborg can completely regenerate even after suffering death/destruction of the main body. To onlookers the Kresnik will appear to have been killed yet has been resurrected.


In fact it just appears as if the Kresnik has been killed or destroyed, because due to the Bio-Wizard enhancements the Kresnik received, his spirit/essence simultaneously exists in several pocket dimensions as well as in his primary main body.


Therefore when the body of the Kresnik is destroyed/killed there is always a little bit of his spirit/essence very much alive in these pocket dimensions.


The shock of having his body destroyed sends his consciousness from his body to the little bits of his body existing in these pocket dimensions.


The Nano-Repair kits simply accelerate their repair once the Kresnik appears to have been killed (Main Body destroyed or reduced to below zero, and if they are quick enough the Kresnik's spirit/essence is able to return to a fully repaired/functioning body.


This semi-resurrection can be done 1D4 times (GM roll in secret). The limiting factor is that during such rapid regeneration the Nano-Repair Kits of the Kresnik, pull entire body parts from the pocket dimensions so that they are quickly able to repair the destroyed body.


Of course each time this is done there are less places for the Kresnik consciousness to reside in. Eventually there will only be the Kresnik's main body left for his spirit to be in and when he is killed in that state, the Kresnik will be truly deceased.


However if the Kresnik is able to get treated by Kittani Operators working alongside Splugortian Bio-Wizards he can be fitted with new cyborg systems housed in pocket dimensions attached to his body. (Semi-resurrection increased by 1D4 times each time such a major overhaul is done, but having the cash and status to get this overhaul regularly is one thing, the Splugortian Minions actually carrying out the procedure is a totally different issue).


After such a resurrection, the Kresnik may lose 1D4 Skills, (missing segments of memory, brain segments damaged beyond repair) and several cyborg systems are used up.


The Kresnik may have lost up to 1D6 cyborg systems after such a resurrection, dependent on what state the Kresnik's body was in at the moment of his death.



Roll for possible insanities after such a resurrection.


Bio-Wizard Blood: The Kresnik's blood system has been enhanced by the Splugortian Bio-Wizards, it contains many microbes and the “Four-Thieves Elixir” and surprisingly vampires enjoy drinking this blood.


The forces of Atlantis have ensured that the Kresnik is able to simulate being under a vampire's spell, or even that the slow death bite effects it. One of the key reasons why Lord Splynncryth went to such lengths to ensure the Kresnik cyborg appeared as a normal harmless humanoid is to lure vampires to drink the Kresnik's blood.


When in reality the Kresnik is immune to being transformed into a vampire. This is in the hope that the Kresnik is led as a slave back to a vampire nest or holding. Where many more vampires may drink its blood.


The Kresnik's blood is a poison to vampire's, even worse this infection passes between vampires like the common cold jumps between mortals.


In simple terms the Kresnik blood concoction breaks the link between the Vampire Intelligence and it's vampire creation thereby instantly killing the vampire.


It's quite conceivable that if enough vampires are affected by the Kresnik blood that the Vampire Intelligence may be destroyed from the backlash. Certainly the Master vampire is vulnerable to such a state of affairs, and this in turn could jeopardize all the vampires created by that master vampire.


This could explain why the forces of Atlantis have gone to such lengths to ensure that the Kresnik appears as a tasty morsel to the vampires.


Two of the key ingredients in the Four Thieves Elixir are the essences of garlic and wolfsbane. The Four Thieves Elixir causes the vampires to fall victim to mortal disease and weaknesses, as well as breaking the connection between Vampire Intelligence and the vampire it has created.


Folklore of Earth speaks of the vampire known as the Dragon having his alchemists invent such a potion and that he used the Four Thieves Elixir to free himself from the grip of his master who had created him. These tales go onto say that the Dragon had the alchemists who created the Four Thieves Elixir killed, but that four heroes managed to break into the Dragon's impenetrable citadel and steal away the last of these alchemists from the dungeons of the Dragon's keep, where he was slowly being tortured to death.


Thus the secret of the Four Thieves Elixir was preserved, and secretly passed down the ages from one generation of vampire hunters to another.


If a vampire drinks the Kresnik's blood then it affects him slowly, with the severity of the effects increasing drastically the more blood he drinks. The delayed start of the effect is built into the Kresnik blood by the Bio-Wizards to ensure that nothing amiss appears to the attacking vampire, and hopefully he interacts with other vampires and passes the infection on.


Damage: Destruction of vampire and contagion is passed onto other vampires that come close to an ill/affected vampire. Affected vampires are unable to use their Metamorphosis ability while infected.


Duration: 1D4 days Kresnik Bio-wizard Blood will remain in the affected vampire's system, Add 1D4 days to this each time the vampire drinks more Kresnik blood


Saving Throw: Vampire needs to save versus magic every 6 (SIX) hours. Reduce the saving throw by -3 each time an affected vampire drinks more Kresnik blood.


If the vampire passes 3 (THREE) saving throws in a row, the Kresnik blood has been cleansed from his systems.


If the vampire fails just one of the saving throws, then he has become affected, and will experience violent illness (see effects of Garlic and Wolfsbane on vampires in Vampire Kingdom Book as a guideline). The infection will then start to be passed around to other vampires who are close to the affected vampire. As such they will have to make saving throws like an infected vampire.


Once an affected vampire has failed 3 (THREE) saving throws in a row he is completely destroyed.


NOTE: the Kresnik also uses a far more concentrated form of their blood in bullets that they shoot at Vampires. The microbes and Four Thieves Elixir in that blood work much faster, as they are directed to shutdown the Vampire Intelligences' link to the vampire as quickly as possible.


The many microbes in the Kresnik's blood are there to jump between one vampire and another, and thereby infect as many vampires as possible with the Four-Thieves Elixir.


The Kresnik's Bio-Wizard Blood also functions as a PPE reservoir


PPE Reserve: 60 P.P.E. This figure doesn't increase with the Kresnik's level.


The Kresnik's Bio-Wizard blood generates P.P.E, mainly due the millions of bio-wizard microbes it contains. The Kresnik cyborg has little of his own P.P.E reserve left after going through the Kresnik cyborg conversion process, but does have this meager P.P.E made available to it, that adds to enhance “normal” humanoid image.


P.P.E Storage: This is a cyborg system that allows the Kresnik to have additional P.P.E. It functions like an amulet, and stores the excess P.P.E generated by the Kresnik's Bio-Wizard Blood.


P.P.E. Storage: 50 P.P.E + 10 P.P.E per level.


Note: The Kresnik is able to have a maximum of 3 (THREE) of these P.P.E. storage cyborg devices fitted, but each one of these replaces one of the other major cyborg systems, such as Weapons, Flight, etc.



EMP Shielding: The Kresnik have hardened circuits, and additional system shielding to protect them from EMP Scramblers and EMPs.



Other Cyborg Systems: The Kresnik also has standard cyborg systems listed for cyborgs in the Rifts books)



Enhanced Digestive System: Is able to eat and drink almost anything to some degree (poisons, corrosives, grass, trees, metals, pebbles etc). The Kresnik isn't eating them per say but the Kresnik's Nano-Robots are able to utilize these to repair the Kresnik's systems. Of course metal is the easiest for them to make use of, but that is a rare commodity in the wilds of the Vampire Kingdoms.


All Terrain: The Kresnik is able to operate in all terrains and has the necessary systems available to it (Environmentally sealed, recyclers, gills, etc). In animal shape-shift combat mode the Kresnik is able to survive and operate at depths of 4 Miles and in the vacuum of space.


Kresnik's may start out with a Flight cyborg system (Maximum Top Speed of Mach 1). Most Kresnik's don't have flight capabilities, preferring to use their enhanced leap abilities to pluck vampires out of the air, just like the predatory animal they have shape-shifted into would pounce on its prey.


However winged flight is a slightly more popular choice, as some Kresnik's like to shapeshift into dragons, gargoyles, griffins and so forth.


Likewise bionic climbing systems could be popular with those wanting to shape-shift into scorpions, spiders, lizards and so forth.


Optional for Game Purposes: These types of additional systems could cost the Kresnik 1(ONE) weapon cyborg system slot. That is unless he is shape-shifting to an animal who would naturally have wings or climbing abilities, in which case it shouldn't cost him any weapon system slots as these systems will be part of the cosmetic cyborg systems.



Stealth System: From Radar Reflective Armor, camouflage technology, sound and smell dampening and alteration systems, Temperature variation systems etc, Holographic camouflages, etc may also be built into the Kresnik. However such a system should cost the Kresnik 1 (ONE) weapon cyborg system.


Forcefields: Forcefields can be also fitted. Light forcefield in partial shape-shift mode, and heavy in combat shape-shift mode. Light forcefield: 120 MDC and recharges after 6 (SIX) hours. Heavy Forcefield: 400 MDC and recharges after 4 (FOUR) hours. However such a system should cost the Kresnik 1 (ONE) weapon cyborg system.


Power Core: Estimated by Kittani scientists to last at least 50 Years, but it could last for centuries. They just don’t have enough data to make a more accurate calculation.




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