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In a long lost age of glory, the alchemists of the Middle East were the greatest of their art, surpassing even those of Atlantis. Their glories and achievements were even said to match those of the Technogods, a race of being who were long forgotten when the first age of magic dawned on Earth. One of the few footprints left behind on Earth by the Technogods was the metal Damask.

 The Middle Eastern alchemists were said to have created the Philosopher's Stone by the dozen and to have distilled Cinnabar (dragon's blood) as a past time. When the rifts came, some of these alchemists' pupils returned to Earth via the Silk Road, and brought with them a means of fighting the hordes of Magog and Amagog.

 In the early days of the rifts, the people readily agreed to their help and provided them with the raw material they needed. It must be remembered that the dawning of the rifts were desperate times and that it seemed that humankind was on the brink of annihilation. What was left of humanity and even those that spoke for it, such as the collapsing world governments readily made pacts, which in normal circumstances may not have even been considered. Many leaders and governments did so as a last desperate attempt to cling to power but many genuinely saw it as a salvation for humanity. The Dragonborn was one such deal that was agreed by what was left of the world's governments, and it was truly seen as man's best hope for his continuing existence on Rifts Earth. It may well be said that the Dragonborn at least ensured that humanity lived onto fight another day, but the price they paid may not be acceptable to everyone.

 The Dragonborn were created by the vilest of processes. It involved injecting nano schematics of war machines, from the remaining vestiges of the golden age of man, into newly formed human embryos. The embryo was then injected into a recently laid dragon's egg, and then the alchemist performed the demanding sorcery on the dragon’s egg. The world governments donated the embryos, allowing the artificial fertilisation of their national stocks of preserved egg and sperm. These had been preserved at a different time for a different purpose donated by people who could not have foreseen the times that were about to dawn.  This was not the half of it, for in those dark times, embryos were even removed from their D-bee mothers, when the human stocks ran out due to an extremely high casualty rate amongst young Dragonborn.  Other such horrendous acts of atrocity were committed for the initial creation of the Dragonborn and the other methods used by humanity to cling onto life after the cataclysm.  Of course, the acquisition of a recently laid dragon's egg is easier said than done, but the alchemists appeared to have a horde of pre-prepared dragons' eggs.  These alchemists had a means of putting dragon eggs into a state of dormancy, and thereby not only preventing their hatching but controlling when and where a particular dragon egg hatched.  

 From the enchanted dragon's egg emerges an adolescent human, much like a butterfly from its cocoon, neither born nor hatched.  Within a few weeks, the human matures into an adult and becomes an engine of war ready for the challenges of Rifts earth.

 Today the Dragonborn are rarely created, almost exclusively by alchemists without the benefit of the golden age technologies and they have to grow into their power.  Yet they are still loathed by the people of their world, not because of their power and appearance that is disconcerting but because of their origin.  It is an origin that most of the world would like to forget because the existence of the Dragonborn reminds humanity of the depths it sank into in order to survive.

 In normal form the Dragonborn doesn’t stand out of the ordinary, it looks like the embryo species used to create them, usually human though some are d-bees like elves and wolfen. They will develop so called draconid features as they age, some will have an odd scale or two in place of normal skin. Others will have mottled skin with what appear to be feint tattoos. Which may be read as “triax” “cyberworks”  “armatech”, others will have bits of a serial number appear on them, all these could arise from the schematics of the war machine that was put into the embryo.

Able to learn spells as a hatchling

select D4 minor psionics from any category

Vulnerabilities as dragon hatchling

Skills as per hatching but with the addition of 3 skills from any category at 80%+3% per level

First form: Normal human/sdc d-bee. Depends on the d-bee embryo used to create them. roll attributes according to the species of the embryo used.

 Second form:  able to morph into the War engine form once every 12hrs, twice at lvl 3, thrice at lvl 6 and 4 times at lvl 12 lasting for 5 minutes per level.  MDC: 115MDC + 15MDC per level. Second form attribute bonuses (roll once at creation) + 3 attacks, 1d6 on all attributes, except speed which gets 1d6 x10, and 1Q which gets 1d4.  Second form also has a Dragonbone weapon which can be used for both ranged and close combat – a part of the character it tends to be a horned/bladed extension of the body: 3D6 MDC dam, +D6 at level 3,5,7 and 10

War engine form:  Is able to morph into the War engine form once every 48hrs, twice at lvl 4, thrice at lvl 7 and 4 times at lvl 12 lasting for 2 melee rounds plus one melee per level.

War Engine form: morphs into a huge robot form that grows per level 20ft initially +10ft per lvl,  weighing 10 tonnes +6 tonnes per level– this tends to be a humanoid robot form but is based on the schematic nanotech ‘DNA’ used in creation – the form is broadly consistent and differs only due to materials used in construction.  The character requires raw material to generate the additional mass in the form of any metallic material of sufficient quantity to generate 50% of the final weight – note that many an giant robot pilot has had a nasty surprise as his vehicle is sucked into he body of Dragonborn opponent!.

 Has one mega strike weapon like fires annihilate spell once every other melee round 3d6 x 100 MDC to 30ft + 10ft per level radius.

Have various other powerful weapons based on the usual armoury for the vehicle form (i.e an ‘Enforcer from’ Dragonborn would have a shoulder based cannon, shoulder missiles and a rifle weapon, some may imitate lost golden age Triax technology).  The weapons will do equivalent damage but this will increase +D6MDC every level (i.e an ‘Enforcer from’ Dragonborn would have a shoulder based cannon that does D6x10 at level 1, 11D6 at level 2, 12D6 at level 3 etc.)!  These weapons have an infinite payload but missiles take one minute to regenerate.

 Supernatural P.S. + 2D6 to PS in war Engine. every other level  +2PS

 800MDC +400MDC at level 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15.


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