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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Triax supersoldiers – the modified men

Triax has been working with pre rifts technology unearthed in Germany which was developed by a genetic weapons research facility – a competitor of the juicer and Mindwerks organisations racing for the ultimate human soldier.  Triax are searching for further facilities of the BTD (Bio Technology Deutshland) Corporation where they suspect further advanced may be uncovered.

The genetic research developed processes to unleash the untapped human potential resulting in the following bonuses after a 18 month cycle of treatment.  The treatment involves the implanting of a robotic endoskeleton using advanced nanotech that weaves mechanical components into the body and incorporates MDC plating internally (can parry MDC attacks with bare hands!).  Only children born of genetically modified stock (with increased endurance and healing abilities) can survive the process.  These children are grown in an accelerated vat growth process that allows them to reach puberty in D6 years – they are then ‘born’ with rudimentary skills through a brain programming process.  After 18 months training they receive the endoskeleton.

Treatment must must be maintained with a 4 week course (including Nanite top up) every six months –

Triax has found that the giant robots used by the NGR military has given their soldiers a psychological boost, allowing them to face their monstrous enemies on an equal footing. Field monitoring of foot soldiers, and even human sized cyborgs has shown when compared to soldiers in giant robots the foot soldiers were more likely to be intimidated when they were up against their enemies. Thereby under performing, as well as panicking, and running away. For this reason they have come up with a process which makes these soldiers giant sized, giving them that psychological boost to go toe-to-toe with their enemies.

Triax knows that Genetically engineering was common in Prerifts North America and China. It suspects that the CS has more knowledge in this regard than they are letting on. Dog boys aren't they only think that CS maybe able to do. They want CS to share this knowledge with them. So far CS has not even mentioned anything along these lines. Triax has started pushing NGR government to officially push for this. Of course Triax may use other means to confirm these suspicions and to get ther hands on this knowledge. Triax has also found that Prerifts genetic corporations had set up shop in the Middle East, when human genetic engineering was band in most counties. Triax is likely to send expeditions to this area to see what can be uncovered. Triax has also uncovered information which suggested a major Triax facility was in the Prerifts city of Bangalore.

Triax Supersoldiers

+2D4 to PS (min 20) does damage as per robot PS robotic

+D6 PP (min 19) +1 attk per melee

+2D4 PE (min 20)

+3D6 to speed

+3D6x100 SDC!

+D6x100 Hit points!

Cyber Armour: 90 MDC with A.R 17

Heal D6 SDC/HP per hour


Some modified men have an increased physical stature – an enlarged exo-skeleton which can create a 10-16ft warrior capable of going toe–to–toe with gargoyles; a surprising advantage which also bestows the following further bonuses –


Double bonus to PS, PE, speed, SDC & HP.  However – they are unable to utilise all but specially modified giant robot vehicles. NB: Triax is not to keen to make giant robots that can accommodate their larger stature, becuse it also means these large robots are ready to use by their monstrous enemies.

 Cyber Amour: 220MDC with A.R 17

In addition Triax have experimented with a combination of psynetic and bionic implants for these modified men.!  They make phenomenal pilots for Triax robot vehicles!

Triax is also able to genwire skills into the supersoldiers. These skills manifest themselves as instinctive knowledge. When the soldiers are grown in vats, their minds are extremely receptive to input. Triax technicians inject nanite libraries into supersoldier and then bombard them with information and knowledge that is absorbed into the mind of the supersoldier and the nanites. This is combined with genetically engineering which makes it easier for this process to occur.

It means the Supersoldier is able to have an additional 6+1D6 skills at lvl one at +20%. which goes up in level as per normal.

Another bonus of this genwiring process, Triax is able to give any Martial art skill to their supersoldiers. By the Early 21C, many martial arts were being developed as practitioners looked to come up with the ultimate martial art. During the Golden Age of man many such styles were in existence. It is these styles that Triax gives to these supersoliders. 

In game terms what this means is, the supersoldier is able to have the best of any 2 (TWO) martial arts from any of the Palladiumbooks. Use the rules suggested in Palladium's Ninjas & Superspies book for combining Hwarang-Do and Moo Gi Gong Martial arts. This process also allows the supersoldier to select double the amount of Martial Art powers at the start from his preferred martial art, and then he can take Martial arts when either of the martial arts allows him to pick a martial art power as he progresses in levels.

Once the process has been completed the soldier will be trained in any Triax military OCC! Usually the NGR equivalent to CS Ranger, Commando, Special Forces


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