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Commander Nydalus Bayne , XALT TIGER , FIERCE OATH , PENANCE , TRUCE

The Enforcers are recent arrivals on Rifts Earth. They do not acknowledge their past, nor do many of them know their past. They appear to be searching for something. What this is remains an enigma, they do not say one way or another what it is. They may well not have a clue to what this is or why they came to Rifts Earth, other than to recruit new members and the potential for work available here.

Enforcers are free spirits from across the Megaverse, who are survivors of many conflicts. They just refuse to be defeated and continue to fight, whatever the cost. They have banded together, seeing that as a unit they stand a better chance to live than if they stood and fought on their own.

They do not carry their family with them like many other mercenary companies, they are few in number, but there are very few armies on Rifts Earth who are a match for them.  Very few armies have as many veterans and such experienced fighters. Who have known war all their lives, as the people who make up the Enforcers mercenary group. The Lazlo militia is one group on Rifts Earth who come within touching distance of them in experience and power of individual members.

The Enforcers tend to use stealth and subterfuge to achieve their missions. In skill and power terms they are unmatched, they however lack numbers of most conventional armies, the perennial problem of special forces.

It seems convenient that they have appeared on Rifts Earth, just as the recent spate of major conflicts on Rifts Earth have been winding down, and there are alot of veteran soldiers looking for something to do. Veterans from the CS, Tolkeen, FQ, Lazlo, Juicer Uprising, NGR, Gargoyles, Brodkills, Pecos, Simvan, Psistalkers, wars of the Cities Of Gold, Silver River Republics disputes and many others from other smaller conflicts have joined up with the Enforcers Mercenary group. They all have a new outlook on life due to their experiences during war.

War and combat is the one thing their very good at doing and as the current round of conflicts wind down, joining mercenary groups seems the thing to do. The members of the Enforcers have that little edge, that sets them apart from other warriors, and these are the people that the enforcers recruit, Without war most enforcers will be lost and the other thing they all have in common is their love for their leader Nydalus Bayne.  

The Enforcers have so far recruited nearly 700 veterans from the wars that have raged around Rifts Earth in the last few years. They also brought 300 Enforcers with them. Most of these are Special Forces, as such they are trained to fight in any environment and terrain. They have all sorts of armour and equipment for all types of missions and environments, and each of their commanders has a powerful all environment/ all terrain mobile base. These have at minimum 

3500 MDC, 4 forcefields with 1200mdc. The Base regenerates 50MDC per hour, and Forcefields regenerate 20 MDC per 10 minutes. These Mobile Bases hold weapons, armaments, equipment, vehicles, and provides accommodation for the enforcers in their units. Within these bases there is state of the art medical and engineering facilities. With veteran military medics and engineers working here. There are also veteran Military police providing security for each of these bases. These security forces, medics and engineers are the closest to a civilians that the Enforcers have. Yet even all of these are some of the finest soldiers in the Megaverse. These soldiers are also sent on missions. 

All these mobile bases are able to link together to create a superpowerful Base of Operations. Among their ranks include Warlock Marines, in fact the rest of the Enforcers are currently on a coven world in the United Worlds of Warlock doing a mission there. These are led by Staves Erran a Silhouette Warlock Marine, who is a natural leader, second only to Xalt Tiger in military leadership. He is accompanied there by Ordi Grasp, she was a coalition security specialist born in the Lonestar complex. Any Enforcers from Rifts Earth may well be sent to this mission, or any other missions around the Megaverse.

Many Enforcers appear to be aloof and distant, this is because they appear not to have any memory of their past. Most of the Enforcers that found Bayne, are without doubt immortal, and many of the others that have joined them since, may well become immortal. They appear to be searching for something, but don't quite know what this is.

The Enforcers due to their Special Forces nature, are very expensive, and will probably get hired in small numbers to train troops, lead operations. Many will get hired for Specialist, highly dangerous covert missions, or as bodyguards. Generally most people will hire them as Military advisors, It will be too expensive to hire all of them. They can be contacted by leaving messages in Lazlo and Merctown, or just spreading word on the street through the Black Markets and they will contact you. 

Symbol: Their standard is a picture of the cosmos, with 4 burning claw marks clawed through, the claws appear to be attached to the ends of the standard by constantly changing skulls of known and some unknown denizens/species of the Megaverse. Unbeknownst even to the Enforcers this is one of the most powerful artifacts in the Megaverse. The standard has its own standard bearer, currently this honour belongs to the Enforcer known as Dais Lattice. There is also a unit whose only job is to protect the Standard, and don't let it fall in battle. If the standard bearer falls, and another must raise it straight it away. The fall of the standard is the only thing that gets Bayne angry with his Enforcers. However in the Enforcers history, the standard has not even come close to falling in battle, and Dais Lattice has been the only Standard Bearer in the short history of the Enforcers.


Commander Nydalus Bayne

Nydalus Bane is the commander of the Enforcers Mercenary group, and probably the most unlikely commander and founder of a mercenary group as well. He seems to inspire breathtaking loyalty and sense of purpose in the people around him, especially those who become part of the enforcers. He is in his late teens and in the last few years has seen the formation of the Enforcers interdimensional mercenary group

Not only is he young and inexperienced, he is also extremely frail. Some of this is to do with his past. One of his most vivid memories is falling through a large mine shaft as a young boy and seemingly paralysed from the waist down, and finding himself face to face with metal demons (as he refers to them). He remembers them coming out of graves/crypts in the chamber he fell into and these metal demons making their way out of a hole they blasted. After that he must have fallen asleep, as he was woken up by what he describes as the very gates of hell screaming down on top of him. He states that when he looked upwards at the sky through the mineshaft, he saw the large hills in the distance collapsing around, and the hills set ablaze, as unbelievably large metal structures that were revealed rose to the heavens.

Nydalus Bayne leads the tactical reserve regiment. The Ancient Pume Mystic known as Cause Gul is his Chief Bodyguard, Five Dwarven Death Seekers who see him as their Guardian, Truce and what appear to be twenty Mystic robots are his personal bodyguards. He appears to get an additional four of these Mystic guardians every time he rises a level in experience and power. Xalt Tiger has assigned this task to these people.

However when his mercenaries are in danger, he often jumps in front of them and takes their place. He will give his life for his mercenaries and to fulfil the task at hand, for he sees it as a solemn duty to do so. He will not harm innocents unless it is absolutely necessary. The enforcers go to extreme lengths to keep collateral damage to a minimum. This is made easier by the fact they operate like special forces units.  



Xalt Tiger

His way of fighting and life, is the ethos and philosophy of the Enforcers. Xalt Tiger is this mercenary companies’ teacher and Mentor. He understands the intricacies of Conflict Zones across the Megaverse, having lived in many of the greatest wars that have raged across the Megaverse for thousands of years. He Understands that Mortals are as much a danger to themselves as from the forces of evil and chaos. Over many years he has realized that evil is just as likely to bare the face of mortals or be brewed by their hands as it is likely to be stirred up by the tentacles of Supernatural Intelligences.

Xalt Tiger understands the dangerous within and without the domain of mortals. There are forces and worlds at work within the Megaverse that mortals have no inkling exist. Many mortals spread their tyranny in their own selfish desires or values, without even knowing to whose tune they are dancing to.

Across the Megaverse, on thousands of worlds Xalt Tiger has done battle, and always been victorious. From one on one duels to leading billions of souls to do battle in space or terra firma. If there is something about combat and warfare that he does not know, then it is not worth knowing. He has been there and done it all, and become the ultimate master at it. Combat and War is all he has known, in the thousands of years he has been alive. Cursed with immortality by a vengeful warrior god who he bested, he travels across the Megaverse seeking worthy challenges, forever restless, seeking a release from his endless cycle of violence, but always finding a new and exciting challenge to test his mettle against. The Rifts world is a challenge, like none other, a world where he can once again pits wits against the best from across the Megaverse. It reminds him of his homeworld (a world where mortals were trapped in a never ending battle in the playground of the Unnameable Beings).

Many make the mistake that he is the leader of the Mercenary group, he is the tactical genius behind them, but even he defers to the authority of Bayne. Bayne leaves him alone to get on with it, learning at his feet. Even he feels a compulsion to protect and love Bayne, like the others he is totally loyal to the young and totally inexperienced leader. He maybe the only other member of the Enforcers who knows anything about  them, who their sponsor is if there is one, what are they searching for, what does their holy standard mean.

if you are taught by Xalt Tiger then for game purposes you get twice the normal experience. so if you spent a scenario in his company and are taught by him, and you received 200XP, you will get 400XP, because you learn far more from him in one session then you would on your own or other teachers.

The Enforcers taught by him get three times their normal experience. He has noticed that Bayne is a ferocious learner, learning what takes normally months in weeks. Bayne under his tutelage and guidance has become 5th level in Three occ's simultaneously, and for each he uses the Dragon Hatchling experience Table.

Treat Xalt Tiger as an Immortal Ancient Master level Chun Tzu from Mystic China Book.


Fierce Oath

Unlike others of the Enforcers, Fierce Oath grew up on a world that had known peace for at least millennia if not more. Her world had the misfortune of being coveted by evil. Demonic forces invaded and conquered with ease. Like many of her people, she was made a slave. However as fortune would have it, a mercenary group were on hand to free the prisoners taken her homeworld.

This mercenary group were known as the liberators, a group made up by people whose world had been conquered by the demonic forces. They had banded together and sworn to dedicated themselves to freeing all words taken by this relentless enemy of theirs. Being peaceful people most of the refugees from her world were either slaves or dead, and those rescued by the Liberators had a strange desire to lash out and take back their world. Fierce Oath was of these people, she joined the Liberators and took the fight to her enemies. years passed in this conflict, her mercenary group making small dents in their enemy and steadily growing. she was dissatisfied with this life and she longed for the peaceful life of her homeworld and a family. She struck out on her own and met the Enforcers, she had by this time made a vow, and taken an Oath to her peoples gods to serve them if they gave her hearts desire. It was not long after this oath she made that she found and retrieved the boy Bayne whom she sees as a gift from her gods and has adopted him as her son. She acts as the drill sergeant of the enforcers, and puts everyone through their paces.

Fierce Oath is a giant, a huge woman, this is strange that many others of her world are short and stock because they lived on a high gravity world. She leads from the front, and is literally a towering strength, she strides to the front and with a loud clear voice bellows out the orders, inspiring and rallying all.  

Due to this physical anomaly her attributes are supernatural, and she can wear giant armour at least three times heavier than normal without any minuses or prowl penalties. she carries immensely heavy weapons, that normally would be mounted on vehicles. She carries two immense multi barrelled centrifugal cannons. She wears a huge power armour exoskeletons.


Penance Geddon

Like the others Penance Geddon does not know much about her past. She believes she grew up on world which had one hive like endless city on it, stretching a couple of miles into the sky and nearly a mile underground all around the land mass and even oceans of the planet. She believes that she was one of the younger children of the royal family. She learnt that she was from an ancient royal family. That her family were just the puppet rulers of this world for the splugorths. They had everything at her beck and call and now in here time she had nothing. Her family had been defeated in a civil war and ousted from power, but they resisted the new puppet rulers of their world and tried to overthrow their splugorth lords. How long the war went on for is unknown, but the conflict was still going on when Penance was a child, and she was lost in the labyrinths of the hive world, here she tried to make a life for herself, fighting for mere survival against the minions and her families enemies in a never ending war of resistance against their new inhuman masters.

Over the years Penance gathered around her an army of her gangers and juves. Desperate people who lived by the rules that the strongest survive. Most joined her as a way to free themselves from the never-ending poverty around them. Penance Geddon led a guerrilla war with her band. Her band became known as the Lightening Vipers, and the Under Hive they controlled, became known as the Viper's pit. However the violence soon attracted the attention of the current Splugorth Lord who had taken lordship, when the last Splugorth resigned his commission as the new minions stated with a laugh. he saw a drop in his taxes due to the centuries long civil war. Not taking any nonsense he sent in his conservators, who within a year had crushed any resistance. The Lightening Vipers were being eradicated piecemeal, one by one, tunnel by tunnel, but salvation came as she was rescued by the embryonic enforcers. She and the remaining Vipers joined them. They said they were searching for something not knowing what, and each of them had found each other and their search continued, until they found what they were looking for. Penance used her skills to locate Bayne, and the enforcers were born. They had been looking for each other all along and finding Bayne made them whole, but they continue to look for others like them and looking for whatever keeps on calling to them.

Penance and most of the Megaverse is unaware of this but as punishment for their resistance to his rule, the first Splugorth Lord had wiped the entire male linage of her world, and kept the females alive to be slaves and playthings of his minions and friends. To teach them a lesson he wanted this species to survive and know eternal servitude to the Splugorths and thus this Splugorth Lord conducted biowizardry experiments on them, and eventually through biowizardry experiments and many failed attempts he managed to allow the females to breed females only. Thereby allowing the survival of this species. That is how Lord Krygorth created the Altara. This is one of the gifts/legacy that Lord Krygorth has left for the Splugorth Lords. The altara's natural cloning ability is the result of just one of the many successful biowizardry work that Lord Krygorth did.



You have been marked, we have summoned him, there is no going back.He is looking for you, he is coming for you, Run, hide, do whatever you can to avoid him, the faster you run, the closer he gets, the more you hide, the more he sees you. Your evil, your hate stains this land, The greater your tyranny the greater his wrath. You know him not, but he knows every fibre of your decaying being. You think you own so much, but you are his mind, body and soul. He is Truce, and know this that he awaits you at the end of the road.

Those who encounter Truce’s wrath, sometimes speak of hearing thousands of tormented voices in their heads over and over again repeating the above in all the languages they know, weeks, months before they encounter him.

Truce uses what looks like a sword broken in half, it appears to be a weapon made out of the enchanted metal known as Damask. He also uses what can be best described as a rotating mini-crossbow mounted on the gauntlet of his left forearm. This fires powerful bolts, as well as firing bursts of them, appears to take only one attack to reload. Truce is a 10th level Indignant




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