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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Dhampir Raze R.C.C


Very few dhampirs meekly accept their fate, something the vampire intelligence rely on to age the mortal soul to their desired consistency. Some dhampirs willingly embrace their beastly urges, while others do everything they can to thwart the evil within and without. Whichever path a dhampir chooses, they dedicate themselves wholly to the cause. Inevitably this single mindedness is driven by the parasitic force within their core. The Vampire parasite consciously litters their path with obstacles, challenging them to resist, and thus taming their soul and channeling it to their own desires. Therefore it’s within dhampir nature to go through mood swings, loyalties and drift to wherever the winds may take them.

With their enhanced nature and feelings of being dealt an unfair hand by fate, the dhampirs are natures own sentries against the paranormal and injustice. That is if their tumultuous feelings and potential power can be fully harnessed. Then they are formidable opponents to whoever challenges them.

Many elder dhampirs and other organization have taken it upon themselves to find and train young dhampirs, so that they may become the lone wolf sentinels against the terrors that stalk humanity from the shadows. It’s through this training that a dhampir’s full potential and power is unleashed.

It wasn’t by coincidence that that 21C on Earth saw a plethora of these angst ridden vigilantes stand firm against the Deevil and Demon infestation, as well as holding back many other unholy tides of nefarious machinations. Government agencies recruited them by the dozen, training the raw untapped dhampirs to act as their aegis against the insidious forces embedded in the very institutions mandated to keep humanity safe and free. Ancient secret societies that had been covertly preparing for millennia, let loose their dhampir warriors as the vanguard and the last resort of their crusade against the infernal menace which had been prophesied many times by their ancestors in ages past.

On Rifts Earth people have realized the potential of the Dhampir and are now actively seeking out these special, rare and dangerous creatures. Many do so to simply destroy them, others to manipulate their untapped potential for personal gain. Others do so for far more altruistic purposes,, hoping to protect the innocent from their depredation while at the same time channeling their dormant powers for the betterment of others.

Whatever the reasons, the dhampirs are once again a highly sought after commodity. The various Rifts governments have already started to add them to their forces. It will come as no surprise that the largest known concentration of Dhampir Raze found outside of the Vampire Kingdoms sphere of influence is in Lazlo. Whether they be the Lazlo government, philanthropists, secret guilds or whoever else, dhampir Raze have been trained for a while now in the relatively safe environs of Lazlo. NGR and CS have several dozen Dhampir Raze among their ranks. These power blocks have a romantic notion of the Raze, as the saviors of humanity in the Early 21C.

The CS only trains human Dhampir Raze, Emperor Prosek has particular fondness for these valiant and tragic heroes of humankind. He has read and seen much about their exploits from the classified material found in the ruins of the Golden Age of Man. He believes they maybe mankind's best hope to winning back mastery of Earth from the non-human invaders.

It may come as a surprise to some to learn that the CS uses Dhampir Raze, but it shouldn't because the human Dhampirs have been part of humanity for time immemorial. They are more human than many other so called humans on Rifts Earth. All scientific analysis have shown them to be human and they don't exude any type of mystic or supernatural aura. More importantly they are humans that are a bane ta the supernatural and alien fighters, and dhampirs despise the mystical on a visceral level.

Many in the CS hierarchy wish to try to cure the Dhampir of their curse but allow the dhampirs to keep their latent power. Golden Age and even ancient literature suggests that there is a remedy for the dhampir condition. Emperor Prosek has made it a personal goal, and has charged CS scientists to find it. He has tasked Dr Bradford in Lonestar to set up a small team dedicated to this endeavor. The CS understands that if they can have a human form with the latent potential of a dhampir and without the inherent drawbacks, then they will have a formidable weapon against their enemies.

Emperor Prosek won't stand for any abuse, excesses and ill treatment of human Dhampirs at the hands of Dr Bradford or his team. Therefore the good doctor may resort to experimenting on d-bee dhampirs for the required solution which is greatly desired by his superiors.

The Vanguard have also started to induct Human Dhampir Raze into their organization The Raze add the requisite muscle needed by the Vanguard, It's much too difficult for them to recruit within the CS borders. The Vanguard has to look elsewhere and even then they have to be ever vigilant,for they can't afford to reveal themselves lest they face the ire of the CS.

The general populace of the CS is unaware that the Dhampir Raze are used within the CS army. They are usually used as the last line of Chi-town's defense and for “Black Ops”. The CS propaganda machine for a few decades has been in full swing, constantly releasing movies that portray the heroics of the dhampir Raze fighting for humanity. These films usually show the unfortunate Raze battling through adversity but still willing to fight to the last drop of their blood to scour clean the Earth of its enemies.

In the early days the need for the CS,to train Dhampir Raze was a necessity,because the Raze was the only sure way known to defeat the multitude of creatures emerging from the rifts. Most of these infernal threats were immune to the arsenal available to the CS. The Raze's role became more imperative as the CS started to face threats emerging from the constantly open St. Louis Archway Rift. From there numerous waves of monstrous attacks leaked out to engulf the embattled forces. It was the CS Dhampir Raze's selfless role in such a hostile environment that ensured that the CS didn't get overwhelmed from the horrors that emerged from this permanent dimensional portal.

One of the main horrors faced by the CS in the early days in the surrounds of the St. Louis Archway Rift were random waves of vampires,emerging to raid the local area. The CS Raze's job was to seek and destroy these vampire attackers. Vampire raids from this permanently open portal are happening to this day Though over the last few decades these vampire incursions have become far more subtle.

The CS has lost many of their best soldiers because of the exploration missions that they have sent through the St. Louis Archway Rift in an effort to learn more of this vampire threat. The CS has now taken to covertly hiring adventurers from Lazlo to explore on their behalf the many dimensions that maybe linked to the Archway portal.

There is a small “black ops” team of CS dhampir Raze constantly on patrol in the surrounds of the Archway Rift. The recent vampire movement northwards from their southern strongholds and their use of militaristic tactics has alarmed CS and Lazlo intelligence networks into thinking they may have made a fatal mistake in their assessment of vampires.

Vampires have been traditionally viewed as little more than frenzied mindless beasts. Lazlo and CS security agencies are now thinking that the vampire activity at the St. Louis Archway Rift may have been part of a calculated plan. Vampire raids from the Archway Rift are no longer considered merely raids, but seen as part of a far more diabolical plan.

They believe these vampire raids may have been going on for centuries, and their purpose was to cement clandestine vampire nests all over North America within the very heart of existing cities. Slowly and secretly turning the populace into vampires and establishing a strong beachhead for a large scale vampire invasion. There's a possibility that the St. Louis Archway Rift could be one point from where such an encroachment may be launched from.

The CS felt fairly secure that such an insidious threat wouldn't occur within their own borders, because of their constant vigilance and use of psi-stalkers and mutant dog boys but now they aren't so certain.

There is no doubt that the elite of CS citizenry counts amongst its numbers dhampirs. These dhampirs expect their family's power and status to keep them safe from further scrutiny. These privileged dhampirs are likely to prey with impunity among the burbs of chi-town, feasting on the criminal classes, d-bees and the poverty stricken refugees. If their feeding doesn't become epidemic, their position within the upper echelons of the CS ensures that they are even able to operate to some degree within the Chi-town fortress city..

If a human Dhampir is discovered officially by the CS, and his family's influence has failed to shield him, then the CS will make an offer to the human dhampir to become a CS Dhampir Raze R.C.C. If this offer is declined or the subject is found wanting in his loyalty to the CS, then the human dhampir will be disposed of or worse put into the capable hands of Dr Bradford in Lonestar to find a cure for the dhampir condition. Generally speaking majority of dhampir;s choose to become Dhampir Raze R.C.C and amongst the CS dhampirs this figure is even higher.

Due to the doubt of dhampir stability, it goes without saying that the dhampir Raze training involves a lot of indoctrination and instilling a sense of duty to their mission. Much of the schooling of a Raze is about ensuring their loyalty to the cause above and beyond anything else.

The NGR counts several Dhampir Raze amongst their Inquisitors and the Splugorth have also decided to train Raze from the dhampirs found amongst their mortal d-bee slave population. The Splugorth's don't give their slaves a choice to become Raze, it's become a Raze or die. Some slaves willingly serve the Splugorth as Raze, and others see it as an opportunity to one day escape their servitude from the Splugorth. The Splugorth see the Vampires as a threat and the dhampirs as an ideal means of gathering intelligence on the vampires, and a great irony to fight fire with fire. Lord Splyncrythh enjoys the idea of turning the Vampire Intelligence's own weapons against them.

Dhampir could easily be trained by a Vampire Intelligence or other evil force. The forces of chaos and selfish mortals are just as likely to try and utilize the latent power of the dhampir for their own personal benefit. Dhampir Raze are the near perfect personal bodyguards and enforcers. For game purposes treat the training received by these dhampirs as the same as the Dhampir Raze R.C.C

Raze are trained to adapt to any given situation. Their martial arts training is usually a hybrid of effective moves taken from several martial arts, combined with rigorous physical and mental training. Its focus is to try and release the full latent potential of the dhampir. The Dhampir needs to become a one man army, able to go toe-to-toe with multiple enemy combatants.

NB: Dhampirs keep their powers/training when they morph into their vamparic form. Thus the Raze bonuses are applicable once it transforms into its vampire form – but in their vampire form these become supernatural physical attributes. The Dhampir's Vampire form powers/abilities aren’t applicable in its normal (mortal/mundane) form.




R.C.C Name: Dhampir Raze
Attribute Requirements: None
Alignment: Any, Dhampir Raze are trained to reach equilibrium with their inner beast, and as such they aren't subject to uncertainty as much as the untrained dhampirs. However they still experience doubt and their inner demons still play havoc with them.

A dhampir Raze's disposition and alignment will shift approximately at Lvls 4,7,11, 15. However the change isn't as drastic as normal dhampirs, and the alignment will either go up or down one level. Similarly the disposition alteration will be a subtle change in character.

A Scrupulous Raze may become Principled or Unprincipled. An Aberrant Raze may become Anarchist or Miscreant.

NB: up to GM when or how often this change occurs. The personal circumstances and life events of a Dhampir Raze will decide this. The player may choose this new alignment, could be randomly decided or the GM may assign the new alignment.

Horror Factor/Awe: None, Vampire Form Horror Factor is 12 +1 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11, 13,15.
R.C.C Abilities: For game purposes the Dhampir Raze doesn't receive the natural abilities and bonuses that the Dhampir species receives. This is because their vamparic energies have been turned into another focus. Instead the Dhampir Raze RCC gains the following - Robotic Lvl P.S, P.E, P.P and Spd (NB: Their attacks hurt vampires and other creatures normally immune to normal physical, magical, psionic etc damage. For Game purposes assume the Raze's sensing abilities are on par with the Psistalker R.C.C sensing powers and advance in level similarly.

A Dhampir Raze RCC can choose to morph into their vampire form and still remain in control of the Vampires actions. Thus a dhampir Raze of any alignment can choose not to hunt and feed on fresh blood. They can even live of blood substitutes as done in the early 21C.

Dhampir agility and speed allows these skills and moves to be developed naturally as part of Raze training: Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Tumbling, Automatic dodge, Automatic Kick Parry, Multiple Dodge, Multiple Parry, Break fall, W.P. Paired Weapons, W.P. Targeting, W.P. Improvised Weapons,
(pick one of these Melee W.P's ) W.P. Sword, W.P. Knives, W.P. Axe, W.P. Staff, W.P. Blunt, and W.P. Chain.
( Pick one of these Firearm W.P's) W.P. E. Pistol, W.P. E. Rifle, W.P. Heavy Weapons

Pick one of these Special Weapon Skills:

W.P. Kata in chosen Melee Weapon and Weapon Channeling (channels 25 ISP through weapon to allow it to do MDC damage for 1 (ONE) minute.

W.P. Sharpshooting in chosen firearm or thrown weapons

Raze receive specialized training depending on their background and personal circumstances for becoming a Raze. For example a CS Dhampir Raze is unlikely to receive mystical training, unless he is part of the Vanguard. A Dhampir in the CS burbs is likely to be self taught and/or discover a mentor, but a dhampir in a hidden enclave may have been specifically raised to be trained as a Raze by a covert ancient society who see him as a destined warrior of greatness.

Pick One of these Raze Specialties:

Weapon Master: (self taught or mentored by elder dhampir - could be family member or friend of family)

For game purposes character effectively has all W.P. skills, Weapon Katas and has all Sharpshooting skills. Is able to use weapon channeling with all weapons - melee, firearms and thrown. Gun powers/abilities similar to the Gunmaster OCC. Has quick draw initiative with appropriate weapons

+ 1D4 X 10 + 20 ISP and + 10 ISP per Lvl.

Weapon channeling 10 ISP for 1 (ONE) min and + 1 (ONE) melee per Lvl.

Martial Artist: (self taught or mentored by elder dhampir - could be family member or friend of family)

Selects up to 3 (THREE) martial arts HTH from N&SS or MC books, Exclusives Martial Arts will count as one selection

+1D6 to PS, P.E, + 1D4 to P.P, +20 Spd, +2 to all saving throws, +2 all combat moves.

X2 damage with HTH attks. This becomes X3 damage at Lvl 4, X5 damage at Lvl 7, X7 damage at Lvl 12 at the cost of 60 ISP, duration 1 Melee at Lvl 1, 2 Melees at Lvl4, 3 Melees at Lvl 7, 4 Melees at Lvl 12.

ISP: +3D4 X 10 + 30 ISP and + 10 ISP per Lvl.

Artifact/Weapon of Power: (secret ancient societies and/or inherited from mentor/family heirloom, or expected/foretold to wield/safeguard it)

Has a Legendary level mystical item – could be a legendary rune weapon or other legendary magical artifact NB: In most cases the Dhampir has been given custodianship of a great artifact in the arsenal against the forces of evil and chaos. Therefore the dhampir is entrusted with the safekeeping of such an item. It's likely to attract the avarice of others (Collectors and the power hungry) especially the beings its created to combat. These foul creatures may go to any lengths to acquire it for themselves or see it destroyed. In some cases its the novice dhampirs duty to retrieve such an item that has fallen into the wrong hands. Other times its his lifelong duty to unearth a mythical item foretold to be used against the forces of chaos. These tend to have been either hidden intentionally to be recovered in the future by heroes fated to wield them, and some may have been lost or their location forgotten.
ISP: +3D6 X 10 + 20 ISP and + 10 ISP per Lvl.

Advanced Tech: (Government Operative and/or is part of an independent small group set up by like minded individuals of various occupations. Could be composed solely of dhampirs). This could be Splugortian, CS, NGR, Lazlo etc, or mercenary outfits and/or street gangs, superhero teams)

Uses advanced technology, such as a linked sentient Firearm and/or modified Armour Relies on cutting edge science and technology, gadgets and unique one-off creations

Psionic: (Self Taught and/or government Operatives (Including CS, NGR, Lazlo).

Psionics abilities on par with a burster, zapper, etc (pick one – total mastery of one the psionic kinesis powers). For game purposes has same psionic powers/abilities and level advancement as the individual Psionic RCC's

Has quick draw initiative and Sharpshooting with psionic power attks. For game purposes similar ability to battle magus skill with spells

I.S.P: +6D6 X 10 and + 2D4 X 10 per Lvl

Mystical Warrior (Self taught and/or governments (Including Splugortian, Vampire Intelligence, Lazlo operative etc)

P.P.E: +1D4 X 100 and + 2D6 X 10 per Lvl

For game purposes has same abilities/spell knowledge and level advancements as a Battle Magus or Combat Mage (Pick One)

Has quick draw initiative and Sharpshooting with spell attks. For game purposes similar ability to battle magus skill with spells

R.C.C Bonuses:
+ 1D4 +1 to M.E and +1 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
+ 1D4 + 1 to M.A and +1 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
+ 2D6 to P.S and +2 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
1D6 to P.P and +1 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
2D6 to P.E and +2 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
+ 1D4 to P.B and +1 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
4D6 to Spd + 7 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
+ 4D6 X 10 HP + 20 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
+ 2D6 X 100 S.D.C + 60 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
+5 Initiative and + 1 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
+2 attks and +1 every at Lvls 5, 9
+ 20ft leaping distance + 20 ft at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.
+2 to all saving throws and +1 at Lvls 3,6,9,12,15.
1D6 healed every 10 mins + 1D6 at Lvls 3,5,7,9,11,13,15.

S.D.C & HP: as per Dhampir species
P.P.E: as per Dhampir species
I.S.P: as per Dhampir species
R.C.C Skills: Depends on Dhampir Raze Specialty. For game purposes use the C.S. Special Forces (for government trained) or headhunter skills (for Self, mentored or Secret Ancient Society Trained) Skills.
Hand to Hand: Depends on Dhampir Raze Specialty. Will either have HTH: Commando (government Trained) or HTH: Gladiator (Self, mentored or Secret Ancient Society Trained).
R.C.C Related Skills: Depends on Dhampir Raze Specialty. For game purposes use the C.S. Special Forces (for government trained) or headhunter skills (for Self, mentored or Secret Ancient Society Trained). Related Skills
Secondary Skills: Depends on Dhampir Raze Specialty. For game purposes use the C.S. Special Forces skills (for government trained) or headhunter skills (for Self, mentored or Secret Ancient Society Trained) Secondary Skills
Appearance/Size/Weight: Dhampir Raze usually have a finely tuned muscular physique when compared to the average member of their species
Equipment: Depends on Dhampir Raze Specialty. For game purposes assume starts out with similar amount and type of Equipment as the C.S Special Forces O.C.C. (government trained) or as the Headhunter O.C.C. (self, mentored or Secret Ancient Society Trained).
Money: Depends on Dhampir Raze Specialty. For game purposes assume starts out with the same amount of money as the C.S Special Forces O.C.C. (government trained) or as the Headhunter O.C.C. (self, mentored or Secret Ancient Society Trained).
Enhancements: Depends on Dhampir Raze Specialty. Rarely starts out with any other Enhancements.



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