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Khalzheeni Family

This is one of the oldest and most noted families in Lazlo. Old Man Khalzheeni is an antiquarian of note, and Ma Khalzheeni was known as a gun-totting scholar in her day. They are philanthropists of note in Lazlo. They have donated much money to good causes and expeditions and not just in Lazlo. They are part of the social elite of Lazo, and are counted amongst the wealthiest families in Lazlo. Ma Khalzheeni teaches scholars and scientists of Lazlo on how to take care of themselves in the big bad world outside the walls of Lazlo, and she regularly teaches classes in the Tessellation. Many assume correctly that she has left most of her wealth in the hands of Lord Myriad. Th e Khalzheeni family, in particular Ma and Pa Khalzheeni as they fondly known in Lazlo, have brought many artefacts of note to Lazlo, magically and technologically in nature. They are famous in Lazlo for the discovery of the outpost that has become known as New Lazlo, as well as other Prerifts digs. They have donated many of the Artefacts found in the Lazlo museum. Now in their old age, they are content to send young guns to do the hard work for them. They are major buyers of anything associated with Lord Myriad. They buy these for the people of Lazlo and donate them to the Tessellation. Pa Khalzheeni has a butler who acts as his valet. This is a high level genetically engineered human Megahero by Lord Myriad. Their home is in the ultra secure inner Zone of Lazlo, and is one of the most secure buildings in Rifts North America. It also hosts some of the most valuable artefacts known in the Rifts World, ranging from ageless ancient manuscripts, powerful scrolls, unfathomable technology and priceless prerifts artefacts. It is important to remember the Khalzheeni family is just as likely to fund an expedition to recover a 1990's toaster as they are to send you to recover a powerful magic weapon. One of the items on display at their house is a prerifts katana, that the pair recovered from the underwater ruins of Chicago, in the early days of their "voyager" life. They are interested in recovering the lost knowledge of Earth and other species, as well powerful artefacts or futuristic technology. They can be approached to fund expeditions to recover certain artefacts, it must be noted they are very experienced in this, and will only choose the most worthy and most likely to succeed. Even though they act as doting grandparents to the citizens of Lazlo, they didn't get to where they were because they were nice. They are utterly dedicated to their professions, and are experts in their fields, and can be ruthless when they feel they need to be. The people of Lazlo love them, and they have influence amongst the authorities of many places, not just in Lazlo. Many a bandit or black market boss owes them big time. It is truly surprising the types of people who know them and will assist them. Their past is legendary, and many movies, poems, books have been written on their exploits.



As well as their children, grandchildren, great grand children and great, great grandchildren, they also adopted many children, namely orphans. They funded an orphanage for years, now its running has been handed over to the Tessellation, but most of its funding is still provided by them. One of the notable orphans they adopted, or shall we say one of the more infamous families of children they adopted is known as the Sagev, named after a Golden Age city of the Earth, because many scientists of Rifts earth believe it to be created by diverse group of people, and it was meant to be Utopia/Shangri-la. This family was adopted in the CS state of Lonestar.



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