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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Rasheen Legionnaires


 Triax own fighting force, an elite legion composed of abandoned human and D-bee babies left in the Borders, raised and enhanced by the Triax Corporation for one thing only and that is to serve Triax.  Most humans in the NGR join the NGR military. Even those that join the Triax security forces are sequestered to assist the NGR military as and when needed. Whenever the NGR is threatened, Triax has found itself running out of a security force. The constant demand by the NGR military for fit and healthy soldiers puts on a great strain on the manpower available to the NGR government. With this being a regular event, Triax is unable to rely solely on the NGR security forces, especially in its operations far from the shores of the NGR. This is where the Rasheens come in, their loyalty is only to the Triax Corporation, they take orders only from Triax, and their only family is the Triax Corporation and members of the Rasheen Brotherhood.


The legionnaires were named after their creator. Their creation was first muted by General Rasheen of the NGR army, a rahuman Cyberknight, who was dismissed from service by the NGR’s decision to serve and protect humans only. They told the D-bees and their ilk to leave NGR territory and to fend for themselves in the Borders. Many of these D-bees had been proud members of the NGR army and now found themselves without anything to do with their vast skills and knowledge in warfare, but to revert to banditry in order to survive. General Rasheen suggested to Triax and the NGR, these highly trained D-bees could still serve the NGR as auxiliaries in the Borders, but the human supremacists in the NGR government did not go for it, especially so soon after kicking the D-bees out of the NGR and it’s military forces, but the Triax corporation saw an opportunity.  This acceptance of the D-bee personnel meant it had a de-facto security force, who only answered to it, rather than the NGR government.  It was an ideal solution for the needs of Triax, especially in regards to exploration. Sending its D-bee security forces to hostile territories to protect its interests, meant Triax wouldn’t raise the ire of the NGR government for sending valuable human personnel into hazardous situations.  It also meant Triax had a free hand to do what they pleased for their resource and R&D hunts. 


Once these D-bee members of its security forces grew old, Triax found it didn’t have anyone to replace these forces. However before the situation got critical a solution inadvertently presented itself, Triax realized many D-bee mothers were abandoning their new borns outside their camps in the Borders in the hopes Triax would take them in.  Gradually it became apparent that even humans outside the NGR territories were leaving their new born babies outside any Triax facilities that may have been temporary set up for research purposes.  It was clear why new parents were doing this, as they couldn’t look after their children, they hoped Triax would look after them in a far more secure environment than they would ever be able to provide for their children.  If Triax looked after them, then their children would have a far brighter and more hopeful future. It still is a better fate they abandon their children to, the child has a fighting chance to survive into adulthood and maybe even thrive and prosper, than the child would ever have with its birth parents in the Borders or on its own in the hostile environs of Rifts Earth.


Triax did take them in but not necessarily for altruistic reasons, it occurred to them they could raise these children into the Rasheen, and as such still have their elite independent security arm.  Of course with them being young children, Triax quickly realised they could indoctrinate them into the Triax way, have them totally loyal to them, and to enhance and experiment on them, then train them, to create their ultimate fighting force.


When Triax scientists get their hands on the child who would grow to become Rasheens they start performing their experiments on them.  These babies are nothing but a living test subject, to be analysed, tested and experimented on beyond endurance.  Cutting edge technology is experimented on these babies. Research is done on them that the Triax government would not give the go ahead to be done on its own citizens, even though the NGR is in a fight for its very own existence.


Many of these would be Rasheens die well before they ever start their training as Rasheens. This training is rigorous and pushes them beyond endurance, the weak are decimated out through the relentless training regime, only the strong and mean survive this training and the experimentations done on them. It is these tenacious and indomitable individuals that are enhanced and equipped by Triax, who eventually after more ruthless training will eventually join the ranks of the Rasheen.


Rasheen legionnaires fight behind enemy lines, protect far flung outposts or mining concerns of Triax.  Triax sends them to deal with trouble with any would be upstarts who try to take on Triax, where they do not wish to ‘get their hands dirty’. They are not normally used in the NGR territories.  In the recent Monster Nations attacks on the NGR, the Rasheen had to be deployed by Triax to defend its facilities and NGR as a whole.  This is where the bravery and tenacity of the Legionnaires proved vital in the defence of the NGR. They are trained to be ruthless and to fight to the last, obey Triax orders without question.  In return they get security and a means to defend them selves. A legionnaire is taught to treat the legion as a brotherhood, the other legionnaires are his brothers and sisters, and the Triax Corporation is his or her mother and father.


Rasheen activity on Rifts earth


The NGR does not let Triax carry out “risky” experiments on humans, and has forbidden it to use humans as Rasheen Legionnaires. This is because of the high death rate as a result of the training and creation of a Rasheen, but also it doesn’t want humans to be so close with D-bees. Recently the NGR government has given the go ahead for Triax to add humans from outside the NGR to its Rasheen ranks, because of necessity. The necessity arose due to the fact the NGR government has given permission to Triax to send a Rasheen legion to North America for the security of the Triax/NGR operations in that part of the world. Clearly the xenophobes within the CS would see the Rasheens as a D-bee threat to be exterminated en masse. To stop this from happening, humans had to be added to the ranks of the Rasheen. Triax has been doing this over the last few years.  This should at least stop the CS hawks from having the Rasheens attacked on sight, while the CS debates whether the Rasheens are a d-bee threat or just another dimensional mercenary company.


Triax has decided to send Rasheen Legionnaires to Rifts North America, because over the last few years the forces in North America have realized what Triax has been doing. They too are now making concerted efforts to find the lost Golden Age technology. Triax expected to get the most competition in this regard from the CS, but the CS is happy with their Lonestar Complex, and then too absorbed in their wars to take much notice.


The CS is currently preoccupied with the fallout of the wars it waged, their own internal rivalries and the real possibility that the CS will plunge into civil war. Triax’s real competition is coming from Northern Gun. This should not come as a surprise, because Northern Gun functions as a corporation just as Triax does. With its Black Market Investors Northern Gun fairly quickly figured out what Triax was doing by coming to North America. Northern Gun has been preparing rising in power in the last few years, while its competitors fought each other and they are now ready to compete with the Triax Corporation in North America at least.

 Triax is also facing competition from the various Black Markets who want a piece of the action as well. These Black Markets have seen their power and influence rise as the major powers of North America fight each other.

 There is a real possibility of North America plunging into another round of wars. Whether it be CS civil war, the Vampire incursions or a whole host of other conflicts, the Triax  garage finds itself on its own in North America, with more and more of its security forces being used to defend the NGR itself.

 It can’t rely on the CS to bail it out, mainly because they could be fighting each other soon, and Triax/NGR can’t appear to take side of one CS faction over another. The NGR can’t afford to back the losing faction in a CS civil war, it must choose the winner. At the moment there are two many factions to choose one over the other, so Triax/NGR keeps all of them sweet. The Prosek Regime is the most powerful faction at the moment and the NGR backs them at the moment; but the NGR government has given the Triax Garage permission to court the other factions just in case they get into the ascendancy in the CS. 

There is also the possibility that the Dresden Black Market have fled and set up a mercenary force in North America, NGR wants them dealt with, but you need a large force to do it, and the CS are unlikely to provide such a force, certainly not without extracting a hefty price from the NGR. Such a price the NGR can’t afford at the moment as it fights for its survival

 In case things come to a head Triax needed a reliable partner to defend, and the only ones it could call upon are its Rasheen Legionnaires. It has sent one of the three Rasheen legions to North America.

 The added bonus of them being there is they can be earning resources for Triax/NGR by working as mercenaries and be there in case one of the other players in North America uses heavy handed tactics to deal with Triax. The legionnaires will not just give the Triax operations in North America teeth but really big guns in case the need arises.

 The benefit of sending the Rasheens to North America as a mercenary outfit isn’t that they’ll earn resources for Triax, but as an unknown force they will be able to go to places where Triax can’t go. Thus they will be gathering intelligence for Triax, in fact their rivals may well be hiring them to work for them and the Rasheens will have a first hand view of what Triax rivals are up to.  

This is the real reason why the legionnaires have been sent to operate as mercenaries in North America. They will work mainly as advisors, or be sent off on their own (GM NOTE: a Rasheen as a player character &/or a major NPC in a player group). The bulk of the legion will be in reserve in case Triax needs to call upon it to defend itself.

 The Rasheen’s have been brought up to be totally loyal to Triax and then the NGR (others will say brainwashed).  They will not reveal who they are at any cost. There is no way to get this from them, many will die under interrogation, than reveal their Triax connection, that is how Triax wants them to operate in North America for now.

 If Triax plays this hand right, the Rasheen Legionnaires could operate in North America for at least 5-10 years before their rivals figure out their connection with Triax.  Even in Triax/NGR very few people know that the Rasheens are a creation of the Triax Corporation and not a Mercenary outfit they hire to work for them.

 A Legionnaire Player character won’t start questioning his loyalty to Triax until he reaches 5th level at the earliest. That is if he questions it at all. Betrayal by a Rasheen is unthinkable, only a legionnaire who has operated on his own for years (10th level or above) may do this.

 Due to their conditioning the Rasheen Legionnaires take extreme offence at anyone “offending” Triax and then the NGR and then harming a fellow Rasheen Legionnaire when it is not necessary (outside combat situations). They take extreme exception at this and retaliate with extreme prejudice, using shock and awe tactics. This is a survival mechanism the Rasheen Legionnaires have used successfully to stop others attacking them.

 It is necessary for them to do this, because they operate outside the NGR borders and have only themselves to rely on. They survive and serve the Triax Corporation by sheer determination and what little resources they are given.  The reputation they have built up for retaliating with such viciousness has made people think twice about double crossing them or harming a legionnaire.


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