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A Cybernetic energy converter cell is implanted into the Rasheen, this allows the Rasheen to convert energy into bioenergy. This energy cell is a culture of a gene spliced extremophilic microbe from the Golden Age of Man. It is one of the secret technologies found by Triax in its covert search of Golden Age facilities in Rifts North America. It is one of the early discoveries that Triax made in its search for humanity’s lost technology and it vindicated its strategy of looking to see if any of its and its rival’s facilities survived to some degree. This technology was developed by the Vimana Corporation of India and Triax knew one of their massive research facilities was located in the prerifts area known as Pennsylvania. The required genes of various extremophilic microbes discovered in the Golden Age of Man and the human mitochondria were spliced to create a new super organism, which could function in humans like the mitochondria already did. It combined organisms that were discovered living in the totally alien and extremely hostile environs of deep thermal vents in the depths of an ocean with organisms that lived in the extremely hostile environs of radioactive material, turning radioactive material into food.

Out of these microbes discovered in the Golden Age of Man, one was found that secreted nanowire pili in copious amounts in its dormant spore stage, so large were they that they wound themselves around the microbe and acted as a shell for the microbe providing it protection from its extremely hostile surrounds. These nanowire pili not only acted as sensors for the organisms but they were able to conduct various types pf  energies and pass them to the organism or get rid of them as needed.

Scientists of the Golden Age wanted to utilise this, but what the bacteria did on a small scale proved extremely difficult to manufacture artificially, that is until it was decided to provide it with a massive amount of energy. This was done by creating the super organism and letting it live on nuclear radiation. It seemed an ideal situation, with one set of genes providing protection from the hostile environment and the other providing the near limitless energy it needed to survive.

Introducing it to humans with a few adjustments, including adding nanites which created a bridge with it and the host made the new bacterial organism think that the human body and it as a single organism. This naturally made it provide energy for the whole body and also secrete the protective coat around its entirety to protect itself, which meant that the human body wore a light, yet extremely strong shell, allowing the human to survive in extreme environs as if he was born to do, including the depths of the ocean or vastness of space.  When other attachments were made to it or added to the host, it would become another great creation of the Golden Age not just for the militaries but as a lifestyle and fashion accessory.

A nano gel was also prepared from this new extremphillic microbe in its dormant spore stage and this could be sprayed layer by layer onto the human. This enamelled the human in a strong, tough shell, which provided greater protection, yet at the same time being very light.  With the organism already inside the human, it naturally linked with this it’s dormant spore shell outside. Using the outside shell to gather energy from various sources, main source being the solar energy, but it could also absorb energy from other energy sources, including absorbing energy weapons fire that hit the shell.

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