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Lazlo is a place knowledge is there for the taking. News from not just North America, but all over Rifts Earth, and even other dimensions is available here. That is if you know where to look. This is one of the main reason, why so many major players have some sort of presence here. Many people come to Lazlo, ranging from refugees, immigrants seeking the Utopia that is Lazlo, that they have heard so much about, dimensional travellers. Lazlo is the place where many great expeditions set out from. 

These are funded by the governments of Lazlo or its powerful, rich and sometimes mysterious residents, as well outsiders looking for professionals due to certain jobs. It is a place where surprisingly large amounts of mercenaries and other professionals are hired from. Hirers regularly leave messages in Lazlo for the types of people they are looking for, even potential employees leave their details here. 

It is a reliable safe place for these types of people to get some much needed R&D, catch up on news, and therefore it is an excellent place to look for the next job. Recently some of this business of Lazlo has been overtaken by the rise of Merctown. However nearly all major mercenary groups can be contacted here, or some of their members, especially those engineered may be seen here on their R&R. Many maybe looking for new recruits for their organisations, while others maybe looking for their employer. Colonel Larson has his home in the Secure Inner Zone of Lazlo. Many of the Robot Control employees sought and found refuge from CS persecution, when they targeted Naruni Enterprises first time around. Some of their members are now part of the legendary Lazlo militia.

It is a place where new legends and heroes start out from, many young hero wannabe sets out on his first quest or mission from Lazlo. In Lazlo you will here of information on great treasures found on far flung shores, or how to defeat the seemingly unbeatable monster that holds your love hostage in a far flung place.

Here the adventurer will find some of the news that may make or break him. News that may affect nations or even the Megaverse. The wannabe has just got to decide what he will do with.


In Lazlo the heroes may hear some of these things

1. Holy artefacts of Dragonwright

2. This TW digivid image was taken at the Calgary rift, the whereabouts and condition of the Lazlo Voyagers who sent it is unclear, as this was the last transmission sent by them

3. Knights

4. The Lowe Millennium Tree is now known as the Myriad Tree, and will only give its gifts to Lord Myriad's followers. A large village built on stilts in the bogs/swampy land close to this tree, is home to a large number of Lord Myriad's followers. It has a mysterious and powerful protector, who says he has been sent by Lord Myriad to safeguard this community of his followers.

5. This prophecy has passed the Three tests for a true prophecy that Lazlo authorities carry out to verify a true prophecy. This is how the prophecy is told: 

when the need is there, 

roads shall be traversed in the dark, 

your wrath be felt by all, 

man will mould them,

one will bring forth many, 

in the open they shall come, 

but blind shall ye be, 

rejoice in your victories, 

false doors are not closed, 

as survival begins

6. An Ancient Egyptian relic has been seen by Lazlo explorers in the Magic Zone. The buzz among the mystics in Lazlo says this is the torso of Osiris. People are scrambling to recover it.

7. In a recurring vision the grey seers see rifts North America in ruins, with only Lazlo in the distance and a blind ancient dragon sitting atop a pyramid reaching for the stars made out of human bodies encased in deadboy armour. A ray of hope is the past catching up with the future in Rifts North America.

8. New Camelot has asked Lazlo for scientific assistance regarding a large rectangular platform sighted in Lake Windermere. Those who sighted it say it was very large, and of unknown origin, more ominously those who reported this, have been found killed, having gone through some sort of mutation. The cause of death is unknown, there are still some of the people who sighted this object still alive, but they live in fear, saying they are hunted. It is unclear if this is really the case or not. Many want to know what this object is. It was seen only once and so far not sighted again. The Formorrians have also started to arrive at Lake Windermere. New Camelot wants to find this before they do.

9. Some visitors have arrived in Lazlo, claiming to be from another dimension. They are looking for the one they call Sultan Ages. It is not known whether they are friend or foe of this Sultan Ages. For a few years ago a mighty warrior with immense powers, that were fuelled by magic did arrive in Lazlo. He was suffering from amnesia and had clearly been in a life or death struggle. In Lazlo he learnt to control the vast mystic energies at his command . GM Note: Sultan Ages can be seen as a Megahero D-bee Mystic Warrior. He has not been seen in Lazlo for the last few years, but these visitors are quite keen to find him.

10. The Talon Black Market, is looking for people to do something for them. Some say the Talon was a powerful CS operative, who appears to have left the CS, though many believe he still works for the CS and he has started his own Black Market with CS backing, and his Black Market operations  have gone international. The Talon is looking to remove some opposition in the Pecos. This is a test, for the successful applicants may well get regular employment by a rising Black Market gang. The Talon will never deal directly with his employees, and no one knows, who he actually is or what he looks like.

11. Rumours in Lazlo say that the Atlantean authorities have launched a full hunt led by a high level conservator to capture a lone escaped slave, nothing has been spared, and Atlantis was put on full alert for a short period of time. Security is so tight that the Liberation Underground is trying to take out this slave, before the Atlantean authorities make to many in roads into the routes and hideouts they use. Lazlo suspects that the CS and other powers are also trying to get hold of this slave, and therefore are very keen to ensure his or her safe arrival in Lazlo. All these powers want to know what makes this slave so important to Atlantis 

12. A mysterious individual in Arizona claims to have found some original pieces of Victor Lazlo's diary. Many collectors and antiquarians would like to get their hands on these, via legal means or other avenues. If genuine these could fetch a high price for the owner of these scraps on the open market. With Victor Lazlo in Munich, people may well be sent there to have these authenticated by the man himself.

13. The players learn in Lazlo, that many so called Shemarrian warriors have been found destroyed in various parts of Rifts North America, and recently a substantial contract has been put out for the death and/or delivery of a living Shemarrian.

 It seems that a significant power is putting large resources into a campaign to hunt down the entire race – evidence of a kill is worth 100,000 Cr and a captured warrior delivered to a quarry in north Maryland receive 300,000 Cr for each captive. 

GM Note – this scenario is called ARCHIE – Shemarrian hunt.  The premise is self explanatory – the reason behind ARCHIE’s resolution is more complex.  It has transpired that ARCHIE has been subtlety influenced by an alien force which has  been sowing seeds of doubt, and presenting Archie  with new and exotic robot concepts – including the most successful, unusual and notorious of ARCHIE’s creations – the Shemarrian warriors. 

Who is this alien intruder – not an earth based force; it must have begun its campaign after the coming of the rifts, or was it an entity from the Golden Age?  Is ARCHIE being corrupted or has an alien power influenced the North American continent prior to the coming of the rifts?  It transpires that some of the Shemarrian warriors are not just an AI – they can be turned into a transferred intelligence, allowing others to inhabit the Shemarrian shell as sleepers and feign loyalty to ARCHIE.

ARCHIE realises that his creations, scattered across the globe, could turn at any time and are privy to all of his secrets.  He has to act swiftly and with deadly force or risk his exposure and destruction.

He will seek out the most capable adventurers who have proven their ability – he will be particularly keen to find adventurers who have evidenced their ability in direct contact, or opposition, with ARCHIE.  Characters that bested ARCHIE in the sourcebook One scenario or proved themselves in the Mechanoid invasion will be approached first.  The ‘request’ for assistance will not be easily ignored…

14. The mystical world is concerned about a credible prophesy which has been forecast by more and more mystics across the megaverse, with seers suggesting the outcome will be the end of the time of magic, with the rifts receding from the Earth :

There will come a time, when the celestial dragon shall fall,

When the white tiger’s minions shall be unleashed,

And they will dance with wild abandon on the middle kingdom,

For man the end shall be nigh

Fear not, for hope springs eternal,

Gaining victories winning defeat,

The ten tigers of the middle kingdom,

Alone and lost they stand

When they are not, the celestial dragon ascended

Harmony reigns, chains locked

The precipice bridged to await another day

This prophecy has been deemed a true prophecy in Lazlo, but many seers claim it has been altered by mortal hands. The consequences of altering a prophecy are unthinkable. So who would be foolish, arrogant and powerful enough to even attempt such a great undertaking.... What motives do they have....

The seers refer to this as a megaversal prophecy. A similar meaning prophecy, though worded differently has occurred through the ages on many worlds across the Megaverse. Some academics have voiced that the Argonauts were such a gathering of heroes in response to this prophecy in the past. The fulfilment of such a prophecy marks the end of one age and the dawn of another.

15. There is a great rush amongst the various magic guilds and magical institutions to send voyager missions to the Carpathian mountain range of Europe. News from the NGR is coming through that they successfully rescued a crashed power armor pilot from this area during the recent NGR military operation. It seems the pilot found shelter in a cave in these mountains with a large damaged stone tablet. The pilot states that from her assessment of the tracks, laser discharge marks and rail gun rounds that recently a large crowd of mainly humanoids had tried to gain entry to the cave mouth. This unknown entourage appears to have eventually given up and left.

Fortunately for the stranded pilot they had done enough damage to the slab that she was eventually able to pry away enough of the stone tablet, to gain entrance and seek shelter within the cave. She didn’t need to survive long on her own, as the NGR military operation was still in full swing, and the NGR navy diverted one of their aerial units to find her distress beacon and pick her up on their way back from their sorties on the Monster Nations.

However what has created a buzz within the magical community of Lazlo is the description of this stone tablet. The pilot says there were strangely glyphs on the tablet, and that there was one word that appeared to sear in her mind as she looked at the stone tablet was simply Vlad. Wizards in Lazlo believe they have found a Stone of Power. The opportunities for research from such a mine of information are endless, glory, accolades and riches beckon for the academic who brings this greatly desired mystical archaeological item back to Lazlo.

16. A novice adventurer whose friends believe he was slowly plunging into madness has been found dead in Lazlo. Forensic investigations by Lazlo security have shown he died of natural causes albeit he was rather young. The adventurer was a Mystic, he was a spiritual person, constantly meditating, trying to contact a greater force. His friends in the adventurer group state rather uncertainly that during a drinking outing in Lazlo, they may have heard him state to them in an unguarded moment that he had made contact with what he called Demon Planets.

He went on to state that the legendary Splugortian planet Eylor was one such Demon Planet and it did in reality exist. His theory was that the Splugorth were the Demon Planet Eylor’s minions, until that planet was imprisoned with the other Unnameable Beings. The splugorths became free and enslaved the dormant Eylor for themselves, harvesting it for their diabolical needs.

He went onto say that he had learnt that the Demon Planets could be summoned just like any other supernatural force and he was going to dedicate his life to learning these secrets. The mystic stated that his meditations had revealed much to him and he was close to learning the mystical formulae to summon the Demon Planet Eylor. The Mystic stated that once summoned Eylor would respond and start to awaken, freeing itself from the clutches of its minions and reigning in their tyranny on other beings, so that they would once again serve Eylor.


17. There have been stories emerging for the last few years, generally dismissed as fabrications and fanciful campfire talk of vampires on the prowl in the vicinity of Old Detroit. There is a ripple of excitement and trepidation on the streets of Lazlo, as more and more missions sent to Old Detroit have gone missing. Academia in Lazlo is demanding something is done to ensure the safety of the researchers, as Old Detroit has yielded several significant finds of scientific, military and high credit value. Over the last few years a variety of mainly d-bee and monstrous gangs have started to fight over this potentially lucrative area.


It's believed these gangs may have something to do with the traders and scientists disappearances, as there hasn't been any real proof brought forward for vampire activity, but veteran adventurer’s instincts are telling them there is something amiss in Old Detroit.


Some are saying the gangs maybe an elaborate facade to hide the real enemy, and the gangs could even be a growing army to protect the real nemesis from outsiders if it truly exists. Many are starting to speculate that there may be a great many vampire nests in the many miles of Salt Mines running underneath Old Detroit. These groups are considering funding missions to explore the Salt Mines running underneath Old Detroit. and just to be on the safe side to liberally include vampire hunters amongst these reconnoitre teams.


There is even talk that Lazlo and CS militaries are seriously thinking of sending expeditionary forces to the downtown area of Old Detroit.

18. There have been several reports and these appear to be increasing in frequency that young shifters have been found killed, apparently caught in the crossfire of their summoned demonic and deevil henchman fighting each other to the death at the mere sight of one another. This has led the Lazlo government to order a safety edict banning Shifters from summoning any more demonic and deevil henchman, as these shifters aren’t just endangering themselves but the innocent population around them as well.

They have increased the penalty for any shifter caught performing this act within the Lazlo state. It must be remembered that people in Lazlo don’t approve of Shifters at the best of times, and locals are only too keen to report sighting of shifter activity whether this be true or not. This new aura of fear pervading around Lazlo may lead to “witch hunts” focusing on inexperienced and naive shifters visiting Lazlo.

19. Lazlo scientists have unearthed a fragment of an ancient vellum housed in the ruins of a Pre-rifts museum's vaults. The vellum appears to be genuine and is written by an antiquarian working for a secret occult society supposedly dedicated to fighting the paranormal threat to earth. The vellum was part of a greater work entitled Combating the Vampire Threat.

The Vellum fragment says that the so called legendary figures from Earth's past, the Dragon and the Impaler were in fact dhampirs, and not vampires as previously thought. It goes on to state that these near mythic personalities were one and the same, namely the Impaler was the mortal form and the Dragon was the vamparic form of the Dhampir.

Whatever the case, there hasn't been any definitive proof that these creatures were really killed. Their folklore speaks of them as being notoriously difficult to kill, coming back to life time and time again. If they were dhampirs they were quite possibly the most powerful dhampirs to have walked the Earth. Their power was so great that it's said that they ruled their own kingdom as gods.

20. In debriefings done by Lazlo security of escaped slaves from Atlantis, one thing has been consistently reported about Atlantis in recent years, and that is the Splugorth minions in Atlantis see the vampires as the first great danger (Devourer/Swarm). This belief seems to have been galvanized in Atlantis since the reports coming through about vampires fighting in armour. The denizens of Atlantis believe this fulfils the criteria of "armoured demons" mentioned in regards to the first great danger. Further more they think this is the confirmation that the premonition of the "shadow of the bat" over Atlantis being true, as only a megaversal threat could endanger Atlantis.

21. Many institutions in Lazlo are looking for a scribe to find the legendary Robert "Grizzly" Carter and chronicle his life for the Lazlo archives. The last news about Grizzly Carter had been that he was heading eastwards, having fallen to one of his ubiquitous wanderlusts again. Some of the rumours about him say that he was heard to have remarked that he wanted to hunt in the area known as "Dinosaur Swamp" and then make his way northwards through the Eastern Wilds. Lazlo notables would love to entice Grizzly Carter to visit Lazlo and regale an adoring public with his adventures at dinners, universities and talk shows. It will be quite a coup for adventures to record one tale of Carter's exploits heard second hand, let alone hear Grizzly tell it. The rewards and status they will attain in Lazlo if they manage to persuade him to go to that fair city are unthinkable.

22. Within the last year adventurers returning from the Pecos territories have started to report on hearing rumours of a pyramid being constructed either within Monterrey or its surrounds by the Pecos gangs controlling that area.

23. A group of adventurers have returned to Lazlo from the northern tundra a surviving member of what had been assumed to be a lost Voyager mission, that had set out several years ago to find the hidden city of Ixion. The rescued scientist is clearly in no fit state, and has started showing early signs of the onset of insanity. He claims to have found Ixion, a gargantuan submersible base under the frozen Arctic ice, from which the Cyber-Horseman foray into Rifts North America. In another of his many ramblings he goes onto say that Ixion is full of Kittani, and the Horseman are in fact Kittani who have gone through the cyborg conversion process. Many people in Lazlo are interested to find the location of Ixion as the rescued scientists claims that some of the other members of his Voyager team are still alive and are being held captive in Ixion.


More news and information that reaches Lazlo will be posted here. 


Lazlo is also home to some powerful people. Many of the powers of Rifts Earth and the Megaverse have some kind of presence here. For those refer to the appropriate Rifts books. Listed here are some Notable Characters and Places that one may encounter, see or hear about in Lazlo in one form or another.

1. Alim Fouad - A few years back when Angrar Robotics first appeared and was the talk of the town, it is said that during a dinner party Alim Fouad was said to have remarked that he had heard the name "Angrar" before. He went on to say that it was either the name of a rifts nation in what used to be the Pre-rifts country of Iran, or the name of its ruler who also went by the title of "The Serpent King" - Master of Dragons.

2. Khalzheeni Family

3. Marus Chisun

4. Questioner. This is the ultimate warrior. a 12th level T-man, 12th level Cyberknight, many believe him to be a godling. He has a greatest Rune Sword, which many say he took after defeating a warrior god. He usually colours his hair a bright colour. He is a hero amongst heroes in Lazlo. He is a noble warrior and is paying penance in Lazlo, for unknown to his peers, recently he has found himself killing opponents and enjoying it. He can't understand this. He doesn't think he is going mad? He fights the good fight, and has learnt much, knowledge he is willing to share to those he deems worthy and good. He is unable to assist player characters monetarily or with resources, but may share his extensive knowledge of fighting evil all forms of evil and tyranny He has travelled far and wide to fight evil in all its guises and many people owe him a favour or ten, and will aid player characters due to his say so. The Questioner is a great friend to those he calls friends and will do whatever he can to aid those who need it, whether they ask for it or not, but he is deemed their worst nightmare by his enemies, crossing him is not a good idea.

5. Terminex. The Terminex is a place and/or a group of people whose goal in life is to map the various rifts that open on Rifts Earth. Terminex is just one of the reasons why many congregate to Lazlo, as if their life depends on it. Many d-bees find their way back home, due to the Terminex. They are charged by the Lazlo government to return home many of the d-bees who have got stranded on Rifts Earth. Amongst these include slaves freed from Atlantis who manage to reach Lazlo. They are able to help others to reach their destination on Rifts Earth or other dimensions. They usually need protection as they go out and monitor possible sites where rifts will open, or go and research an area where a rift had opened in the past or a rifts is currently open in an area. Of course this is extremely dangerous and hazardous work, but many help them, because the rewards are great.

6. The Eleven Hammers Battalion. These warlock marines played a large part in defeating the Xiticix. Their appearance at the Duluth hive suddenly turned the tide in the Lazlo forces favour. This miraculous appearance was no accident. Having seen the Lazlo forces struggling and on the brink of losing, after they grossly miscalculated the Xiticix numbers and reaction to their assault, and with no other help forthcoming, Lord Splynncrytth played his backup tentacle. One minute the Eleven Hammers Battalion was clearing out a Star Hive, and the next minute they found themselves at the Duluth Hive. The Duluth Hive was long under the control of The Tessellation when General Holmes and his forces stumbled into its territory. With the Xiticix threat relatively under control and with only two of their hives remaining, most of the Eleven Hammers have returned home. A few who have retired make their home and living amongst the citizens of Lazlo, some serving in the Lazlo militia, others as experts on the Xiticix and other threats facing Rifts Earth. A few have taken to adventure, while others have put their skills to use as bounty hunters. They are in great demand to join mercenary teams and missions that require their special skill set.

7. Triax Garage. The best place in North America to get Triax hardware repaired, personalised, custom made, or even buy the latest technology that Triax produces and sells on the open market. People are given a virtual tour of their hardware being produced here. Loyal customers may well be given discounts.

However less well known is the fact that the Triax Garage is also the "black market arm" of Triax corporation

8. Skyhouses. High above Lazlo floats what is referred to by the people on the street as Skytown, a TW wonderland of luxury houses for the extremely wealthy citizens of Lazlo. It is a safe, secure environment, away from the troubles that lurk far below it. A house can easily cost a million Lazlo credits deposit, and that is just to get on a 3D6 months  (at any one time) waiting list. These floating TW houses are built by the Tessellation with the approval of the Lazlo government. They appear to draw power from the leylines of Lazlo, and generally tend to be high above these, at least a mile in the air. 






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