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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Freebeing Nation.

This is a new nation, that has formed naturally in the southern borders of the NGR. Most of the Black Forest is under their control, as much as any land on Rifts Earth is under someone's control.

The Freebeing Nation is predominantly a D-bee nation. Humans, aren't appreciated too much, except for the gypsies who follow Lord Myriad. The southern NGR borders had the good fortune to have several species of D-bees that arrived there in large numbers. The kinship of these d-bees naturally led them to band together and look after each other.

It has dwarves in large number especially the communities from the worlds known as Stone and Metal. Most of the elves here come from similar homeworlds. Due to the Freebeing ethos some of these elves working together with the dwarven/atlantean Stonemancers have managed to utilise gems as a source of power to survive on Rifts Earth, similar to the elves found in the Kingdom of Manipur.

The other influence in the formation of the Freebeing Nation (FBN) are the black market gangs. The larger more powerful members of these saw the potential of being part of and running a nation. They gradually wiped out the competition as best as they could, until eventually there were a few major Black markets who controlled a good portion of territory.

None of this would have been possible, if it had not been the arrival of Taron and the oncoming storm of the NGR/Monster wars that were about to move up in gears. He and the oncoming  wars were the impetus for the founding of the Freebeing Nation. He is the inspiration behind the Freebeing nation, and the glue that holds the different factions together.

What were ideals before him, became a reality, and the Stuttgart Treaty was signed, between the larger players in the southern borders to form a collective to look after the citizens of the southern borders, against  the incursions of the NGR and Gargoyle/Brodkill Empires.

Those who signed this treaty included Dwarves from the Worlds of Stone and Metals, Elves, Wolfen, Zembanhk, 4 Simvan tribes , 3 Psistalker tribes, Some Fairy Folk, two black markets ( or Corporations) and the Deathweavers. This does not mean every single member of these species are part of the Freebeing Nation, nor does it mean that none signatories are excluded from being part of the Freebeing nation. 

The ruins of Stuttgart were chosen because most of the ordinary citizens of the Southern Borders of whatever species remember Lord Myriads arrival there to excavate the ruins of Stuttgart, it was one of the few times the various d-bees communities got together and worked as one. Most of the ordinary citizens follow Lord Myriad from that moment on, it includes a couple of gypsy clan who were in the area at the time. These gypsy clans travel as far west as Spain and as far east as the land controlled by the Warlords in Russia, they also follow Lord Myriad and are considered to be part of the Freebeing Nation, their numbers include d-bees as well as humans.

The army of the Freebeing Nation is run by Kusen Trajak. A wolfen who was snubbed by human supremacist, when he arrived from the Wolfen nation in Italy as a recon officer in charge of an elite unit to see what lands lay to the north of their empire worth conquering. This led to him joining up with the wolfen people scattered in the Black Forest, and getting them to join his team, by one way or another. Then meticulously gong around and sacking the springs controlled by human supremacists, like Free Springs, Maxburg, Pure Water/White Springs. Those that resisted fell.

He met with Taron and the Deathweavers and sacked Blancenhaus springs, and the Blood druid centre of Mort, close to the Geneva ruins in Switzerland. 

He has been put in charge of the Freebeing Nation army. it is his job to train an army up, so far it is composed mainly of Wolfen, Simvan, Psistalkers, dwarves, elves and deathweavers.

The Azverkan knights act as police in the Freebeing nation. A female Chiangku (she goes by the name of Song) who is playing the part of an Undead Slayer is also a notable member of the Freebeing nation.

During the NGR/Monster wars, Master Khan arrived, he said he found wreckage of vessels where he was, and after investigation, realized that the people from the wrecked vessels were fighting demons like he was. He has brought with him Demon Quellers and Hunters. and is training the Freebeing Nation to fight demons and robots. Master Khan is the Chiang Ku who trained Lord Coake's Cyberknights and set up the Warrior Monastery in Korea. It seems he is trying to make up for a sin of the past. Was he the Chiang-ku that revealed the secrets of Tattoo magic to Lord Krrygoth, and then inadvertently carried a biowizard virus that nearly wiped out his species. The Splugorth Lords would not want someone else to have the secrets of Tattoo magic. Master Khan has brought with him technologies from China and Japan which he thinks will help the fight against the monsters. He would share these with NGR, but he is not impressed by their treatment of non-humans and thus has decided to help the Freebeing nation form and stand on its own feet.

Among the Freebeing Nations members are Asgardian Dwarves and Asgardian Elves sent to recon this area. There are also dwarves who used to work for Triax before the D-bee expulsion. Alot of D-bees in the Freebeing Nations work in NGR proper, with them becoming a nation, they are starting to expect more money for their work. NGR would expect less black market activity and raids.

Freebeing Nation has been trading with the Warlord of Russia via the gypsies, who they escort through their territory and beyond. 

During the last few years Freiburg has been utterly destroyed, by an unknown force. Most of its citizens fled due to visions and nightmares. NGR sent in divisions of soldiers to see what was going on, but none came back. It seems they fought to the death, but there is no clue as to what. The Refugees of Freiburg have set up home outside Munich, a place called Taronsburg. It is set around an NGR mobile fortress, donated by Triax to the Freebeing Nation, to encourage them to set up a buffer between Munich and the Monster Kingdoms.

The setting up of the Freebeing Nation meant survival during the wars, but what know. The different factions have different ideals. The Militaristic nature of the Wolfen who training the army. The black Market has a disadvantage if it operates from a known base, same goes for the Deathweavers, before this they had anonymity to raid the NGR and Monster kingdoms. Will the elves be satisfied playing second fiddle to the larger dwarven communities. The Simvan and Psistalker tribes are natural rivals of each other. Will the fairy folk tolerate interface from the big folk. What will happen if Taron leaves.

Taron, FBN vehicles, Deathweavers, FBN map (FBN is shown in red)







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