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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Blood Tattoo mechanics:


Tattoos are activated through expenditure of ISP. It takes one melee action to activate a blood tattoo and one action to cancel it before its duration has elapsed.


All Blood Tattoos can be activated by fresh blood, either if it is spilled on them during a battle or if it is smeared on the tattoo from a fresh kill.


Blood Tattoos cost half the ISP cost to activate if activated by fresh blood, and last 50% long. The blood of supernatural creatures doubles the range, duration and damage done by tattoos.


Many Blood Tattoos provide the Warrior with spells to cast. The Blood Reiver is unaware that his own PPE reserve is used to power these spells. The Blood Reiver does not have much PPE and is unable to draw on outside sources of PPE, and this is the weakness that the Demon Essences exploit to possess the character’s body and soul. They make it seem that the character has colossus amounts of PPE to use his powers. It is this excess use of the power that he does not have that breaks down the warriors body and leaves open to the manipulation of the Essences.


The PPE mentioned in the Blood Reiver OCC is a rough guideline to how much PPE the character really has. The essences will pump in their own essence to power the spells the warrior casts in the early parts of his career (Lvls 1- 4). The character will believe he has two to three times the PPE he really has.  GM Note: Up to the GM how much extra PPE he allows a player to use to cast his spells; in theory, there is an unlimited pool of supernatural power at the Reiver’s disposal!


The more a Demon Essence enters the warrior’s body, the more it is able to create its own body out of the host’s being.


Sigils – blood letters:


Sigils of demon lords, can bestow powers of the following OCC’s (with a level equivalent to their own) for 20 minutes, per day, per level of the character at a cost of 50ISP, as usual, fresh blood halves the ISP cost and supernatural blood doubles the duration in addition.


Only one Blood Letter/Sigil can be active at any one time. It is the excessive use of these Blood Tattoos that accelerates the demise of the character.


Summoner OCC

Diabolist OCC

Mystic OCC

Necromancer OCC

Witch OCC

Temporal Wizard OCC

Battle Mage OCC


Elemental Sigil: These tattoos are the most ornate and visually striking of the Blood tattoos, and resemble aspects of their element. When activated the relevant tattoo bursts into life and becomes visible to onlookers. It will appear as if the element is coursing through the very fabric of the warrior. The tattoo will be oozing the element it represents. For example a fire element tattoo will appear as if a real fire is burning inside the warrior where the tattoo is. The tattoo design varies slightly from warrior to warrior, for example the fire element tattoo may appear as a raging inferno, or it may appear as a moving lava flow. 


For Game Purposes the character gains mastery of the element represented by the tattoo, and for the duration of time that the tattoo is activated the player is considered an elemental of the element represented by the Blood Tattoo.


Lvls 1-4: The character will be considered a minor elemental and is able to cast all of his element’s spells up to and including his own experience level. Example: A 1st level character with Fire Element Blood Tattoo will be able to cast all 1st level fire elemental spells, a 3rd level character with Fire Element Blood tattoo will be able to cast all 1st - 3rd level fire elemental spells.


Lvls 5+: The character will be considered a greater elemental of the element his Blood Tattoo represents. 


ISP cost - 30 ISP, duration 5 minutes per level.


The character’s own PPE is used to power any of the Elemental Spells cast. For Game Purposes the effects of these spells should be considered as Natural Abilities. It takes one attack to cast the spell/natural ability and the character can use his natural ability/spell 3 (THREE) times a melee


Totem Sigil:


Another ornate sigil covering much of the body, representing a demonic animal essence.  Coveys the powers of the animal as per animal totems in Spirit West.


ISP cost - 25 ISP, duration 15 minutes per level.



Molten Metal Ballistics (MMB): This Blood tattoo summons forth firearms that expel molten metals at very high velocity. Molten metals are used for torture and punishments in the various hells, and inflict incredible amounts of agony and damage on their victims. The infernals have utilised these molten metals into various types of firearm weapons to be used against each other. It is said that these weapons are made from and powered by the souls fallen into the clutches of the infernals. Molten Metal Ballistics fire molten metal which turns into solid metal shrapnel before it impacts the target and then becomes molten metal again.


All MMB’s inflict agony spell (save versus agony spell) on anything successfully hit by the MMB shot, that is not protected by full environmental body armour. If the shrapnel gets embedded in the target or his armour then it will continue to cause damage for each attack it is embedded in the target or his armour.


Molten Metal Gun (MMG): This weapon vaguely resembles a large handgun/pistol and fires a powerful single blast at the target. (Need W.P Pistol or W.P Energy Pistol or W.P Handgun to use it effectively). This MMB may be used as a pair. Need a separate Blood Tattoo for paired MMG’s and you need to have appropriate W.P paired


Damage: 5D6 MDC/SDC/HP (as appropriate)


If the target is not shielded against the environment, such as wearing full EBA, or has a breach in his armour, then the victim needs to save versus Agony Spell (standard save versus magic whenever a successful hit has been made. A failed saving throw means the victim suffers all the affects of Agony Spell).


When the shrapnel is embedded in the target, or their armour, the target or his armour/shield/protection takes an additional Damage: 2D6 MDC/SDC/HP (as appropriate) per each melee for D6 melees.


Rate of Fire: Single Shot only


Range: 100ft + 50ft per level


Payload: 3 Shots + 1 Shot at alternate levels (3,5,7 etc). (If the shots run out, then the weapon is useless, the Blood Tattoo needs to be activated again to summon forth a fully loaded MMB)


Duration: 2 melees per level of character. If activated by fresh blood, then the duration, payload, range and damage are doubled and it also costs half the ISP to activate this Blood tattoo


Molten Metal Shotgun (MMSG): This weapon vaguely resembles a sawn off shotgun. You need W.P rifle or W.P E. rifle to use it effectively.


Damage: 6D6 MDC/SDC &HP (as appropriate) single shot

              2D4 X 10 MDC/SDC & HP (as appropriate) double shot


Rate of Fire: Single Shot or Double Shot


Area Effect:  Single Shot 5ft

                   Double Shot 15ft


These shots automatically splatter on impact, covering the area effect in molten metal. This means the targets is covered in molten metal and/or the molten metal has pooled in the area effect. The  area the shot hit will continue to take damage, unless the molten metal is wiped off ( take 1D4 melees) and Anything touching the pool of molten metal will take additional damage


Damage: 3D6 MDC/SDC &HP (as appropriate) per melee round for single shot to a 5ft area


              6D6 MDC/SDC &HP (as appropriate) per melee round for double shot to a 15ft area


Anything without full EBA type protection, or has a breach in his armour, touching this molten metal pool will need to Save Versus Agony (standard save versus magic). A failed saving throw means the victim suffers all the affects of Agony Spell).


Range: Single Shot 60ft + 20ft per level

           Double Shot 25ft + 10ft per level


Payload: 2 Shots + 2 Shots per level (If the shots run out, then the weapon is useless, the Blood Tattoo needs to be activated again to summon forth a fully loaded MMB)


Duration: 2 melees per level of character. If activated by fresh blood, then the duration, payload, range, area effect and damage are doubled and it also costs half the ISP to activate this Blood tattoo


Demon Weapons: Weapons that are sent forth to the warrior. These are melee weapons that instantly appear in the hands of the warrior when he activates this blood tattoo. Some of these weapons may be constructed out of demonic, angelic, death and elemental energies.  The same type of weapon appears every time the tattoo is activated and it is usually a type of weapon that the warrior is skilled in using (the character has a W.P skill in that weapon type).


Damage - 4D6 MDC for a single-handed weapon + D6 MDC MDC at level 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15.


Damage – 3D6 MDC each for paired single-handed weapons + D6 MDC at level 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15.


The paired weapon could be of the same W.P type or of differing W.P types. For example: The warrior could choose a pair of swords, or he could have a paired sword and dagger, or he could have a paired mace and sword. The type of paired weapons summoned would depend on the type of Paired W.P the character has.


Damage - 6D6 MDC for a double-handed weapon + 2D6 MDC at level 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15.


The weapon summoned is effectively a magical weapon. The powers and abilities of these weapons depend on the power and experience of the warrior.


Warriors that are between the levels


1-3: will get a weapon similar in power level to a minor rune/enchanted weapon.


4-6: will get a weapon similar in power level to a greater rune/enchanted weapon.


7-15: will get a weapon similar in power level to a greatest rune/enchanted weapon.


These are real weapons that the blood tattoo calls forth, and as such the weapon may be disarmed from the warrior and used against him (dependent on any alignment or other restrictions put upon them). The weapons will be sent back to whence they were summoned from once the tattoo duration has elapsed or the warrior deactivates his blood tattoo. There is no known way to keep such a weapon for longer than the duration of the blood tattoo irrespective of the lengths you go to restrain these weapons in this dimension.



The warrior is also able to call forth once a day the weapons and armaments used by gods and demon lords. These are notable weapons and armaments of gods and demons. The weapons the warrior gets will either be a similitude of the demon’s weapon, or a weapon specifically made for this purpose or a unique weapon that the gods and demons send forth to selected champions.


If the warrior does summon forth such a weapon and/or armament of the gods and demon lords, then he may not use this Blood Tattoo again for a period of 24 hours.


Duration: 2 melees per level of character. If activated by fresh blood, then the duration and damage are doubled. The duration and effects of any powers/abilities the weapon may provide are doubled and it also costs half the ISP to activate this Blood tattoo



Deathcry Carnyx: The activation of this Blood Tattoo instantly summons a vaguely gun-shaped weapon into the hand of the warrior. One end of the weapon is a demonic skull with a closed maw that tapers to a narrow handle at the other. When it is pointed towards a living creature the large maw of the demonic skull opens and spews forth a blast of death energy. Its effects on the target are similar to the “Deathword” spell albeit slightly weaker in some regards. The Deathcry carnyx is said to shoot the colossus amount of energy that is released at the moment of death of a living creature.


The target must save versus coma. A failed saving throw results in the target falling into a coma for 2D6 melees. When the character awakes they are at 50% of the power level they were before they were struck. This means they have lost half of their MDC/SDC&HP, all their attributes are halved, all their attacks and combat bonuses are halved, all saving throws and their ISP/PPE/Chi are halved.


The target needs to rest and recuperate to recover to their natural power level. This recovery will happen at the natural rate.  Irrespective of how powerful the target is, the target will die if they fail to save versus coma three times against the same Deathcry carnyx.


If the death cry blast strikes non-living materials (like armour, power armour, vehicles, walls, shields, magical and psionic armour and forcefields) then it causes -


Damage: 2D6 per level (MDC/SDC & HP as appropriate) to a 10ft + 3ft radius per level. The above damage is halved for every 6ft away from the target/epicentre of the strike


A successful save versus coma means the living target suffers no adverse effects (doesn’t fall into a coma and get reduced to 50% of his power level) but does suffer the damage from that particular deathcry carnyx shot.


If the target has over 120 MDC worth of protection (armour, being inside a vehicle, forcefields, behind an MDC wall, magical and psionics armours and forcefields) then he is shielded against the deathcry carnyx. The protection takes the physical amount of damage mentioned above. If the protection has already taken damage and offers less than 120 MDC worth of protection, then the target must save versus coma and his protection takes the physical damage from the deathcry carnyx first, and if the protection is destroyed from the blast, then the remaining damage is suffered by the target.


The terrifying shriek can be heard hundreds of meters away and everyone within 500ft must save versus horror (including the intended target). Those who fail to save versus horror will not only be terrified but will also suffer from discord.


They will be -3 to all combat skills and saving throws and -30% to skill rolls, but more importantly they will see everyone as an enemy, including their friends and fellow soldiers. They will feel all alone, and as such the more frightened they are, the more likely they are to fight amongst themselves than they are to fight their enemy. They will find it difficult to trust people, including their friends and allies (-30% to roll versus trust, each time someone approaches them or suggests something).  This effect lasts for D6 melees per level of the caster.


Payload: 2 charges per level of the character. It can fire once for each death release charge. Once the charges run out, the weapon is useless. The character needs to recast his Deathcry Carnyx tattoo to summon forth a fully loaded Deathcry Carnyx.


Range: 50ft + 50ft per level


Area Effect: 10ft +3ft per level


Duration: 2 melees per level of character. If activated by fresh blood, then the duration, payload, area effect, range and damage are doubled and it also costs half the ISP to activate this Blood tattoo


The Deathcry Carnyx does no damage and has no effect on Supernatural Intelligences and all types of the undead, including zombies, mummies, vampires, coldblooded etc. It also does no damage and has no effect on the more powerful gods and demon lords.


Only the selected living target suffers the effects of the deathcry carnyx (needs to save versus coma). Everything else caught in the area effect of the blast suffer damage from the death energy.



Facial tattoos; demons mask:


These complex abstract representations of demons bestow specific powers similar to magical spells.


ISP cost - 5 ISP, duration 20 minutes per level


Death: projects an aura of doom – horror factor of 17 and immune to horror.


Deceit: as charismatic aura and mask of deceit


Jester: as charismatic aura and also bestows an MA of 26 for the duration of the magic


Totem:  an abstract tattoo of a creature. Activation gives that creature’s totem powers.


Battle: combat bonuses +3 to s/p/d and +20 to speed, +1 attack


Knowledge: Eyes of Thoth & Tongues spells


Vision: Eyes of the wolf and Omnisight abilities


Shadow: as shadow meld


Protection: as protection circle superior and provides the character with 40 MDC per level.



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