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Blood Druid Background

Blood Druids appeared in the post rifts world, and were a beacon to humanity in France and surrounding areas. Humans were in a state of shock, and afraid of the demons, mortal d-bees and fairy folk that emerged in large numbers in this area, so going to the sanctuary offered by these human champions was a natural thing to do in the chaotic earth of post-rifts. These humans had no idea about the monsters that they had entrusted with their lives.

  Under the protection of the blood druids and over time small communities of humans developed, sometimes being joined by mortal d-bees, all nurtured and protected by the blood druids. These safe havens are a magnate for those desperate to survive in the hostile world, and keenly join these idyllic communities, embracing their customs, all without question as long as they aren't alone struggling to survive the horrors of Rifts Earth. Little knowing the fate they have let themselves in for. Slavery is the least of their worries, for they are little more than cattle to the blood druids.

  The first blood druids came out of the stone megaliths (dolmens) at Carnac. These standing stones are powerful magical artefacts, found across the ancient world. In ancient texts they are known as stones of power. Their knowledge has long been lost. Only a tiny fraction of this knowledge and skill survives in the stonemaster's craft (see stonemaster occ in Atlantis book).

In the turmoil of the post-rifts world, these druids found easy pickings for manipulations and building their power base, helping those who needed it and gaining their eternal gratitude. Their human face and soothing words made it easy for them to gain followers who survived under their protection. Those who resisted were persuaded under the influence of magic, if that failed a full demonstration of these blood druids power was demonstrated and opposition to them quickly subsided.

Many of the druids that emerged from Carnac and other standing stones wielded enormous power. Their human face may literally have been a borrowed human face. Long ago they lost the shackles of a mortal body. In the magic depleted world after the end of the second age of magic on Earth, many mages tried to recreate those glories, blood druids were one of these groups. They fed on mystically charged human and even supernatural blood, purified and sanctified by the powerful rituals they performed on it. They believed drinking their enemies' blood gave them power over them, and bestowed on them great powers.

However the frail human body was not able to cope with the vast energies surging through it, causing massive mutations. Eventually these druids became more inhuman in appearance, and inevitably in character. Needing to drink more blood to keep their appearance and power. An endless cycle began of cheating death and clinging on to life that the blood gave them. More powerful and grotesque rituals grew. Their thirst and desire for eternal power twisted any morals they may once have had. Those weaker than them were little more than tools to be used, reduced to a fuel source. Blood druids used them as they willed for their needs, sacrificing them in rituals so that they could tell the future or gain even more power and extend their own life. These druids eventually lost their frail bodies, becoming constructs of magical energy.

To stop the body from disintegrating, the blood druids came up with a ritual, which would ensure their immortality. This was removal of the head. Powerful magic was performed to ensure the head magically survived, as long as it fed on the enchanted blood. If the druid got tired of being a talking head, he would just get himself another body. The newly acquired body would conveniently lose its previous head during the magic ritual. 

Eventually they came up with the mistletoe blood ritual. Blood with pure mistletoe, free of any iron contamination, was enchanted. By drinking this blood, they created a younger, healthier cloned body for themselves. Didn't matter much to them that dozens of people may have been sacrificed during the ritual for their body. Only pure mistletoe could be used, touching it with human hands was seen as contamination, as such only pure gold tools were used to cut it, handle it and hold the mystic blood. This mystic blood is drunk out of skulls preferably sentient beings skulls.

Le Morte has never been the blood druid's capital, or where they congregated in large numbers, this too has been another sham. A distraction for their enemies, it was useful while it lasted, but it was only a ruse. Its loss to the nascent forces of the Freebeing Nation is little more than an inconvenience. For the Blood Druids have a far greater network in what used to be France than many have realised.

Recently though their carefully laid web of deceit nearly ended prematurely, with the surprise NGR assault from the Bay of Biscay. They reacted quickly and managed to respond in time by rallying those who stood in the NGR forces path to Paris. Blood Druid leaders are certain their presence in Paris has been kept a secret. Due to the surprise assault by the NGR from the sea, the Blood Druid schemes have been brought forward and appropriate action taken to safeguard themselves and as always to use the situation to their advantage. They are expecting all sorts of visitors to Paris and with their Gargoyle allies they have prepared welcomes for all.

Like the Gargoyles of Paris, The Blood Druids to have been quietly building and deep beneath Paris is their capital.


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