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Legacy Tattoo's


If Hervor truly is a surviving member of the Khfaash clan, then it maybe possible for others to accept how she came to be wearing the Chiang Ku Legacy Tattoos, because the Chiang Ku shared their Tattoo Magic invention with the first Atlanteans - the Khfaash clan. It is believed that in those early days the Legacy Tattoos could adorn the Khfaash Atlanteans. As the generations passed, and the Khfaash clan split into numerous other clans, via changes brought on by the environment and genetic engineering, it became impossible to mark the Atlanteans with the Chiang Ku Legacy tattoos. Many Atlantean Alchemists today think that the Atlantean Marks of Heritage were initially developed to replace the Chaing Ku legacy tattoos, and it was only later on that they came to be used to signify a particular Atlantean, as schisms erupted between rival clans. Hervor goes to extreme lengths to keep her Chiang Ku Legacy Marks a secret, and so far she has managed to keep them under wraps. No one has yet seen them, certainly no one who understands their implications to the remaining Chiang Ku population of the Megaverse.


The Chiang Ku Legacy marks will signify the demise of an entire species to those who know their significance. Ancient Chiang Ku will shudder in fear across the unimaginable vastness of the Megaverse, as their worst nightmare seems to have come true. These great and powerful warriors had thought they had defeated the blight that consumed so many of their brethren in ages past. Those Ancient Chiang Ku who still have some vague recollection of the days when they watched their species being murdered in a slow and excruciating death, will recall that once all Chiang Ku were born with the Legacy Marks. It was how the Chiang Ku inventors of Tattoo Magic made it so, little realizing that an abhorrent and selfish being would use the very thing that made them what they were, as an extremely effective and precise genocidal weapon against them.


The Chiang Ku battled against this unknown enemy, that struck down the mightiest amongst them as easily as it did the weakest of them. Eventually they think they identified their nemesis, a biowizard created virus, transmitted and housed in their Legacy Marks. The Chiang Ku's own bodies had been turned against them, as they perished in the thousands across the Megaverse, but they didn't give up. The bravest and wisest among them battled on for a cure and as a last gesture of defiance to save their species, used their immense acquired knowledge and magical power to rip out and cast aside a little bit of their very being.


Those Ancient Chiang Ku who remember those days, will remember that their species was saved but at the cost of committing genocide against another. This was made worse still because it was against their kin, the elves. Chiang Ku had given the Legacy Marks to  many of the nascent elven species they encountered across the Megaverse. The great rituals they performed to ensure the Legacy Tattoos were wiped from any Chiang Ku alive in the Megaverse and for them to never again be passed on, did their jobs, unfortunately the Elves weren't robust enough to survive this purging, resulting in many millions being killed across the Megaverse. Ironically paving the way for a new and different species to rise up and dominate on many worlds throughout the Megaverse, the humans. From that moment on the Chiang Ku Legacy Marks disappeared from all Chiang Ku and Elves, and so far no hatchling has yet been born with them. No Chiang Ku has since died from that particular malaise, and all Ancient Chiang Ku dread the day when a hatchling is born bearing the Legacy Marks.



Chiang Ku Legacy Tattoos


Chiang Ku Legacy Tattoos on a Chiang Ku will mean the Chiang Ku will be twice as powerful, and he will be a natural Tattoo Master, willing new tattoos to appear on his body. He will be able to use the tattoos from the Atlantis book at a far greater power.


The damage they do will be at: X2

The Protection they will provide will be at: X2

 They will last twice as long and cost half the PPE they do in Atlantis book.


With her Legacy Tattoo Hervor has created several unique tattoos


Allows her to create paired Phase Bolters - huge rapid firing cannons


another allows her to create the Eternal Warrior


With this Tattoo activated Hervor can anticipate enemy attacks and react accordinl.


In Game terms, Hervor gets + 2attks, + 8 to combat moves, and her opponents lose two attacks ( due to her anticipation of their attacks.  For game purposes a player can roll his combat roles twice.  But to defend against a Natural 20, will still need a natural 20.


Optional: It is possible that the expunged Chiang Ku Legacy Tattoos  from millenia may reach a mortals and immortals alike. If this is the case then the being may become extremely powerful. For they have just merged with pure dragon energy.


For mortals in Rifts: it could mean they gain: Mystic Herbology and the knowledge to create Chiang Ku teas or they


may use the dragon energy to become a Mystically Bestowed OCC from HU2 book.


Or they may gain warrior knowledge – know a martial art from N&SS and MC book as well as become MDC, gain Supernatural PS in Rifts


or the player automatically gains Tattoos as per the Undead Slayer OCC in Atlantis book


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