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Khfaash (Bat) Clan


This revelation will be nonsensical drivel to most people, even to the most powerful and ancient Atlanteans. Only those beings that have made it their lives work to seek knowledge about the Atlanteans, their origins, strengths and weaknesses, and to study antiquity may know a little about the Khfaash clan.


The one thing all agree upon is that the Khfaash clan became extinct in time immemorial. One such person is Alim Foaud, a frequent visitor to Lazlo, who could wax lyrically for hours on the Khfaash and their capital city, Erumm - City of Pillars. Their capital was their greatest creation and a wonder of the Megaverse , but even he, like all others on this subject, will only be repeating postulations and conjectures. The truth is lost in the mists of time.


All Atlanteans believe the Khfaash clan to be their progenitor and the  inventors and wielders of the greatest of Stone and Glyph Magics, but like all others they now remember them only as part of their cultural myths and legends. It is thought that the Stone Magic used today in the Megaverse is only a small insignificant remnant of the knowledge accrued by the Khfaash. Theirs was a great and powerful empire, a time epochs before humanity's shared myths and legends. They fought against the Unnameable Beings and held them at bay. The Khfaash played with the Megaverse, traversing dimensions, encountering beings that later generations of humans would worship as gods or try to thwart as demons.


They created their majestic and glittering capital, which is said to haunt and entice the collective dreams of man to this day. It is man's Eden, Utopia, El Dorado, Shangri La etc, all these are later interpretation of man's attempts to capture, to experience what was! What could be! Erumm of the Pillars. It is the unattainable achievement laid down by the Khfaash to challenge their inheritors, but for all of its glory and grandeur, all of it was erased from the face of the Earth, in a sandstorm that shrouded its magnificent majesty, not a trace of their existence was left in what today is known as the empty quarter of the Great Arabian Desert. What remained was mere wishful thinking, myths and longings for a tantalising, glorious and utopian city, fulfilling all of man's fantasies with its gold lined streets, palaces over flowing with treasure, peaceful gardens yielding bountiful harvests of tantalising fruits and fountains of mead and wine.


It is said that before this cataclysm hit their empire, some Khfaash heeded the Warners about their impending doom and tried to save themselves and their followers. Divisions arose of what to do and where to go. Thus the various leaders led their particular factions into exile and new lands, and it is thought that it was these migrations that gave birth to the many different mythical ancient peoples of the Earth. True Nazcans (Rifts SA book 2), the Sprae, the Veiled Lords, Lemurians, Atlanteans and their rival brethren the Technogods, to name but a few. Others have said the Holy Terrors (Rifts Dimension Book: Wormwood) were their creation, and many of these warriors may still lie dormant somewhere on Earth. There are suggestions that the Amaki race ( Rifts SA book 2) was also created by the Khfaash, they point out its relatively quick rise to prominence and the great similarities between them and humans, as well as their Stone like appearance.


Those Khfaash that settled on Atlantis, some claim they even brought Atlantis to Earth, worked with the Chiang Ku to create the great Atlantean Empire, not only on Earth but sent their pioneers to explore and settle on other worlds across the Megaverse.


The Khfaash magic or some say technology was so advanced that it may as well have been magic, was a wonder in itself. They worked with stone and nature like a potter works with clay. It is speculated that the Khfaash power was so great that they created new races and species, and summoned matter from the heart of a Black Hole, but all their accomplishments remain an enigma to the modern world.


There are even theories across the Megaverse that the Asteroid Belt in the Solar System, is the remnant of a world destroyed by the Khfaash, others say the Khfaash made it habitable for one of the species they created, the Amaki, and sent the world to another planetary system in the Megaverse, to study it in a controlled environment. Many theories have been proposed for this vanishing planet, including the Khfaash turned it into a mobile ship, to carry the seeds of their creations to the furthest corners of the Megaverse, they use the coming of the Intruders (Phaseworld Dimension) as an example of that planet discharging some of its cargo.


However without a doubt their greatest wonder was their capital city Erumm. The Khfaash believed on completing their grandiose capital that it was invincible, unconquerable and indestructible as far as they were concerned. It was known as a city of pillars because huge Stone Skyscrapers stretched from one horizon to the next, and their peaks endlessly surged into the skies. It is told that it was impossible to see the top of the pillars from the ground.


In fact the pillars were so tall, that they were many miles high, jutting out into the vacuum of space, and they plunged down for thousands of feet into the darkest depths of the Earth. Eventually they became so numerous that they started to merge, becoming interconnected that they created an endless Megacity adorned in glory with all the wealth and bounties that the Earth contained and created. The endless Megacity of Stone Columns ran for many miles in any given direction as far as the eye could see, its many pillars encrusted with mesmeric Edens of hanging gardens vying for prominence with the walls enamelled with precious metals and decorated with every conceivable jewel .


The Khfaash made entire mountain ranges rise out of the ground, carving their fabulous cities into the very heart of these mountains. Small fragments of their work still stand proudly in the modern world, giving man a provocative glimpse of what might have been. Not all is lost regarding the loss of Erumm the City of Pillars and the Khfaash, because there is a myth, a rumour, that sometimes passes the lips of Alim Fouad, in his more melancholy and reminiscing moments, when he says with a twinkle in his eye something along these lines


I don't believe Erumm was destroyed, because there is no evidence left behind of its destruction. No! It's erroneous of us to assume its destruction, when there are other possibilities. Let us just say the Khfaash clan whose magic was capable of moving an entire continent around the Megaverse, remember its their knowledge of Stone Magic that was employed by the Atlaneans which inadvertently moved Atlantis of the Earth and into another dimension. Ah! I see young student, your face alight with understanding of where I am going with this theory. Could not the Khfaash, be the harbingers of their own doom, their own great powers and magics gone awry, just as they did many generations later with their descendants. We may never know what fantastical achievement the Khfaash were trying to do in those days long ago, but let us assume that events didn't occur according to plan, and in a great catastrophe caused Erumm to be moved across temporal and spatial dimensional barriers. Is that not a possibility?


Onlookers on Earth would see it vanish, leaving not a trace of its existence or destruction. You see my young and curious protege, I have heard that along ago in another dimension, the last vestiges of a race of beings, victorious in an apocalyptic war were led limping across the endless bounds of space, by a haunting and siren like call to a garguantan, desolate and decaying city on a habitable planet.


Indeed it was a hollow victory, for their race had been nearly decimated to extinction, were retreating to seek refuge in a safe haven to recuperate. When they came across an empty world, dominated by an awe inspiring sight, a mountain of a city. A barren, deserted but still hauntingly eerie city, that rose a mile into the air and plunged thousands of feet into the ground. A city which sent a hypnotic siren like call to all, alluring them to it, challenging them to set foot in its bleak and lonely dreams. Over time the city which seemed to be made of an unknown but indestructible material had been scoured of all live, and most of its finery had vanished as well. Its construction seems impossible. It defies all technologies, yet it exists and no one can be sure of when it was built or by whom! As far as anyone is concerned it has always been there, a complete city, empty, waiting and waiting perhaps for millions of years, in all of its gargantuan glory for a people to call it home. It is said that the refugees who found this city and made the city their own, were known as the Promethai.


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