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Khfaash Remembered


It wasn't a coincidence that Hervor came to the NGR, she feels she was drawn to it. She has had strange and haunting dreams of a place and time she has no memory of, but she knows that she came to Rifts Earth to find answers. She is constantly being pulled to wander the Earth, and it is only the importance she has put on her work in the NGR that has stopped her. Even so in her more morose moments she finds herself sitting in Carnac, contemplating the unanswerable riddle that her unconscious  knows the answer to, but she doesn't. She feels the answers are at Carnac but she doesn't get enough time to really research it to know one way or another.


Unknown to Hervor she has been gifted with information that may be the salvation of humanity on Earth. Her dreams which are vague, unfathomable and are intangible as she forgets them as soon as  she wakes up, irrespective of what she tries to remember them. She know believes that they are memory deposit of some kind but as yet she has been unable to unlock them, and is unaware of what they are trying to teach her.


In her dreams a wise and dying old Atlantean Alchemist, who made it his life's work to study the Khfaash clan and temporal and spatial magics, is trying to explain his theories. He seems to know that his theories are far fetched and ridiculous, but he fears that to openly state them will bring swift doom to those who know of it in the future. Thus he devised a way that they may be preserved, until the  time the information will be needed.


The time for the need of this information must be nigh, as Hervor has been driven across the Megaverse to learn of it. The dying Atlantean Alchemist imbued Hervor with the Marks of Heritage of the Khfaash Clan, knowing full well this will attract the attention of future generations, and may encourage them to investigate the Khfaash and Atlantis's past. He also instilled in those tattoos the urge for whoever bore those tattoos to go to where he believed the information would be most needed and when it was most needed.


The tattoos carry minimal information, vague and disparate dreams showing the Stone Magic and Glyph rituals, and the Stones of Power used to open the Super Rifts, which transported Atlantis from Earth to another dimension.


The wise old Atlantean Alchemist had seen prophecies which spoke of Atlantis been taken over by the Splugorth in the far future, but he had also seen a way to thwart them and  he found a way to pass the knowledge onto his careless descendants, if they forgot how they forefathers had moved a continent from one dimension to another.  The Khfaash Clan on Atlantis had erroneously used the Stone Magic of their ancestors, and accidentally opened a Super Rifts because one of the uses for their magics was in fact to move entire worlds and planetary systems to other dimensions.


The Old Atlantean Soothsayer had forseen that much of the Khfaash  devices would survive into the Rifts Age, and could if repaired be used to try and send Atlantis back to the Limbo dimension. He saw on all corners of the Earth, the inheritors of the Khfaash wisdom would emulate their achievements through the ages. Each corner of the world preserving a little bit of their knowledge in their own unique way.


Carnac is a key site, possibly along side Stonehenge, Standing Stone Heads on Easter Island, Olmec heads at San Lorenzo, the Sphinx. Bighorn Medicine Wheel and Serpent Mount in Ohio, Uffington Horse and Cerne Abbas Giant in England. Hervor sees flashes of these places and many others, all around the world, including Antarctica and Atlantis itself, but always gets drawn back to Carnac. It is possible that the Mounds, Glyphs and Stone circles are deep underground depositories of knowledge, or even pocket dimensions, that hold the magical or technological apparatus needed to activate these devices. The Glyphs may also be maps or the formulae, incantations needed to activate these contraptions.


If Hervor ever understands the message passed down through millennia, she will then know the purpose of these sites, but she may not understand them or their workings, let alone get them to work in unity. Most importantly nearly of these sites will need repairs, or even rebuilt, but if this all can be done, then humanity will have a powerful weapon to wield against Lord Splynncrytth, because suddenly they could turn the “Jewel” of his empire to a useless lump of rock.


It is a virtually impossibility for all of the forces of man on Rifts Earth, even if they  united to defeat Atlantis. If they were lucky enough to win, it would be a hollow victory, as they would be too weak to defend themselves against other threats. but if they were able to take control of these key sites, repair them and hold them long enough, to activate the Khfaash Magic, they may be able to send Atlantis  into another dimension.


This will be risky, this knowledge will be suppressed at all costs by all of the Splugorth Lords, not just Atlantis. They will do all they can to hold onto Atlantis for the Splugorths. The Splugorths value Atlantis to high a prize to let personal differences to get in the way. If they fear their hold on it is in jeopardy, they will unite to protect their interests and will go to war.


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