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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


Project Skidbladnir


The Golden Age of Man was dominated by big business and the mega corporations reigned. They were the right hand of governments, meeting the military, security, health and educational needs of a nation; every aspect to run a nation was taken care of by one Mega corporations or another. In many cases they were the government all but in name. There were instances where a small, impoverished nation’s debt was bought out by a mega corporation, effectively making that nation the property of the Mega Corporation.


Near the end of the 21st Century, such was the rivalry between these behemoths of industry that vast stretches of the globe had been carved up between them. One mega corporation ruled Australia, whereas another would control Africa.


In areas where they dominated they snuffed out competition with ruthless efficiency. Corporate espionage and clandestine warfare was rife, as rivals tried to get an edge over each other. The Golden Age of Man saw the modern rebirth of the assassin, hit man, ninja and the enforcer. In many instances the frantic and paranoid Corporation would create and furnish these employees of theirs using the latest cutting edge technology that they had just discovered. The very technology they didn’t want their competitors to know they had developed.


In this frenzied atmosphere of intrigue and warfare, enterprising individuals seized the opportunities this provided, to service the needs of the Mega Corporations to get hold of secret research or to retrieve lost documents before they fell into the hands of the enemy, using whatever means necessary.


Setting up their own businesses (guilds/clans), providing operatives and goods to the highest bidder or the most valued clientele, which functioned where the larger corporation’s employees would garner unwanted attention.


The most successful clans would become associated with a particular Mega Corporation, and this in turn would precipitate the Mega Corporation to war with each other as they tried to carry favour with a guild. One corporation would try to keep hold of a useful clan, while its rivals tried to win the family over to their cause.


Bribery, subterfuge and warfare were engaged to carry the day. One guild would be set against another. Thus you had the larger corporate battles mirrored in these smaller but no less deadly clan conflicts.


The more powerful of these guilds grew into powers in their own right, and in areas where the iron fist of the Mega Corporation had not reached, these clans had sway.


Two worlds thrived in the Golden Age of Man but only the Golden world is remembered by its descendants in the time of the Rifts.


The so called Golden Age of Man was rapidly becoming a world where the elite and decadently rich lived side by side with the stricken poor, without even realizing if the other existed. The rich world was catered for by the Mega Corporations, and the poor world was handed to the families.


The Corporations and the Guilds did the manufacturing, and delivered the goods that the populace desired and needed. From recreational drugs, to household goods and armaments, whatever was needed, a Corporation or Clan produced and distributed it.


This was the atmosphere of the Golden Age of man, when open skirmishes could not win the day; the Mega Corporations utilized less honourable and far more deadly and despicable methods to remain on top. Huge risks were taken to get the next big invention out, or to finish a construction project at any cost before your rival did.


This was one of the reasons why so many great strides were made during the Golden Age of Man, when one corporation revealed the next wonder drug to hit the market, its rival would show off its latest military hardware, while a third would show off the blue prints for its biggest and grandest project to date.


Due to the arrival of the Rifts, we may never truly know the terrible consequences for the risks and short cuts taken for the latest invention during the Golden Age of Man, or what depths humanity sank into during that period, and what price the innocents and weak paid for the pride, avarice and well being of the few Mega Corporations.


To out do the other, many Mega Corporations carried out the most grandiose and ostentatious of projects, but none were as jaw dropping as the so called Dream Projects, making the fantasies of man a reality. In the Golden Age of Man there seemed nothing that man could not achieve. The Mega Corporations vied bitterly with each other for these contracts.


The Underground City, Moon Base, Mars Settlement, City under the Water, Space Stations, Metropolis on the Land Surface of Antarctica (started as a City underneath the Ice, but then the ice was carved up and taken to Mars to furnish the Red planet with Water, readying it for the next frontier in human colonization, in another out of this world project of the Golden Age of Man): These are just some of the projects attempted by the Corporations in the Golden Age of Man to make the dreams of man a reality. Whenever a corporation had won the tender for one of these contracts, it had triumphed over its competitors, always feeling that it had bested its opponents.


Near the end of the Golden Age of Man, the territory of Europe belonged to Triax, only a pathetic upstart of a corporation had come into being to challenge its hegemony. This new enterprise was known as Mindwerks. Triax felt that its rivals had founded this corporation to thwart Triax from its stronghold. To guard against this company, in case it proofed a threat in the future, Triax had started to integrate more closely with its British subsidiaries, which dealt in Psi-Tech that Mindwerks specialised in.


Mindwerks products were too specific and had limited applications, while Triax’s British acquisitions had a far broader mass appeal, and could branch out into several avenues, challenging other corporation’s enterprises. There is no doubt in Triax mind, that if the Rifts had not arrived, they would have snuffed out Mindwerks, as inconsequentially as it would swat a fly.


At the dawn of the Golden Age of Man, the fledgling Mega Corporation that was Triax came into being from the coalescing together of smaller, mainly European Companies. From its world headquarters in Stuttgart and much to the chagrin of its rival Mega Corporations it had inherited the most prestigious of the Dream Projects, before such projects had even been thought about.


This blue-ribbon project was the Floating City; a City in the Sky, this dream had been destined to be fulfilled by Triax.


In the early 21st Century a sub-orbital platform was muted, and it was the European Nations that showed the greatest interest in it. It was seen as the next step in space exploration, because it made such endeavours cheaper and easier.


It was deemed to be an ideal test bed for the latest innovations, but even then it was thought that people would eventually inhabit such a platform, truly making it an island in the sky. The progression of the 21st Century saw the coming of being of this sub-orbital platform by the European Nations and the plan to make it a reality was codenamed Project Skidbladnir.



When the platform was first launched, it was quickly named the chauve-souris by the locals. One of the reasons for this was that it was the best known mammal that truly lived in the air and the other reason was the large thin translucent “wings” the platform had been fitted with. These wings compared more favourably with the slender wings of a bat, than the feathered wings of birds.

The large wingspan area was where the magnetic levitation drives that held the platform aloft were located. The thinness and transparency of the wings was so that the platform didn’t cast a permanent shadow onto the surface of the Earth. To mitigate this further, the platform was put on a random narrow elliptical orbit, as well as letting the platform rise up and down with the air currents. This orbit was also favourable as it needed far less energy expenditure than would have been required if the platform was kept in a stationary orbit.


Early uses of the platform included harvesting energy from the high speed winds found in the upper atmosphere, as well as collecting energy from the sun, where purer and stronger sunlight hit the latest generation solar panels above the cloud level. This energy was beamed down to generators on the surface, and in time the vast energy produced at the platform by these and other methods was sent directly to individual homes in Northern France, Belgium, Southern England and Netherlands.


The Platform was also used to construct the pieces used to build the space stations, spacecraft and even the moon colony. Originally shuttles would carry the components built on the platform into space, where they would be assembled into the space stations, astronomical observatories or space craft; but as the Golden Age progressed, and the ambitions of humanity became grander, the platform itself would rise into true orbit of the Earth, where it would unload what was manufactured on it, which would then be fitted together. (See Rifts/After the Bomb - Mutants in Orbit book for the Space Stations, Moon Colony and other things that were manufactured on board this platform, or shipped on it into Earth orbit)



In the early days this platform was used by many as an international test bed for the latest innovations, this is before the Corporations Wars really flared up and open hatred was declared between the various corporations . It was used by many different governments and the hottest cutting edge technologies were integrated into it for testing and further development, but as the competition between the corporations increased, the brief for Project Skidbladnir became larger and more flamboyant; Triax took a firmer control of what it considered its “baby” and gift to humanity.


Surprisingly it never truly became a city in the sky. For most of its existence, its use and purpose were classified by the world governments, because most of the time some type of top secret technology was being tested or installed on the platform. It was mainly used by holidaymakers and when at last one of its modules prepared for civilian use could be fully inhabited, the Rifts arrived.


This platform floats high above the northern French coast, right above an area which is now a coastal desert. Triax and the NGR government say this was as a result of a terrible plague, which decimated the area after the Rifts arrived. One of the original propulsion systems to hold this vast platform floating high in the atmosphere was the latest magnetic levitation technology developed in the Golden Age of Man. It is quite conceivable that the huge magnetic forces brutally applied over this are for nearly three and a half centuries, may have something to do with the searing and scouring of life from this once fertile landscape.


Golden Age technologies such as an ion drive, anti-matter generators, anti-gravity systems, telekinetic propulsion system and other psi-tech systems, are just a few of the many new technological systems that were tested and integrated into the floating city.


The world governments insisted on a high degree of security for this platform, fitting it with military grade security and defensive capabilities, and as the corporate rivalry swelled, Triax installed the best offensive and defensive systems it had at its disposal, to protect its greatest creation. This platform became the heart of the Killsat network. It also acted as a failsafe, able to override the control systems of the Killsats, if they fell into the wrong hands. As a last resort it was capable of destroying the Killsats, either by shooting them down, or activating their self destruct mechanisms.


This powerful military technology wasn’t under the sole control of Triax, but was also in the guiding hands of the World Community, albeit most of the governments were merely doing the Mega Corporations bidding near the end of the Golden Age of Man.


Just before the arrival of the Rifts, there was once again rapid and quite cordial international cooperation on Project Skidbladnir. The Mega Corporations put aside their rivalries and worked together to turn the floating city into what was termed the “Ark 2”.


The combined knowledge and digital memories of the world were stored in its systems. Genetic samples of life harvested and stored in the freezing depths of icy mountains for prosperity were removed and taken aboard, including genetic samples of mankind and the great genetic maps of the enhancements that were carried out in the Golden Age of Man. The most advanced technologies of the world were hoarded aboard the platform. It was given a makeover, where it would not only be able to traverse the depths of space but thrive as well. More powerful armaments were added to it, turning the home into a moving fortress.


The Mega Corporations worked together to make the Ark 2 a viable reality, flushed with success of its Archie-7 Artificial Intelligence on the Moon Base, Cyberworks was invited to create and install it’s latest and most advanced “Archie” artificial intelligence, known as Archie-X. This A.I was designed to integrate with and make best use of the Psi-tech systems being fitted on the platform by Triax’s British subsidiaries.


Shapercorp and Tex-Am bitter rivals on the surface of the Earth, put aside their differences onboard the platform, and worked as equal partners to create the best soldiers and workers who would man the platform. These creations and enhancements would give man the best fighting chance against the hostilities it would face alone in space. The edge given to this new breed of man would ensure he made the best use of the finest technologies and hardware at the disposal of mankind that had been built into and amassed aboard the platform by the various Mega Corporations for the survival and success of mankind in space, and just maybe his eventually rise to greatness as a Space faring civilization.


Many Mega Corporations from around the world played their part, adding to the platform in their area of expertise. The nano technology was supplied by the Israeli corporations. Triax provided the various forcefields that protect the platform. Raw materials for this project were sent by the great corporations of Africa and Australia, who competed with each other to mine the vastness of the solar system, swallowing up whole asteroids in order to extract their precious resources. Workers and personnel were trained and funded by the two largest Corporations in the Golden Age of Man, from China and India respectively. They largely financed this transformation of the floating city into a citadel for mankind. They also ensured that the platform was turned into a biosphere, the most advanced recycling facilities are built in the floating city, the city is capable of recycling water at around 98% efficiency, even though the energy expenditure in this regard is vast, and it is worth paying for the most valuable resource on board a human vessel alone in space.


Water is also stored frozen in vast chambers aboard the city. This water is there for emergency use only, as a back up if a catastrophic water loss occurred due to a hull breach, or the water recycling system and all its back up systems failing. The city is also fitted with the systems to capture and harvest space debris for resources and frozen water, such as asteroids and comets.


The platform is not only able to capture fairly large space objects, but they can be tethered to the city and hauled by it on its great journey, using anti-gravity harpoons, or firing the magnetic levitation rays technology to harmlessly slow down and even attract to itself particularly ferrous asteroids or comets. Thus the city will potentially have an external source of water and raw materials with it, which could be mined as required.


The city also has extensive areas dedicated to farming, where the most advanced technologies of the Golden Age of Man, allow the harvesting of crops and the rearing of livestock in the most extreme of circumstances. These foodstuffs were not only genetically modified to grow in the extreme conditions but the plants were modified to utilise bigger amounts of carbon dioxide and produce a larger amount of oxygen than their non genetic enhanced equivalents. Livestock and a large percentage of the humans aboard the platform were genetically modified to exhale less carbon dioxide and to require a smaller amount of oxygen to survive on board the city.


If the Biosphere mechanisms and recycling technologies aboard the City function properly, then the platform is self sufficient and able to sustain its human inhabitants indefinitely, at least until its energy supply runs out, which it is also able to renew by utilising the resources found in space, such as solar energy or the harvesting of astral objects it comes across. The city has huge stores of frozen oxygen, and immense holds filled to bursting with food rations, in case of circumstances where the biosphere systems have failed or a large loss of oxygen and food stuff has occurred because of a hull breach.


The platform is also fitted with Baleen Amassing Contrivances, this technology simply absorbs in the space debris, molecule by molecule, as the city traverses space, and if need be each element is separated and extracted atom by atom. There are colossal chambers where these atoms and molecules are turned into other atoms and molecules through the application of immeasurable amounts of pressure or being smashed into each other at incredible speeds by the particle accelerators.


By the mid 21st century enough anti-matter particulates were being produced and new sources of anti-matter had been discovered and mined, that anti-matter technologies became viable. Anti-matter engines were installed into the platform and this alongside the centrifugal gravity control apparatus, made the magnetic levitation system superfluous to requirement. It was left on in case of emergencies and for further development of the magnetic levitation technology. Its uses were diversified and one such use was to convert the large magnetic levitation platforms into enormous rail guns, but no ordinary rail guns, these would be capable of accelerating asteroids and meteorites towards the intended target. The city was capable of capturing and harvesting space objects, it was seen as natural that ferrous objects would be captured and prepared so that they could be shot from the floating city’s formidable magnetic levitation rail guns.


In all the bitterness and feuds near the end of the Golden Age of Man, it is surprising to note that few corners of the world shunned from their duty to make the Ark 2.


The United States designed 6 (SIX) dreadnought battle groups to protect this lifeline for humanity. It was eventually decided that different areas of the world would make these battle groups, adding their personal touch and signature to the designs of their respective dreadnought battle groups. This also speeded up their construction and spread the cost around the world. The United States provided 1 (ONE) dreadnought battle group, the others were supposed to be provided by China, the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, Europe, and the largest and most advanced dreadnought battle group was to be produced by the Asia-Pacific Cooperative which included Middle Eastern concerns, Russian conglomerates, Anzac companies and South American franchises.


The American Dreadnought Liberty was 2 (TWO) miles long, the battle group, included battle cruisers that were approximately a kilometre in length and scout ships among others. Military strategists deemed that the Skidbladnir platform was too valuable to engage in conflict in deep space. To mitigate this circumstance occurring too often, it was proposed that it also be provided with Dreadnought battle groups as escorts. These would handle the bulk of the fighting if the need arose, well away from the precious Ark 2. The thinkers deemed that 6 (SIX) dreadnought battle groups were a minimum requirement for its defence in deep space.


A single dreadnought was deemed to powerful an asset for any one nation or corporation to have; it became the Golden Age of Man’s “Weapon of Mass Destruction”. Due to this, it was agreed the construction and docking of the dreadnought Battle Groups would be situated well away from the Planet Earth. Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Titan were chosen for this purpose, these had already been earmarked to have human colonies. The manufacture of the dreadnought battle groups added impetus for bases to be built on those two moons respectively.


Due to the arrival of the Rifts, all contact was lost with the docks on Europa and Titan, it is unclear whether all the Dreadnought Battle Groups were completed and if they were ever fully manned. The building of the American Dreadnought Liberty had been completed before the Rifts hit the Earth, but it is unclear if the full complement of the Dreadnought Liberty Battle Group had been manufactured.


Many people on Earth believed that the Americans had also constructed in secret a sister dreadnought to the Liberty known as the Philadelphia. Theories espoused that it was the discovery of the construction of the Philadelphia, which led the Americans to suggest the manufacture of the 6 (SIX) dreadnoughts for the various major powers on Earth.


They further speculated that the Philadelphia was housed on a hidden base on the dark side of the moon, ready to be used on the Earth if it was ever needed, others stated that the Philadelphia dreadnought still lurked deep in the bowels of the gargantuan subterranean facility, where it was built, beneath the icy depths of the Alaskan tundra. Some theorised that the dreadnought Philadelphia if it existed at all would be housed in the newly built docks and facilities on Hawaii. Large stretches of ocean around some Hawaiian islands were marked as no go zones. To the general populace this made the locale the 21C equivalent of the infamous Area 51. Presumably if these rumours are correct, the Philadelphia dreadnought or its remains may still be found somewhere.


Interestingly the CS have been sending explorations missions to Alaska and have sent ships to the Pacific Ocean, maybe they have discovered some mention of these speculations in the libraries of Old Chicago, or there may be a reference to the Dreadnoughts in the Lonestar Genetics Complex. If this is the case the CS have met with no success, and their covert teams have started to hire adventurers in Lazlo to explore Alaska and Hawaii. Of course the CS may be exploring these regions for a totally different purpose, and hiring voyager teams in Lazlo, is not unique to the CS, many of the Rifts powers do that. It is easier and safer to hire keen adventurers, than to put your own lives and resources on the line based on rumours.




The Skidbladnir city can potentially land on earth (although it would cover an area almost 40 miles wide!) or can escape to earth orbit, however it is currently on a random and extremely narrow elliptical orbital loop above the northern French coast!


Psionic technology gained through Triax innovations cloaks the fortress from prying eyes – combined with complex electronic shielding systems the platform is invisible to both the naked eye and the majority of supernatural scrutiny.  The complex array of sensor systems (including a small satellite network sent into orbit with ion drive technology) provides advance warning of incursion, and the occasional flyer has simply disappeared in Northern France.


(Optional) Uses for the Skidbladnir Platform


1. The floating city was safely launched into deep space with human colonists onboard just before the rifts occurred. It collected whatever was constructed of its Dreadnought battle group escorts, as well as picking up earmarked space objects, such as asteroids from the asteroid belt. These would be resource rich asteroids and meteorites composed largely of frozen water. It would be traversing on a planned course, heading on a course which the scientists of the Golden Age deemed would take it towards habitable worlds, identified during the early 21st century and the Golden Age of Man.

Unfortunately one of the worlds widely theorised by 21st century astronomers and physicists to be a habitable world in the Ark 2 databases, happens to be the Arkhon homeworld. (See Rifts World Book: South America 2)


2. The floating city is used as a last line of defence of Europe, after the arrival of the rifts (see Chaos Earth RPG books). This would last till the Gargoyle attack on the NGR. The platform would proof the decisive factor in gaining victory for the NGR.


A) Afterwards it will either be launched into deep space by the people on board. However it is unlikely that on leaving Earth atmosphere, the Skidbladnir platform entered Rifts Earth Space, it is more likely that it traversed the dimensional barrier surrounding Rifts Earth that many in Lazlo conjecture exists around Rifts Earth, and it has been rifted to another dimension


B) Or it will be taken over by the NGR, which emerged as the nation it is now known as on Rifts Earth after the Gargoyle attack. The floating city remains hidden due to its psychic cloaking devices courtesy of the British Psi-tech devices integrated into it. However it is in a poor state and the NGR have been to this day trying to maintain it as best as they could with their meagre resources, trying to decipher its secrets and treasures without being discovered.


3. The floating city remained hidden due to the psychic invisibility Psi-tech devices being activated by the mystical energy boost they received by the arrival of the Rifts. The NGR rediscovered the invisible platform during the Gargoyle invasion. They would find it abandoned and devoid of life. With many of its sections being sealed off, on gaining entrance to some of these they found they opened into an empty void. The Platform was losing energies and needed conserving. The NGR have been to this day trying to maintain it as best as they could with their meagre resources, trying to decipher its secrets and treasures without being discovered.


The NGR used it to turn the tide in the first Gargoyle invasion and won the day. The Monster Nations still don’t know what struck them that fateful day, but it has become the stuff of their legends and nightmares, to this day they fear that the NGR may once again unleash the deathdealer from the sky upon them. It is one of the main reasons they haven’t amassed all their forces in one place and launched another concerted effort to conquer the NGR territories.


A) After using it to win the day in the first Gargoyle invasion, the NGR may have launched it into deep space. It has nothing to fear from the Killsats, if the NGR learn that the platform can just disarm them, and the platform has more than enough firepower to stand its ground against the various Space Stations of Rifts Earth Space (See Mutants in Orbit book). However it is unlikely that on leaving Earth atmosphere, the Skidbladnir platform entered Rifts Earth Space, it is more likely that it traversed the dimensional barrier surrounding Rifts Earth that many in Lazlo conjecture exists around Rifts Earth, and it has been rifted to another dimension


B) The NGR kept the invisible floating platform as a last resource weapon, trying to maintain it as best as they could and learn its Golden Age secrets. They have been unable to gain entry to all of the sealed sections despite their best efforts. The common NGR citizen and operative is oblivious to its existence, only the most senior owners of Triax, NGR government and special forces operatives are aware of it. It has its own military and researchers assigned to it. They are the most loyal and patriotic Triax and NGR operatives. There have been a few rogue operatives who tried to reveal its secrets, but Triax and the NGR have so far managed to successfully silence them. These leaks have just enhanced the rumours and folktales surrounding it.


Recently the Skidbladnir platform has become unstable, its psychic invisibility and advanced cloaking technologies have started to slip, it has become visible a few times, albeit for a couple of seconds, but the duration of these lapses appears to be getting longer.


Triax and the NGR now have a choice to make on what they do with Skidbladnir platform


1) Leave it floating high in the air, trying to keep it operational, hidden and ready to use as a last resource when they really need to but run the real risk of its discovery by the greater Rifts World, as the platforms stealth systems start to fail.


The NGR can’t afford the Monster Nations or Lord Splynncryythh to learn of its location. The Lord of Atlantis will see it as a direct threat to him, and will bring in his dreadnoughts to destroy it. Unfortunately this may start an arms race with his rivals, who will see this move by him as an attempt to take complete control of Rifts Earth. The Monster Nations will seek its destruction, and once they know of its location and its nature, they will no longer fear it, and will amass to launch a full assault on the NGR, time and time again. The NGR knows it can’t afford this to happen and it understands it won’t be able to successfully defend the platform against the Monster nation’s offensive, let alone thwart the Splugortian forces interests in the Skidbladnir platform. The NGR can’t allow it to fall into the hands of its enemies, and may end up scuttling it themselves.


2) Due its cloaking systems starting to fail, the NGR used it to drive out the Monster Forces from its western borders. The NGR may then decide to land it on their Eastern Border and use it as a buffer against the Monster Nations there. This use of the platform would successfully and quickly replace the loss of Dresden at the hands of the Monster Nations in the East. This may provide the NGR the much need time to regroup and prepare against another invasion by its enemies. The NGR knows that landing the platform negates most of its effectiveness, and it makes it an easier target for its enemies. The platform may well be destroyed in a war of attrition, by the monster nations constantly harassing it with pinpoint raids. The NGR officers are convinced that once the platform makes landfall, they won’t be able to raise it into the air again.


3) The NGR decides to inform the CS and maybe even Lazlo about the Skidbladnir platform, as it sees its cloaking systems failing. Sharing with them the idea of launching into space, and ensuring humanity and some life from Rifts Earth survives into the future. They all work together, and provide the crew and resources for a successful launch into space. This could be Rifts Earth Space or more likely once it breaks the dimensional barrier surrounding Rifts Earth, get rifted to another dimension.








Ion Drive technology


Triax developed (and have, as yet, have been unable to replicate) an integrated drive technology which creates an ionic shield and particle acceleration system which allows craft to travel at near light speed in an energy form.  The entire Skidbladnir platform can escape the earth’s gravitational fields and achieve space travel.  The same technology used in smaller robot vehicles and aircraft effectively enables teleportation within the earth’s gravity.


There is small fleet of craft, and robot vehicles, with integrated ion drive technology onboard the platform – all of them are used sparingly and are constantly monitored by Triax.


Anti-gravity systems


Another golden age technology (although many insist it is extraterrestrial in origin and was duplicated after the coming of the rifts) found only aboard the platform are anti-gravity powered equipment:


Anti gravity harness – worn (and tailored to) an individual: This will cancel the effects of gravity on an individual and enable limited gliding ability as well as augmenting leaping ability


Anti gravity gauntlets – gloves which negate the gravitational forces effecting objects on contact – up to a maximum weight to 30 tons.  This enables the wearer to pick up incredible weights, but only whilst in contact (a thrown object ‘regains’ its weight as soon as it is out of touch).


Telekinetic propulsion system


Psionic individuals can utilise the TK propulsion system to achieve incredible speeds, but at a significant ISP expenditure.  TK propulsion can be integrated into virtually any vehicle and provides the following benefits:


                                Max speed  ISP    duration


Light power armour      700mph     15     3 minutes per level

Heavy power armour/   500mph     20     1 minute per level


Triax tends to install the technology on vehicles with existing propulsion systems (Hunter and hopper are the most commonplace conversions).



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