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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario


NGR/Monster Nations Wars


The Border People helped to save the Triax city of Munich, when the Brodkill’s launched a massive and a highly organised, well planned, co-ordinated lightening strike to capture the city by sneaking through the Black Forest, an area they normally avoid. Munich would have surely fallen had it not been for the timely intervention of the Freebeing Border People who launched an attack from behind the Brodkill lines, using the huge weapon systems they had put on their “road train caravans” from a great distance away from the battlelines. The Deathweavers who had been tracking the enemy forces, ensuring they didn’t attack the border people, and giving their people enough warning to join their caravans and move out of the area, used their sniper rifles laser targeting systems and communication packs to high light enemy forces and to guide in the long range assault barrage from their caravans who were miles away. This assault allowed their ground forces to sneak up undetected behind and around the enemy. Who when in position charged them using the flip buggies and deathseekers to smash into the enemy, ably supported by deathweaver snipers who dealth with potential hostiles who could have stopped the charge. This charge allowed the normal Freebeing forces to mop up the enemy. The Border People devastating attack took the Brodkill forces by surprise and seemed to break the initial discipline they showed in the attack, they reverted back to fighting as individual soldiers, and pretty much stopped following their plan.

Who knows what may have resulted if the Brodkill’s had kept their force’s organisation and stuck to their plans, instead of going on a mindless rampage, engaging anything near them. The end result of this was that Munich did not fall, and enough time had been bought for NGR reserves to reach Munich in numbers and repel the Brodkill armies.

Meanwhile on the Eastern front, the Border People arguably saved NGR when the Brodkills attacked the northeastern border through Dresden, while their gargoyle allies attacked the western border. The NGR rightly targeted defending the Northwest of NGR, as that is where the major NGR population and infrastructure was. It seems the Brodkills exploited the highly corrupt and selfish nature of the NGR forces stationed in Dresden. The NGR forces stationed at Dresden had grown lazy and greedy and a law unto themselves.  This very nearly cost the very existence of the NGR. Enemies’ forces had managed to get into NGR proper without the Dresden forces noticing them or if they did they ignored them, but somehow the enemy had managed to get a large enough force together within striking distance without an alarm being raised.

Again the Border people raised the alarm, but NGR did not listen to them initially, assuming it is some sort of trick, calls to the Dresden forces stated everything was normal. The NGR after noticing many frightened d-bees moving into NGR proper, all saying a major attack is coming, finally sent more forces to their northeastern border. Here they engaged the enemy, but would have been overrun by the surprisingly organised and sophisticated tactics used by the Brodkills. Yet again the Border People intervened, first with traps and ambushes they had laid to defend themselves from their attackers, whether it be the monster hoards or NGR military on the rampage. These proved very successful at slowing down the Brodkills. Then they started harassing the Brodkill lines with quick hit and run assaults from all directions. This assault failed as more NGR hardware and forces converged on the battlefront.

  The Border People paid a high prize helping defend NGR, but this has had a serious impact on the psyche of the NGR leaders, military and people. Especially when in the west so called humans (namely Blood Druid led) helped the Gargoyle defend themselves against NGR assault from the bay of Biscay.

  In the west though the border people moved out of the way of the gargoyle assault and let them through, meaning a fresh and at full strength monster army engaged the NGR forces. The NGR lost one of their “Misfits” and the other two were severely damaged. The Monster armies had actually breached the NGR lines, and would have taken the NGR, if it had not been for the NGR’s civilian population. They had formed small milita armies and took to fighting the monsters street by street, in their cities. This meant a long and lengthy assault, allowing NGR forces to regroup and their forces on the eastern front to come and help their forces in the west. The gargoyles were expected the brodkills to have dealt with the rest of the NGR forces and were taken by surprise when these reinforcements arrived instead of the brodkill armies.

  This has led to some difficulties between these two monster kingdom allies. With each monster nation blaming the other for the failure to take NGR.

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