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Battlelords of the 23rd Century Scenario







This adventure is set for a group of Rifts based characters and a number of NEMA (See Chaos Earth for more) PCs/NPCs. One of the NEMA characters/NPCs should be a robot pilot with a suit of Mastiff. It is advised the GM should encourage the players to pick Rifts based characters while the NEMA characters are simply plot driving devices who will be removed early on in the campaign


Read Aloud:


“Its been several weeks now since you all abandoned your previous lives in search of something new, a new quest and new beginning possibly even forging your own lives in the vast wilderness. For now however you’ve ended up in Firetown, not the most obvious place to be, and a bit to close to Coalition HQ and all the problems that come with it.


Firetown is one of the many New Town Shanty burbs surrounding the capital of the middle empire known as the CS. The streets are narrow and crocked and all manner of dealings take place right under the all seeing eye of the Coalition patrols. You had hoped to quickly move on but finding somewhere to go always seemed to be the problem, a number of other locals at the dive you were staying at seemed equally stuck in a quandary. Until something interesting came along you could only sit here and wait!”


GM Background




Beginning adventure, this will be the first time the players have meet each other. Having recently performed whatever duties they were assigned (research mission into the wilderness, term of service in and armed force etc.), they will have by chance all stopped off at a small shanty town outside of Chi-Town. The shanty town in question is Firetown and the place they are all staying at is “Hotel Brimstone” (#39 page 56 Adventure Sourcebook: Firetown & Tolkeen Crisis).


As the players enjoy a few hours rest, they may well gather in the hotels small bar for a few drinks with the locals. As they begin to eye each other up a huge explosion occurs and an unidentified robot will be thrown into the building. This will be where the NEMA characters (see Chaos Earth for more if unavailable generate several normal Human passed characters similar in style to the CS, the NEMA operatives can be it NPCs or PCs) join the group. They have been tracking a group of World Slayers in there time. Back in there time the World Slayers had been cornered by a company of NEMA soldiers, a battle followed. When it became obvious the World Slayers were not going to win the Desolator opened a Rift into the future (didn’t realise how far into the future however), the NEMA PCs/NPCs where the only ones to make it through before the rift closed behind them.


A battle will follow (bear in mind the World Slayers want to get as far away from opposition as possible, they are badly injured and need time to rest and re-coup). After a brief exchange the players will have very little time to gather there thoughts. The World Slayers should be allowed to escape; the GM should provide situations where saving innocents from falling debris or other such events will play a more key role, remember the Slayers can also Teleport. Once the Demons have escaped the shanty town limits the players will quickly gather together.


The NEMA PCs/NPCs will quickly inform the players they must follow the World Slayers and finish them off, these creatures only want the destruction of this world and they will stop at nothing to see it come about. Good Alignment characters will see the logic in this and follow suit. Those who are more “neutral” in ideals will soon be “persuaded”. All the commotion has attracted the attention of the Coalition; they are en-route to deal with this problem.




Once out of the area safety a large number of locals will be quick to blame “outsiders” as the cause of the problem. Understandable as they live so close to Chi-town they do not want the town purged because of this event. Bounties will be placed on the player’s heads and they will be wanted criminals by the Coalition (better work as a team than hunted down alone, until they can clear there names at least).


So will begin the adventure, the World Slayers will split up (initially, to avoid being taken out in one go, they will join up again later on once they have assessed this world and found potential allies). This gives the players the chance they need to quickly take one out at a time. Problems: Firstly they will soon realise they are being hunted by the CS for previous crimes and bounties on there heads may not attract big hunters but the occasional small fry will try his/her luck. Secondly they will need to track down where the World Slayers went. The easiest to track will be the Desolator, he will not actively try and hide his tracks and will be a prime target (killing him will prevent the other World Slayers from once again rifting out).


The players will travel for a number of days before reaching a semi-friendly town along the border with Tolkeen and the CS, here they will learn of the CS bounty and realise they not only have to kill these World Slayers but also try and clear there names with the Coalition.  During there stay in the town a courier will bring information regarding the Desolator, a large creature was seen moving through the woods a few nights back heading towards the north possibly Old Chicago or Tolkeen.




The Players should give chase, however they will not find there prey this adventure that will be something for next time. They will however encounter a group of lowly bandits travelling the routes after being spooked by the Demon, they have decided to set upon a merchant, will the players help, he may have more information about there prey.




Having recently performed whatever duties they were assigned (research mission into the wilderness, term of service in and armed force etc.), they will have by chance all stopped off at a small shanty town outside of Chi-Town. The shanty town in question is Firetown and the place they are all staying at is “Hotel Brimstone” (#39 page 56 Adventure Sourcebook: Firetown & Tolkeen Crisis).


Flirting types will be able to try there luck with the waitress (Lucy Dewsberry), an average looking human wrench (PB 12), who takes the players drinks orders and tries her best to get a few extra credits on the side short of selling herself to the hotel customers.


The owner of “Hotel Brimstone” is a burly unshaven Human male by the name of “Jack Brimstone”. He acquired the hotel from its previous owner under dubious circumstances and many believe he is linked in some way to organised crime or gang activity. He served a term as a Coalition Grunt and has a…


NG-S6 Northern Gun Light Ion Pistol.


…under the counter which he acquired from a dead Federation of Magic soldier. He has the necessary skill to use the weapon but if outmatched or outgunned will not fight but flee and call the local CS boys to take out the problem. He does not allow weapons or armour into the establishment but does not force the issue. The Hotel has facilities to park a few vehicles in the front and he has a small car park for those wanting to stay the night (see “Hotel Brimstone” (#39 page 56 Adventure Sourcebook: Firetown & Tolkeen Crisis for more).


Other patrons are Bret Steiner his wife Alice and there young daughter Melissa, who have recently arrived to the Burbs like many in search of entry into Old Town or even Chi-Town.


A mysterious cloaked traveller who keeps himself to himself and does not speak or mix with the rest of the hotel patrons. He is in fact a Changeling in the guise of a Human, some individuals may find his secret out but only if the pry and ask the right questions. He is travelling under the name of Terrance Livery a trader in rare spices and herbs (the Changeling killed the real Terrance a few days back and assumed his identity and the running of his business). Originally the Changeling escaped Atlantis and has been making his way across America as far from the Splugorth as he can, but now believes staying here under this guise may offer him better protection. The only problem is he knows nothing about herbs and spices and is quickly trying to learn his new trade before being found out.


The players will have spent a few days here trying to figure out there next course of action. They will have gathered a few bits of information on the local area and the people staying at the Hotel but nothing to detailed or overly interesting.


One evening as all the players are gathering at the “Bar” for a late night drink, the building will be struck by what would appear to be an earthquake. A few glasses will fall from the shelves and Lucy will fall into the arms of a rich good looking player. As everyone gathers there thoughts and looks to each other for an idea of what might have happened, a huge robot engaged in a fist fight with a huge demon’esc creature will come crashing through the hotel lobby wall.


The Robot is Junker Ivan’s Mastiff (if necessary the robot will be an equivalent CS Enforcer) and the demon is the Desolator (30ft size). At the same time there will be shots and screams from outside as well the sounds of laser fire and magical energy. As the Mastiff robot pulls himself up from the ground he will shout to the players and other patrons of the hotel the following statement…


“Please do not be alarmed, I am a member of the NEMA security forces, please make your way to a safe and secure location while our forces deal with this entity. Your co-operation in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Please do not panic make your way in a orderly and calm fashion.”


At this point combat should begin between the Players & Friendly NPC’s versus the World Slayers. The battle should be a low key affair with the World Slayers trying there hardest to avoid a fight and escape, they will use whatever means at there disposal such as…


The Desolator will attempt to take out the lower floor of a small shack, smashing it through with his might fists. A family currently living on the upper floor will be stuck on a near collapsing building. A rescue will be needed, firstly someone will have to prevent the upper floor from collapsing and killing the family outright, the rest of the building weights roughly 3 tonnes (6615 lbs), characters can combine there strength’s to hold up the building. Once secure the family will need to brought down from the 8ft height each one weights the following… Mother 105 lbs, Father 130lbs, Children x 2 50lbs.


The Desecrator will “persuade” the Steiner family the players are evil creatures wishing to take there children away to eat them. The mother will scream and plead with the Hotel owner to help her defend her children while the father will throw stones at the players or charge at them with fists. Obviously killing him will be easy (16 Hit Pts), but that won’t help there case in the long run, and good aligned individuals may find that an appalling course of action.


Strife will cast any number of spells on the players and individuals attempting to flee the battle. The spells and psionic’s will be quick and dirty ones (Strike currently only has half P.P.E and I.S.P left, if stuck he may well slaughter a few civilians for a quick fix). He will avoid a direct fight (unsure if the players know if his weakness to silver and magic), once the others have escaped he will quickly follow suit using his magic to mask his escape.


The Desecrator will quickly turn into an attractive human male (P.B. 22) and hide in the shadows. Any dead during the battle will quickly be animated and used to cause panic in the streets. If the players are able to defend the towns people, a group of un dead from the previous battle have come through with him and be used in a similar fashion. He will be the last to leave using his humanoid form to slip through the narrow streets, once he has made sure all his companions have escaped.


Once all the World Slayers have escaped the players will have a quick breather, but before they can query the NEMA people as to what those creatures were and where they are from. One of the civilians the players rescued will warn them to quickly get the hell out of Firetown as it won’t be long before the Coalition come looking for trouble makers, and the players fit that bill at the moment.


The NEMA PC’s/NPC’s will be the most disoriented of the team. They still believe they are in there time protecting there people against the World Slayers, explaining to them they have to get out of town before they are arrested should pose an interesting query for those characters based in the Rifts world.




Once free of Coalition patrols and well hidden in the wilderness the players will be able to exchange information on there worlds and times.


The NEMA players will explain they were part of a task force sent to destroy the World Destroyers in there time (a few months after the arrival of the Rifts). Once the ambush was in place and it was obvious the World Slayers were cornered the Desolator quickly opened up a Rift to another dimension, the NEMA players (NPCs) were the only ones able to follow before the Rift closed. They will inform the rest of the players (those from the Rifts world), that these creatures must be stopped as there sole aim in life it to bring down any form of civilisation in whatever form it may be.


The Rifts players should explain the world the NEMA team are now in and what has transpired in what little knowledge they have of the world around them. The Coalition, the war with the Federation of Magic, Tolkeen, Lazlo etc.


Once both groups have introduced themselves they should quickly organise some form of plan to track the World Destroyers down. Some nifty skill rolls should indicate the prime target should be the Desolator as he will be the easiest to track and the one most likely to open a Rift again to escape. He will also be the easiest to “Track” as he is not concerned with hiding his location (arrogant enough to believe nothing can stop him). Some more skill checks will indicate the World Slayers will initially split up and try and learn as much as they can about the world they are now living in before, healing worlds and finding allies and followers. Once done they are likely to re-unite and Rift back (more powerful that before with there new friends) to finish the job they started.


Once a plan has been formulated, the players will have a set of tracks to follow and they lead in a roughly northern direction towards Tolkeen and Old Chicago. Much of the way is patrolled by Coalition soldiers and as such the players will need to be extremely careful how they proceed. The GM should through in a chance encounter will a Coalition Patrol depending on there skill level a mobile patrol of SAMAS Suits & Sky Cycles or a ground patrol of Coalition Dog Boys and Psi-Net.


Light Mechanized Recon Squad:


2-3 Light Infantry Soldiers (Grunts): CA-2 Dead Boy armour, C-12 Laser Rifle, C-18 Laser Pistol, S.D. ranged weapon, Vibro-Knife, 2 x Frag Grenades, Hover Cycle.

1 Military Specialist (Espionage Training, Squad Leader): CA-2 Dead Boy armour, CV-212 Variable Laser Rifle, C-18 Laser Pistol, S.D. ranged weapon, Vibro-Knife, 3 x Plasma Grenades, SAMAS Suit, Partial Borg.

1 Technical Officer (Communications): Long Range Radio, Radar, CA-2 Dead Boy armour, C-12 Laser Rifle, C-18 Laser Pistol, S.D. ranged weapon, Vibro-Knife, 2 x Frag Grenades, Hover Cycle.


Either way the players should escape without a fight (maybe some wild animal diverting the attention of the patrols before its too late, or some other incident). The possibility of being discovered however to be all the time present as should the evenings. Those will local knowledge of the area should know a town is located not to far off there preys tracks, a stop off here should give them a chance to re-supply and gather any news of events around the area. The town of Basington is two days into there trip (the players will need to fend for themselves in the meantime).


Some GM background on the town in question…


The Settlement of Basington: Basinton is an open & friendly town, with a positive outlook, most welcome new ideas and encourage self-expression. They are accepting of strangers until proved untrustworthy. Justice is fair and even-handed but its slow and ponderous. The community is clan based, with frequent fights, heavy drinking a regular occurrence.  With a population of 800 souls of mostly nomadic heritage, who setup a trading outpost in the wilderness many years ago.


All have some form of melee weapon, 40% (320) population have a ranged S.D. weapon, 10% (80) have mega-damage weapons. Private individuals have enough ammunition for there weapons or 4 E-Clips, 4% (32) have M.D.C armour. Militia and law-enforcement also have 4 E-Clips, they also have light to medium M.D.C armour. In times of need 30% of citizens will come and help defend the town (240) but will be more likely to defend there own loved ones. 15% of town are in the militia (120) and will be called upon to help defend the town in attack. Sheriff is 7th Level Man-at-arms who commands 7 full time deputies. The town has 3 midwives (+10% Holistic Medicine), 1xHolistic Doctor & 1xCyber Doc (equiv.) (+20% skill, 5th level), both have nurse and paramedic on call.


Harvest’s provide fair supply for winter months and a small section of the outlying land has been cleared for farming (although most are not farmers). The town has a fair supply of timber/stone and other basic building materials. Over the years the town has found it hard to expand due to blight, raids and other such disasters. The outlying area is dangerous, but survivable, moments of peace-time allowing settlement to regroup and recover. Danger tends to overshadow day-to-day lives but most do not have a choice.


The town has a fair number of utilitarian motor vehicles (10% are M.D.C), sufficient number of work/riding animals, a mechanic with spares, for trade 1xM.D.C cargo hauling truck. The town has 1 months backup fuel supply if needed. The town trades in foodstuffs, animal by products (furs etc), manufactured animal by products (clothing, cloaks, boots etc), most are happy to trade with other settlements. The town currently has and alliance with the Coalition for protection (they are only 40 miles from Chi-Town Burbs).


Laws are all verbally agreed, more as guidelines than anything. Leadership is weak and loose linked. The majority of population are “Unprincipled”, with no understanding of Magic at all.


Racial breakdown is 80% Human, and most are accepting of other races who are similar to them (appearance etc), but less tolerant of alien’s. Settlement does not condone slavery but D-bee’s may be treated as 2nd class citizens. Most of the town are hard workers, uneducated, 20% trained in a particular trade (160), 5% literate (40).


The town has a number of modern buildings (see detailed description for more details), mix of materials, 10% are made of M.D.C materials (100 M.D.C), most restored pre-rifts structures, most have running water and power. Settlement is surrounded by defensive wall, and the town has a number of underground M.D.C shelters. Most are powered by both solar and fuel burning (coal). Solar panels for private homes, while main generators coal driven supply main towns buildings. Generators and stores provide 8 hours or artificial lighting per day.


Sheriff Remy McDougle: A gruff and no nonsense Human who was a Coalition Military Specialist for over 8 years (Level 7). He is a partial borg (P.S. 20, P.P. 18, Spd 50 (35 mph). Simulated sense of touch is a mere 52%. Prowl is difficult: -15%. Average weight combined with the average body is 450 pounds and 6’10 height. He has a suit of stylized Coalition Dad Boy Armour (Heavy Infantry Version CA-1 with 80 M.D.C). Weapons wise…




C-18 Laser Pistol.


C-14 "Fire Breather" Laser Assault Rifle and Grenade Launcher:


Players should avoid problems with Remy as he is a fair speaking and friendly man. He is not obviously eager to start trouble but will deal with any players who cause problems sternly. D-Bee’s or Humans make no difference to him as long as they keep there noses clean in his town.


If the players do look up the Sheriff at his office he will warn them that a Coalition patrol came by about a day ago looking for a group of adventures that fit the players description. However no serious bounty has been placed on there heads so its not worth the trouble, he will however warn them out of towners may well be hard up for cash and see the players as a quick buck. He will also “advise” the players not to hang around the town to long in case the CS come back and if they do he will be forced to arrest them. The bounty on the players heads is roughly 1,000 credits “alive”, 10,000 credits for the NEMA players/NPCs as well as bounty on any equipment they may have. He will also advise them to be careful when and where they draw there weapons, although they are allowed to wear armour around the town and carry weaponry using it unless to defend themselves (within reasonable force gun versus fist doesn’t cut it), will land them in jail if not dead in his books.


The most obvious place to get some information in the town would be the central trading post, aptly named Basington Trading Post. Here traders from various towns meet locals sell and buy wares while enjoying a few drinks at the local bar. The large building also has a number of rooms for traders stopping over several nights (although currently it is full to capacity). If the players do decide to pay the establishment a visit they will be greeted by gruff but friendly locals. A bar fight may follow while the players order drinks (no weapons though just fists), most people will ignore the scuffle or just smile to themselves (this is typical of the town, wild west style).


The Civic Hall, is where local leaders gather to discuss problems regarding the town. However due to the fact they are always arguing over various clan rights and who gets the biggest share of which profit most of the time in lies empty. Currently the Coalition are in the process of setting up some form of central administration to help the town improve resource gathering and civil works. A number of CS banners fly in front of the Pre-Rift building (aka Nazi Style) and a small team of CS advisors, ambassadors and soldiers are stationed here. They don’t generally venture out as they class the locals as too rough, but that doesn’t stop someone else going to the building and reporting the players (the PCs should be made aware of this).


The town also has a number of smaller shops, stables and various traders etc. No matter where the players go and who they ask no one has heard of any creature coming by as described by the players. They will state that this time of year is normally very quiet and not much in the way of problems occur, either way as the players mill around the town or as they begin to leave one of the towns folk will suggest they ask the local town courier he generally has news from the north and is generally happy to share it.


The courier (Jason Durango) will arrive in town roughly before dusk, bringing various news vids from the CS and some minor mail and post for the locals. At some point the players will get a chance to speak with him at the Trading Post (where he generally ends up). He will tell the players he has heard news of such a creature heading north towards Old Chicago, a number of local CS patrols have attempted to engage but the creature seemed to teleport out of harms way. Local bandits have also been spooked by the creature and seem to have been causing trouble as a result. Other than that he knows very little but will be happy to point out the locations where the Demon Slayer is meant to have been.


If the players have been friendly towards the towns folk one of them will approach the players stating one of the “out of towners” was seen making his way towards the towns civil building, and it was unlikely he was going to sign up, the players would be advised to leave quickly. The description of the out of towner should be similar to that of one that has be constantly watching the players when ever possible. If the players have not been overly friendly towards the towns folk, one of the other traders (a D-Bee Elf by the name of William Lightfoot) will approach the players warning them they should quickly leave as trouble way well be on its way.


At some point during this encounter the players should become separated with the NEMA characters and or any NPCs. These individuals will be captured by a large detachment of CS soldiers intent on acquiring the NEMA technology.




Old Chicago is easily a 2-3 days travel away (hopefully the players brought supplies as local animals seem harder to find around these parts, being spooked by the World Slayer and the fact they are hunted by the local town for tradable wares). Two days into the trip as they follow and old trading road they will come across a road block built from large tree trunks and large stone boulders (this should be easy to clear with the a robot of supped up human). Hopefully the players should now be on the look out for trouble those paying attention will soon (an hour or so later) hear the sound of guttural shouting before they reach the next encounter. Those oblivious to the road block and paying no attention to there surroundings will come stumbling into the next encounter (everyone flat footed).


Encounter: The scene is an old style S.D.C military truck carrying goods to trade to Basington has been waylaid by a group of scandalous bandits. The driver is a Human and his partner a Bearman of the North (Canada in fact, Page 85 Conversion Book), they are both on there knees by the side of the road with there hands on there heads. The Bearman seems very aggressive towards the bandits growling and shouting abuse, his Human companion seems intent on keeping his friend quiet and thus avoid being killed on the spot. They are guarded by two Goblins who are prodding the Bearman trying to get him to take some pointless action against them, they are supervised by an Orc. Sitting in the driver seat of the truck and seemingly looking through the traders personal belongings is another Orc. To the rear of the Truck is the obvious leader and Ogre shouting orders at an undetermined number (6 for those will the equipment/skill) of Goblins looking through the rear of the truck, another Orc is hidden in the Bandits camp not to far away.


If the players were cautious they may well be able to gather some intel on the area and there opposition before launching a rescue. They may well win the initiative for the first round (surprise attack) as well as catching the bandits off guard and without any idea of what they are facing. Those who paid no attention to the possibility of bandits will walk smack into the scene described above; this will result in a straight fight between the players and bandits.


The Orcs are not stupid and if it seems they are about to loose will flee into the wilderness, the Goblins are the most likely to run fist followed by the Orcs and then the Ogre. The traders will attempt to help the players as best they can but at present they are unarmed and un-armoured, the Bearman and Human will quickly try to over power one of the Goblin guards taking his weapons before jumping into the woods for cover. The Human has: 12 Hit Pts and 16 S.D.C, the Bearman has: 28 Hit Pts and 100 S.D.C both have no real combat experience but can handle themselves if need be. Unless the players totally bungle the attack both should survive and be grateful to the players for helping.


Hopefully the players will be able to finish off the bandits one way or another, if they manage to severely wipe out the threat (kill the Ogre leader) they would also have eliminated a serious threat from the area, local towns will hopefully hear of there exploits from the surviving traders. If however the majority of the bandits escape they will move locations and continue to harass traders in the area all the time building up there wealth and resources for the day they can get pay back against the players.


Luke Greteslova an elder trapper from Canada has been gathered this load of rare furs and skins for the past year losing this and his truck will set him back years not to mention not having anything to trade for food for his family over the winter. He speaks with a strange accent (French native) but is generally friendly and easy going he has been best friend with “Fred” for many years.


Fred “Derkashiitak”, rifted to Earth years back, stuck in the middle of a frozen wilderness with no family and friends he would have found it hard to survive (not necessarily without food etc more the dangerous creatures hunting him). Luckily he found Luke and after a brief conflict (Fred got a bit angry thinking Luke was the one who had brought him here), the two were attacked by an equally dangerous demon. Both fought side by side and when the steam had finally settled both realised the value of each others company. They have been tracking and trading ever since. Fred is quick to temper like most Bearmen but is friendly to those who have earned his trust.


Once the players have dispatched the Bandits they will be asked to join the traders to camp over night (Luke and Fred need to clean up the mess the bandits made). They will be uninterested in the majority of the loot taken from the bandits (a weapon or two for defence his all they require), if the players think of it they will be happy to trade any extra items back at Basington and will leave the money with the local sheriff if the players collect it some other time.


The adventure will end here but not the campaign the players are still a day from Old Chicago and the dreaded Devils Gate not to mention there quarry who will be a few days ahead of them.



Friends & Enemies


Animated Dead:  Same as spell found in Book of Magic and some other Rifts books.


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